Shmakovka , " Emerald " ( spa) : reviews and photos.Resort Shmakovka (Primorye ) , sanatorium " Emerald "

Shmakovka The village is located in a picturesque and quiet district of Primorsky Krai.The people of this area have a reputation for a long time extraordinarily beautiful, and even fabulous.People love to come here.Arriving one day, be sure to plan to return to Shmakovka later.That is why there is a resort area.Called sanatorium in Shmakovka - "Emerald", it is very popular among married people, especially love to come here with their children.Coming here, people understand that open the gates of paradise.Especially since the city life and the characteristic smell of urbanization as are in another dimension.Surprisingly, the locals in the village a total of about one thousand people.Residents of this small village distinguished hospitality and cordiality.

How to reach areas

If tourists reside outside of Primorsky Krai, for them, this information will be particularly useful.To get to the place (station Ruzyne) can be both from Vladivostok (330 km) and from Khabarovsk (430 km).Shmakovsky resort "Emeral

d" is situated in the heart of the Primorsky Territory.The peculiar nature, clean environment and distance from industrial areas are merged together.Among the attractions of the area can identify the spurs of the Sikhote-Alin, and the famous river Ussuri.The area is famous for its mineral springs.

microclimate resort area

Therapeutic recreation resort areas background ordinary uniform.Here, in addition to the usual coniferous trees, people enjoy views of mixed forest that grows on the slopes of the many hills.In addition, the resort Shmakovka, sanatorium "Emerald" rich greenery of birches, which further emphasize the unique microclimate of the area.The climate of the Primorsky Territory for the treatment of many inhabitants of central Russia.

unique water conditions

institution itself is a balneological taking the basis of medical and health course various water treatments.Spa area of ​​such a plan absorbed all the well-known and effective water-reducing measures.Also near this area lie Shmakovskie mineral calcium-magnesium sources, produced on the basis of their mineral water "Collegiate" composition reminiscent of "Narzan".The area, which is located in the village of Shmakovka "Emerald" (spa), known throughout Russia.Wishes to restore the level of hemoglobin in the blood are well aware of the existence of the brand "Medvezhka.""Taiga Pearl" revered by those who suffer from disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.Shmakovskaya mineral water in a separate type of table water treatment and the availability of sources allows areas to be numbered with "the List of unique resorts in Russia."

When to visit the resort

sharply continental climate, which will meet the guests Shmakovka, "Emerald" (spa), lets come here at any time of the year.However, the climate is also capable of occasionally surprises.Plans to go here on holiday tourists lucky, because near the resort area is a meteorological station that gives accurate predictions for the coming period up to six months in advance.Therefore, when planning your trip in advance, we may assume, whether hot summer or snowy winter.

Shmakovka sanatorium "Emerald": placing

Sanatorium-resort area year round.There are delighted its guests, regardless of the season.The resort is designed for 500 guests.Such a number of places to stay makes it possible in a room, depending on the category selection.There are single and double rooms as well as comfortable "suite" and "junior".Parents can take the treatment and rehabilitation of children under the age of three years.As a dietary menu, a wide range of custom-made tables.Power is charged separately from the residence.The price of arrival, in addition to accommodation, includes:

- 4-course dietary table;

- treatment as prescribed outpatient's card;

- entertainment program.

rooms are equipped with all necessary facilities, private bathroom and balcony.The area of ​​a standard double room - 21 square meters, there is a possibility of equipment rooms extra bed on arrival with a baby.Necessary to have linen closet, bedside tables, bedside rugs, wallpaper, modern LCD TV.Essential attributes of residence in the home is a set of necessary utensils, bathroom, towels, all of these things includes accommodation resort "Emerald".Guest reviews indicate the presence in the room more cozy and lovely attributes, such as clocks and paintings.The suites have an area of ​​60 square meters.m and include exclusive furniture and household items increased comfort.Those who are occupied in such numbers, talk about the indescribable atmosphere of universal bliss.


Resort Shmakovka "Emerald" (spa) is pleased to offer its guests the advisory services of professional diagnosticians, nutritionists, therapists and physiotherapists.Consultations were also conducted gynecologists and sexologists.People come here to organize the work of the cardiovascular system, digestive system, respiratory system.Experts sanatorium treats the nervous system, eliminate vacationers urological problems, help increase the body's metabolism.Among the available procedures for different types of spa treatment, a massage, a visit to biomagnetic camera, restorative physiotherapy, as additional measures of health tourists are offered to pass the computer and ultrasound diagnostics of internal organs, acupuncture, homeopathy office visit.The efficiency of the treatment due to the profile system.Based on the requirements of outpatient's card highly qualified specialists dotted conducted necessary procedures.In connection with the thrust of the institution to achieve the best results in treatment General preventive measures are excluded.

Sanatorium Entertainment

Many vacationers celebrate not only the quality of care, but also a great partner that offers resort "Emerald" (Shmakovka).Reviews of tourists have already visited here show the full range of different kinds of entertainment.In addition to the unique park area, a modern gym equipped with the latest technology, there is a library, a billiard room, as well as numerous playgrounds.Do not be left without attention and beautiful ladies.At their disposal first class stylists, hairdressers and Manicurist.


Shmakovka Resort, sanatorium "Emerald", provided for the guests visiting tours.For tourists contributed shops, karaoke bar, there is a possibility of booking and use of long-distance communication.Regularly held game shows and recitals.Depending on the seasons of the year it is possible to have a rest on the beach or go ice fishing.Active rental.Not far behind, and evening entertainment, nightclub and restaurants.Special mention deserves unique treatment menu sanatorium.A modern spacious dining room able to accept all the guests at the same time in the territory of the institution, for it provided as much as 4 rooms.Therapeutic diet menus are provided as compulsory and is conducted in one shift for the convenience of all guests that took the sanatorium "Emerald" (Shmakovka).Reviews (2014) is particularly enthusiastic holidaymakers to the specially developed fractional 6 meals per day for diabetics.

Visitors reviews

If someone has a question about the appropriateness of a trip to health-resort zone center of Primorsky Krai, the reviews of grateful travelers who dream to come back here again, to dot the "i".Many campers say good food, but at the same time and extensive treatment and entertainment resort (Shmakovka) "Emerald."Reviews indicate that the rest just come to the room only to sleep.An interesting program is offered during the day riding, leaving a barbecue, explore the nearby monasteries and sanctuaries, evening dancing till you drop.While walking, you can not only enjoy the fresh healthy air, but stick with nature, feeding the squirrels or birds.In winter, vacationers happy to go to ski, play hockey and skate with ice slides.Resort Shmakovka, "Emerald" (Health) is especially attractive to holidaymakers in winter.Most of the notes are incredibly sparkling, crystal air mild winters and wonderful, fairy-tale atmosphere reigns everywhere.