Moscow-Dubai: the time difference, the length of the flight and travel tips

United Arab Emirates - is also popular among Russian tourists direction as Egypt and Turkey.In this country organized various topics trip.From January to May and the summer months are very popular shopping tours.After all, the name of the capital of the country "Dubai" is written as a joke «Do buy» - «buy».UAE crowded ultramodern shopping centers, where low prices you can buy clothes, shoes and accessories fashion brands.Equally popular tours "Guided tours + Beach", as in the Gulf countries can swim and sunbathe even in winter.But going to the United Arab Emirates, every traveler thinks: but some time in Dubai with respect to Moscow and other Russian cities?How do we translate the clock?Let's try to clarify this issue.

complexities of translation ... arrows

Daylight saving time is practiced in the high latitudes.He introduced for practical convenience to industrial power plants and factories maximize the use of daylight.But in the southern countries do not have such a transition.In the United Arab E

mirates, a difference of daylight in December and June - only an hour.Therefore, throughout the year the country is living in one time.It's called Time Zones Gulf and scientifically referred to as «UTC +4».This means that in winter, when in London at midnight, in the UAE for four in the morning.And what about Moscow-Dubai?Time difference with the capital of the Russian Federation in the present period - one hour.The main tourist flow from Russia accounted for the cold season - from October to March.Previously, in the winter in 2013-2014, problems with the translation was not the shooter.The government has decided that the Russians should live by the summer time.Therefore, the whole of last year the western part of the Russian Federation and the United Arab Emirates have existed in the same time zone.And then the government popularly explained that the true time - winter.It was then noon (when the sun is at its zenith) comes at 12.00, and not in the hour of the day.

Moscow-Dubai: the time difference after the transition

Because right now the inhabitants of our country finally moved the clock to winter time (October 2014), to determine the time of Dubai-Moscow should be based on this.In winter, the difference is one hour.Just to be in the summer 2015 and subsequent years.The same goes for St. Petersburg and the entire western part of Russia.But residents of the Kaliningrad region on arrival in Dubai should be transferred to the arrow for two hours in advance.All other Russians should hold in mind the simple arithmetic operation.Calculate what the time difference with Moscow your area and add an hour.A simple example.Are you from Omsk, arrived in Dubai at 17.00 at your local time.Moscow is now 17 - 3 = 14 hours.Plus one -sledovatelno in Dubai three o'clock.


Those who come to sit in the warmth of the Russian frosts, or buy yourself or for your business on the fancy stuff "Shopping Festival" (held from January to March), already understands that in the new year at the end of the flight Moscow-Dubai time difference will be as one hour.In summer, the Emirates unusually hot.But in Russia, many adventurers, attracted just such a "hell" heat.In addition, at this period is "Summer Surprises Festival."Shopaholics are waiting for an unprecedented discounts - up to seventy percent.In shopping centers held grand lottery where you can win big prizes: a large sum of money, a tourist trip to exotic countries, car, apartment in the United Arab Emirates and even a bar of gold.Since the flight from Moscow to Dubai time difference depending on the season is not changed, the tourists can only choose what kind of event they wish to attend.And, on this basis, select the time of year to travel.

Moscow-Dubai travel time

Of course, when a person is young and healthy, he can easily withstand a long transatlantic flight.But what if you are already aged, and back aches from sitting too long in the narrow seat of the aircraft?And if you are traveling with children?I want to still know how many hours will spend on board.The distance between Moscow and Dubai - three thousand six hundred and eighty kilometers.Fortunately, the capital of Russia in the United Arab Emirates sent many direct flights.So there is no need to increase the distance, getting a transplant.Total travel time-about five hours.But this is an approximate figure.The term of the plane can be reduced if you know some of the subtleties.

Which airline to choose

flight speed depends on the power of the engines of the aircraft.Therefore it is necessary to consider the proposals of different airlines that carry out flights "Moscow-Dubai."Travel time can be reduced to four and a quarter hours, if you choose «Emirates Airlines».Domestic "Aeroflot" will take travelers to the destination later, with a margin of 25-30 minutes.It is better to take off from the airport "Domodedovo", so that your stay in the air will be reduced by half an hour, compared with those who departed from "Sheremetyevo".It should also be borne in mind that the weather conditions, especially in winter, can make their own adjustments to the duration of the trip.At the height of strong winds that can "slow down" the plane for an hour.