Dzhubga private sector: photos and reviews.

Soon summer.And many are already beginning to view the site in search of suitable offers affordable housing in the private sector in the Black Sea resorts.One of the most popular tourist towns is Dzhubga Tuapse district.Many people visit this beautiful place annually, others are going to go there for the first time.In how many can cost accommodation in this domestic paradise?Let's look at this in more detail.

Resort Features

village Dzhubga Location is very convenient for motorists.This is the first town on the coast of the Krasnodar route.Tourists who prefer to get to the beach with your own car, it is often stay in Dzhubga, as in this case, it is not necessary to overcome steep mountain switchbacks.They start a little further.Located in the village of Dzhubga bay of the same name.

Features private sector

Dzhubga beach has a length of 800 m. The pebbles and sand on the coast interspersed with quite large stones.Some tourists have already visited the Dzhubga are advised to rent an apartment clo

se to the center.At this point the pebble beach.By the same district of the village Dzhubga, the private sector is quite large, entitled "Lighthouse", adjacent rocky area to swim and sunbathe which is not too comfortable.But the room and you can find cheaper.However, the very entrance to the sea convenient all over the beach.Yam and sharp leaves in depth is observed.

The basic feature of the private sector in Dzhubga is that it is located far enough from the sea.Of course, housing prices in guest houses is much smaller than the big hotels near the coast with all the amenities.The difference can be significant.

room rates

So let's see how many will have to pay for accommodation in the village of Dzhubga.The private sector here - as elsewhere in the Black Sea - does not differ too high housing prices.Small houses with rooms for guests are called mini-hotels.Basically, the owners of these hotels rent 2-4 bed rooms with shared facilities.For such housing prices in 2015 will have to pay about 250-450 rubles (an average of 300 rubles.) Per day (for one guest).Single Room hard to find, and it costs more expensive (about 400-500 rub.).In July and August, room rates rise (100-150 rubles).For comparison: for a room with a toilet and a TV in a large hotel would have to pay at least 800-1000 rubles, and then all of 1500-2000.But, of course, to get to the sea in this case would be closer.

Opinion travelers

Basically all small hotels in the village of Dzhubga (private sector), judging by the reviews of tourists comfortable enough.In the courtyard full of greenery, there are arbors, benches, tables and barbecues.Shared kitchen, of course, there are also everywhere.Some homes are equipped and playgrounds.Near the hotel, you can put the car.In most cases it is free.Tourists Service assessed as good.The owners are usually polite, helpful and unobtrusive.However, there are exceptions.

Amenities such as watching TV and ironing facilities, can be included in the price or available for a surcharge.The presence of the fan is guaranteed.Smoking is not allowed in the rooms in any hotel.Stow in some guest houses daily, others - weekly.In some cases, owners of the work shift on the shoulders of travelers.Linen is changed once a week usually.Those who would like to see what a in a place like the village Dzhubga, the private sector, photos, available in the review will help to make the right choice.

way, sometimes a train station and a taxi on departure are included.But most of the service still have to pay separately (about 200 rubles.).

Sea and cafes

Dzhubga, the private sector (cheap rent an apartment can only generally far from the sea) which, judging from the reviews, too many convenient organized beach can not boast, though lack of customers is not experiencing.The sea itself as a pure estimate tourists.The big criticism is the prices in the cafe on the waterfront.Apart from the fact that the dishes here are very expensive, and they are rarely tasty.Barbecues experienced tourists in Dzhubga also advised not to buy too.Many say that they are prepared from low-quality meat.Of the minuses dzhugbenskih beaches stands out as some litter due to lack of sufficient number of containers.In general, the coast is like most beaches of the Black Sea settlements.More or less clean places you can find only Lazarevskiy closer to Sochi.Vacationing in Dzhubga waiting for a standard set of entertainment - parasailing, catamarans, jet skis, boating and so on. D.

very popular with many tourists to the wine sold in the village, which can be purchased on the way to the beach.Per liter will have to pay a total of about 150-180 rubles.However, at some point the owners still trash and sell diluted, not too high-quality product.

How to choose a house cheaper

The surest way not to overpay - a reservation in advance.Today, it is quite easy to make an ad on the Internet.Browse through the largest possible number of proposals (of which there are many) and choose the most suitable and cost-best option.Just keep in mind that some owners of small hotels sometimes cheat a little and put on the websites pictures some other institutions, to the reality has nothing to do with.So beautiful photos of rooms trust is with caution.In June or September housing in Dzhubga can find almost no problems.In July and August it can be difficult.

How to go to sea

course, the cost of the hotel rooms and is highly dependent on the distance from the coast.The village of Dzhubga, the private sector by the sea, which is practically absent (basically all of the mini-hotel located in the distance), praised for its very clean air.So, choosing the cheapest option in the depths of the town, you can still have a good rest.True, it has to go to the sea for at least 10 minutes.But on the outskirts of the village grows thick beautiful forest.The only thing - to travel on the local mountains experienced tourists are not advised.In the summer there are a lot of snakes, which are aggressive.It is better to go on any tour (of which reviews the tourists more than positive) or go to the local water park, the views of which are contradictory.

What should know

book accommodation before traveling to the town of Dzhubga (private sector) is required.Prices, which you can see by logging on to any site, do not always correspond to reality.Holidaymakers at the height of the season a lot because the room could easily change.It is best to phone beforehand with the owners of mini-hotel (phones in the ads is always there) and to clarify all the details.

Upon arrival, you can also find accommodation in the private sector.Dzhubga in this regard is no different from other Black Sea towns.Sometimes the ads hanging on delivery rooms at the kiosks with excursions.The seller even the owner can call a mini-hotel, then yours will approach.Or you can walk from house to house and ask around.Often, so even tourists find shelter and cheaper.However, this is only possible at the beginning of June and September.And neither the fact that you are lucky.Besides a lot of time will be spent.

book in high season is better not pull.Refer to the owner of the selected otelchik at least two weeks before departure, and even better - in the past month.

conclusion from all the above, you can do the following.Dzhubga private sector (reviews of tourists it quite good) is quite comfortable.Consequently, for the picky traveler this place can be considered quite appropriate.Those who are especially appreciate the high level of service and a sterile purity, better to go to Turkey.