A two-storey train " Moscow- Adler " : reviews of passengers , photos and prices.What feedback on the new double-decker train 104 " Moscow- Adler "?

1 November 2012 for the first time set off double-decker train №104 "Moscow-Adler."This structure existed before.However, the decision of the management Railways wagons in it have been replaced with entirely new.What is the difference between a trip on the train from traveling in normal and what reviews of passengers it?

Features Travel

storey train "Moscow-Adler" (comments which are somewhat contradictory) is sent to the Kazan railway station at 10 am.Some dissatisfaction of passengers is insufficient time his stay on the platform.It is necessary to train just 3 minutes.For a comfortable fit of course, enough.Stopovers are also quite short-lived (5-15 minutes).That is to go to the station shop and buy mineral water does not come out.

Smokers no facilities does not provide train "Moscow-Adler" 104 Stop - the only way to relax with a cigarette.Smoking in long-distance trains it is prohibited for some time, and the developers of cars is considered.Some lobbies enterprising passengers still picked

open holes for ashtrays, but you may not be lucky.

admire the scenery on the train does not always succeed.On the top shelf, because of its location, this is not possible.Leans to the window to look into it, and have in the hallway of the second floor of the car.Watch flashed past the beauties comfortably with only the lower shelves and chairs of the restaurant.

Features wagons

bunk in the train are arranged exactly the same as usual.That is, the two top and bottom.The difference - in the absence of top-shelf designed for luggage.Bags and suitcases have to put in a bunker under the lower bunks.

Another feature of the double-decker train coupe is a very short distance from the top shelf to the ceiling.Sit on it will fail.You can only lie, and that many passengers complain about the inconvenience in this case.People of small stature will feel more or less tolerable.Obese same tall man on the top shelf because of the lack of space probably will experience some discomfort.In particular, on the second floor of the train, where the ceiling is a little slanted.Tightness - the main reason why the reviews of a two-story train 104 is not always flattering.

second-class cars in this part no.Only the coupe or SV.Still, the capacity of the train is a lot more than usual.Therefore ticket coupe two-story train cost is comparable to the travel document in the reserved seat of the ordinary.

modern equipment

storey train "Moscow-Adler" reviews which passengers are often not too flattering, stating, however, the composition of the leadership of Railways premium.And indeed, it features much more than usual.For example, in each compartment has two sockets (on the wall near the bottom shelves).However, they include only devices that require voltages up to 100 W (laptop consumes 10-15 watts).There wagons and WiFi, provided by "Megaphone".Use it absolutely free.

difference from conventional cars in a two-story train consists in:

  • the button for opening the vestibule doors.Closing flap automatically.
  • the ability to lock the compartment door by using the card.Conventional locks - magnetic and open issued by the key.
  • presence of garbage containers for the distribution of species.
  • presence of composting toilets.You can use them including at bus stops.

cars LED lighting.


With regard to service double-decker train "Moscow-Adler" (responses which in this respect good) does not differ from the ordinary.As part of this company, in the ticket price includes bed linen and a set of traveler (pate, cookies and t.).Of course, if you wish you can order tea or fetch water from the boiler.Restaurant in a car - on the second floor.On the ground there is a small bar.

windows in the double-decker train cars are not opened.So a fast ride did not succeed.However, suffering from the heat and do not have to.The wagons provided a ventilation system.Heating also, of course, available.WC in each car is not two as in the conventional and three.There is also a compartment for the disabled and a video surveillance system.

In this article you can see, it looks like a two-story train "Moscow-Adler" (photo).

Opinions travelers

negative reviews about this structure is actually a lot.But this should not be surprising.After all, the people in that train more than usual, and the place for each passenger - due to design features of cars - is less.Little on the train not only the coupe, but also the corridors.Tall passengers and they do not feel too comfortable.Uncomfortable and move on very narrow stairs leading to the second floor.Especially with suitcases.If conventional trains stops at large queue formed, the two-story is simply pandemonium.Given the time of parking, of no comfort in this case, however.

WiFi on the train there, but it works intermittently, and sometimes do not function.Do not speak too well of passengers and biotoilets.They work properly and are not closed at the stops.However, since smoking is prohibited in cars, many passengers slowly smoke it in the toilets.That, of course, inconvenience to other travelers.In addition to visiting the restroom often have to stand in a big queue.Some passengers also complained to the incorrect operation of ventilation.Sometimes coaches can be stuffy.

relative prices in the train 104 "Moscow-Adler" reviews some passengers are not too flattering.Many believe that the fare somewhat overstated.Equipped with a good structure, but to be in it because of the lack of space is not particularly comfortable.

Ticket prices

cost of the travel document in a two-story train "Moscow-Adler" (responses which, as you see, is not always good) is about 3500 rubles.This amount will be valid only if tickets are booked in advance (one month before departure).Prices for a place in a two-train dynamic.The more filled the car, the greater the cost of the travel document.The day before sending the ticket price can reach 8000 rubles.For the bottom shelf will have to pay more than the top.

the above ticket price from Moscow to Adler.Passengers traveling to the intermediate stations, travel will be cheaper.Train passes 104 "Moscow-Adler" through such major cities as Voronezh, Ryazan, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Tuapse, Sochi.

Where can I buy tickets

travel document to a two-story train can be booked in the usual manner at the ticket offices Railways stations, in paragraphs of "The Messenger" or on the website of Russian Railways.Have the opportunity to buy tickets, and some online banking customers.For example, the "Savings Bank" and "Alfa-Bank."

numbering of seats in a two-story train wagons traditional: the odd shelf - at the bottom, even - at the top.So in this regard, no confusion can arise.The shelves on the second floor 81 with a start number (at 112).From Moscow to Adler composition reaches 24 hours.


So you've decided to buy tickets for the two-story train "Moscow-Adler."Prices for a place in it all the same, more or less democratic.However, the journey itself because of tightness may not be particularly convenient.How to do it pokomfortnee?To do this, first, bring food and drinks for the whole journey.Secondly, tune to smoke at bus stops.The toilet is better not to do this.Think of the children.Older people should not buy tickets to the second floor.Up and down the steep stairs, despite the presence of handrails, it will be pretty hard.

Think you may want to pay a premium of 500 rubles, but to go more or less convenient on the bottom shelf.Bring a laptop or netbook.Near the settlements WiFi in a two-story train catches almost always.Consequently, the Internet can help to brighten up a little too comfortable journey.And, of course, buy the tickets in advance.This will greatly save on travel.