And resorts Dzhubga: reviews

At a distance of 60 km from Tuapse and 115 km from Krasnodar on the Black Sea coast is the village of Dzhubga.The history of the village began in 1864.It was then that there was formed a village Dzhubgskaya.However, the active development of the village began only after the construction of a major port.Many appreciated the favorable climate and beautiful nature of these places.One after another, there began to appear a summer residence, and in 1935 opened the first recreation center and laid the park, where tourists like to rest today, to choose for your vacation pensions Dzhubga.

How to get there?

disposal of the permanent inhabitants and visitors Dzhubga only bus station, so if here on holiday together urban residents who are too far away, or the citizens of the neighboring countries, their services railway stations and airports of cities such as Krasnodar, Sochi and Gelendzhik.Many localities in Russia is a direct bus service from Tuapse.And in any of the above-mentioned city to Dzhubga can be r

eached by bus or take a taxi.

Sanatorium "Dzhubga": opportunities for recreation and photo

One of the most popular options for accommodation in the village of Dzhubga resort is under the same name.It is situated in a magnificent park with old trees, a variety of exotic plants and flower beds.Nearby is Mount Hedgehog and the river having the same name as the pension - Dzhubga.Photo vacationers people here get very interesting, thanks to the abundance of natural beauty and luxury sanatorium territory.

for guests pension offers single and double rooms in two sleeping buildings.Standard single area of ​​20 m² and a double - 25sqm.All rooms have a private bathroom, as well as all the necessary furniture.

Rest and treatment in "Dzhubga" show people with impaired metabolism, as well as suffering from diseases of the respiratory and nervous system.

The resort provides three meals a day for customized menu or the "buffet".In the pension is a cafe, a swimming pool, an evening bar, sauna, sports facilities, a cinema.Beach pension Dzhubga equipped tents, sun beds and water slides.There are also opportunities for water sports.

Pension "Walnut Grove»

cozy area, magnificent scenery, proximity of the beach, friendly hosts - the main advantages of the hotel "Walnut Grove".Due to the fact that the hotel is designed for a small number of guests, it is an excellent option for families.Here, you will not be disturbed, no matter the time of day, and the staff is always ready to fulfill your request.The territory has a BBQ, where vacationers are often fried skewers or do barbecue.

Rooms "Walnut Grove" presented double, triple rooms are 12m² and triple and quadruple 18m².

first type rooms are equipped with private bathroom, for guests who choose the second option residence, one shower and toilet for 4 rooms.As for food, you can save money by cooking their own meals in the equipped kitchen here, or eat in one of the adjacent cafe.

Guesthouse «Antonina»

Do you want to spend your vacation in this oasis?Then better place than the guesthouse "Antonina", you will not find!Here you will find a cozy area with numerous gardens, flowers, a gazebo and barbecue.Hosts pension are ready at any time to help their guests and answer any questions.In addition, at the request of a rest for them can be organized land or sea excursion.On the territory of "Antonia" has a kitchen, where available to the guests all the necessary equipment and utensils for cooking.And it can not offer all pensions Dzhubga.

As for the rooms, the guests "Antonina" can settle in the "suite", double or triple "standard"."Suite" are equipped with separate shower and toilet.For guests standard rooms have a bathroom on the street.Throughout showers all day served warm water.Rooms at the hotel are cleaned daily.

Hotel «Arcadia»

«Arcadia» - a great choice for those looking for an optimal combination of quality of service, price and proximity to the sea.On a fenced landscaped site has a barbecue, garden furniture, children's playground, a mini library, pool and parking.The 6-8 minute walk from the pension is located two beaches: the city - for fans of all kinds of water activities and beach resort "Dzhubga" - he would have to prefer a more relaxing pastime admirers of the sea.

Total pension "Arcadia" can accommodate 100 guests.They can choose from 25 spacious rooms with all amenities.There are double, triple and quadruple rooms.Organized complex meals.Meals are provided in the private dining room, while many other pensions Dzhubga can offer only food in the nearby cafe.

Pension «Surf»

on the beach, in a clean place located guesthouse "profit."Dzhubga here is within walking distance, so that vacationers can enjoy the resort cafes, shops, markets and other places of the village.

Talking about location "Surf" is also worth noting that his building is located on a hill that allows travelers to observe the stunning views.From the rock on which stands the boarding house to the beach are two comfortable paths with steps.The very same resort area is distinguished by the abundance of greenery, as well as well-groomed and beautiful.

Rooms "Surf" represented one-room apartment, which can accommodate 1-3 people.There is also a two-room "suites."All rooms are equipped with a set of comfortable furniture, TV, refrigerator, balcony and private bathroom.Dormitory transitions connected with a swimming pool, a concert hall and dining room.

for diagnosis, treatment and recovery of the body features a 'Surf' manual and mechanical massage, functional diagnostics, inhalation, herbal medicine, underwater massage, ultrasound and clinical laboratory diagnostics, physiotherapy, hardware cosmetology, and many other things that can offer, not allpensions Dzhubga.

Guesthouse "The Cherry»

This hotel is located 500 meters from the sea in a leafy and well-groomed territory, where the services of tourist swimming pool, recreation area, BBQ, summer kitchen and dining room for cooking and eating.

to stay guesthouse offers standard rooms equipped with all necessary furniture, separate bathroom, air conditioning and TV.They can live in two to four people.

At the request of tourists hotel staff can organize excursions to local attractions.Nearby is a water park, which attracts many travelers Dzhubga.And resorts are located in the village everywhere, but such a prime location as the "The Cherry" are very few.

Reviews travelers about boarding houses and sanatoria Dzhubga

Increasingly selection of modern tourists becomes Dzhubga.Holiday resorts and motels are trying to ensure that the village is magnificent.However, one succeeds, and they get positive feedback from its customers, as well as others have to strive for the best, if you want to preserve the "good name."

So, a lot of positive feedback about the rest set aside the guesthouse "Antonina".Praise and green area, and clean rooms and hospitable hosts.Similar is the situation with views of the tourist hotels such as "The Cherry", "Walnut Grove" and "Arcadia."But as the big resorts, such as "Surf" and "Dzhubga" that they have a lot of negative reviews.People who once rested in them, complain about the territory scruffy, rude staff, monotonous and tasteless food.However, large recreation centers are able to offer many different services for the diagnosis, treatment and recovery of the body.Therefore, everyone chooses his own!