Lake Pskov: photos, recreation and fishing.

One of Europe's largest lake is considered to Pskov.It is famous not only for its size, but also a place where you can spend time with your family or just go fishing.

General information about the Pskov Lake

Lake Pskov is one of the most mysterious waters of European Russia.It has been witnessed many historical events and bears the imprint of the ancient times.

Where is Lake Pskov?This body of water separates Estonia from Russia from the Leningrad and Pskov regions and is part of the Baltic Sea.

This reservoir consists of several parts: Chud (in the north), Pskov (south) and heat (between two previous) lake.

Pskov lake flows into more than 25 rivers and flows only one.

Beach and lake bottom

Lake Pskov is one of the largest area (3,550 km 2) of water surface.By its parameters it is second only to Ladoga and Onega.

Scientists have shown that the body of water formed by the melting glacier.About half a million years ago in the Gulf of Finland was the sea.Today, evidence of this is considered

sandstone, sand, limestone and clay, which show us the depth of his contemporary.Pskov lake at the bottom of a thick layer of crystalline basement, which once again reminds us of the origins of this reservoir.

modern relief of the bottom of the reservoir varied.It was formed through the gradual melting of the ice sheet.First formed Littorina Sea (it was 8 m above the present lake).After an intense evaporation over time, its area has decreased.

the waterfront and have a smooth shape and form Raskopelsky bay.On the west side of the lake are the rocks.And on the north shore, you can get into the marsh.On the other coast has hills, sand dunes and shallow water.

name Pskov Lake

Actually Pskov lake has several names.In most cases, it is called Peipsi region.This is due to the close proximity of the city of Pskov, as well as the fact that a long time ago the lake was called Old Russian word with the root "Chud".Some tribes (Estonians, Finno-Ugric and some others) were called at the time "the wonderful people", that is, those who were not like the others.And it is because of the fact that these people are living, dubbed the lake so.

There are also other names:-Peipsi Järv and Peipus.They all have their own history.

Lake Pskov in history

In ancient chronicles mention this area as an area in which it was Ice.Here Alexander Nevsky defended their land from enemy attack.According to ancient records, the battle took place in early April 1242.It mentioned the exact place of the event: "On Lake Peipsi, on Uzmeni have Voroneya stone."This recording was made by one of the battle, that is, the information is received, we can say firsthand.But what does it mean?

«Lake Peipsi" - a common reference point, ie the place where he lived "wonderful" people.The expression "on Uzmeni" explains the narrowness of the strait.But the third symbol, "we Voroneya Stone" suggests a specific location of the battle taking place.

Flora and fauna Vegetation

Pskov lake is rich and diverse.On the banks of the reservoir largely stems of reeds and cane.In those places where the rocks to protect against wind, you can find vegetation such as manna water, porucheynik broad-leaved sitnyak AIR or cattail uzkolisty, ovsyanichnaya Trostyanka, horsetail silty and some others.

As for those plants, which develop directly on the water, here they are extremely rare.Typically, these include buckwheat amphibians and arrowhead.

in the Baltic Sea region can feed from the hands of birds (ducks and swans), and in the fall and in the spring to enjoy flying in the sky key.

Those interested in fishing on Lake Pskov can prepare gear for catch perch, bream, roach, pike perch, and so on.

Rest on Lake Pskov

almost every body of water is pure vacation destination of nature lovers.This is especially true scenic quiet corners.These include the Lake Pskov.Photo its location can be seen on the covers of many travel magazines, or do it yourself by visiting these wonderful places.

clean lake water attracts tourists from all the surrounding areas.Here, everyone has a great opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature, fishing or just to be alone with your loved one.Fresh air will help rejuvenate after a hard working week and to appreciate a relaxing holiday.

On the shore of Lake Pskov can both stay in the tent and use the services of boarding houses, sanatoriums and hotels.There is also a small fee, you can stay with locals.

Day visitors can swim, sunbathe, ride a catamaran and in the evening - to sit on the beach or in one of the outdoor cafes, admiring the stars and enjoying the quiet melodious music.

Leisure activities on Lake Pskov

excellent place active pastime can also be considered Lake Pskov.Rest in this case can be arranged a little differently.Hire a boat and fishing equipment and go fishing in remote places.Catches in a given area depends not only on the season, but also on your skills to fish.And if you're new to this business, experienced instructors will teach you the craft, and you will surely catch the biggest carp or bream.

Fishing on Lake Pskov each year are increasingly in demand.In this area attracts outdoor enthusiasts from all cities of Pskov, Leningrad, and other nearby areas.

addition to fishing on the coast of Lake Pskov, you can go cycling, yachting, motor boats, water skiing, playing soccer, paintball, volleyball and other games.

Recreation on Lake Pskov: description

As we already mentioned, in the area of ​​the water body can not just stay in the tents, but also for all recreation.Its services are offered dozens of hotels.Between themselves, they differ in terms of places of residence and, on this basis, prices.So everyone can choose the suitable option.

Some resorts offer a memorable tour of the Pskov region.You have the opportunity to see the neighborhood and admire bays, visit the site of Battle on the Ice, and visit the famous islands of Lake Pskov.

Hotel "Curved seashore" - one of the most famous tourist destinations.It is located almost near the water.In most cases it is advised to tourists this complex.Every morning you will wake the beautiful singing of birds, and the window to captivate the mysterious Lake Pskov.The rooms of this hotel are designed for 2 or more people.So if you arrive at your family or company, the place for all enough.Each room combines the convenience and simplicity of a modern interior.For a fee you can take advantage of additional services: sauna, excursions, restaurants and so on.

Another of the most popular recreation is "Chud Compound."Feedback from tourists, here the highest quality service.Every evening, themed activities that will help you go to the Middle Ages.The most popular activities is considered to be jousting and performances by folk ensembles.Cozy and comfortable rooms with hot showers, a kitchen and a sauna to help unwind and relax after the evening festivities that morning to go back to an interesting excursion or ride on a boat.

Now you know where the lake Pskov, got acquainted with its sights and have an idea of ​​what hotel to stay there.If you are really interested in the history of the Slavs, this is the place to visit.