What it really means "all-inclusive" (symbol ALL)?

When choosing a tour, many travelers are interested in what it means to the designation of "all inclusive" hotels?What if this is really included?

first all inclusive system was introduced by the French international tour operator Club Med, which owns a network of hotels around the world.This concept refers to the system of tourist services, in which to pay for the tour includes 3 meals a day and drinks on site.This ice-cream and fresh juices, imported alcohol are usually given for a fee.

This system is so like tourists that many hotels competing to become even broader implement its variants.Indeed, it is very convenient to pay money for a tour in the country, on vacation do not care how much it all costs.

concept of "all inclusive", the letter of which - ALL, mainly distributed in Turkey and Egypt, and includes accommodation in a room paid category, the food in the main restaurants and bars, local drinks, towels and sun loungers with parasols by the pool andon the beaches of the hotel, entertainm

ent and some additional services.All inclusive system in different countries and different hotels of different categories.

main features of the system "all inclusive»

strict rules that must be included in the system "all inclusive" does not exist.It depends largely on the class of the hotel, tradition, competition.So, in the same country, in a nearby hotel, with a single system "all inclusive", one of them will offer ice cream only once a day at the beach bar for children, the other - for lunch and dinner to all residents.Use of the gym and sauna in some hotels is included in the system, while others - not.

All Inclusive (symbol ALL) includes:

• Accommodation in the paid category;

• meals in the main restaurant (usually - a buffet);

• Beverage production of the host country in restaurants and bars at the designated time;

• the ability to use the beach and the swimming pool;

• animation services;

• use children's room and playground;

• service gym, sports on the beach.

Sometimes the concept of all inclusive includes the use of Turkish bath and sauna.Drinks and snacks in the mini-bars often paid.Moreover, after a certain time (usually 24 hours), drinks are served at an additional charge.Use of some restaurants in the area (most of all - fish) is allowed for a fee or by prior reservation once a week.Drinks at the disco of the hotel and will not be free.

differences between an "all inclusive" and "ultra all-inclusive»

expansion and therefore more popular variety of all unclusive concept is ultra all inclusive.The term "ultra all inclusive" means that, in addition to the services of the system "all inclusive" hotel offers some more privileges.

These include alcoholic beverages, espresso, fresh juices, ice cream, service at bars and restaurants virtually around the clock, free use of the minibar.Often it comes a certain time of free riding on a catamaran, tennis, squash, surfing lessons, diving, free massage, styling at the hairdresser of the hotel and many other bonuses that depend on the rules of the hotel.

When choosing a tour, you can find the concept of "premium all inclusive", a designation which the premium all, as well as elegance, super, imperial and many other varieties of habitual ALL, which differ in the number of free services offered.

Some hotels extend this list to the sessions in the spa center, and smoking hookah.

followed by Turkey and Egypt have become popular system ALL learn from other countries, such as Thailand, Tunisia, Spain.

When you need to choose the concept of "ultra all inclusive"?

If you are going to the hotel with children who find it difficult to get into food and drink, and are going to spend the greater part of the time on campus or at the beach, it's best to choose the "ultra all inclusive".

designation UALL bracelet hotel would mean that at any time you will be able to feed the baby and drink in the restaurant, beach bar, pizzeria or in the lobby.

If you like to relax in good company with unlimited alcohol, you would be cheaper to pay for one of the systems ALL home than to buy expensive drinks at the hotel or outside.Important reason to choose this type of food is a distance away from the shopping centers and cafes.

When it is not necessary to choose the concept of "all inclusive"?

If you plan to spend most of their time on trips outside the complex, or where your hotel is located directly in the shopping and entertainment district, is easier to choose a system that will allow you to save money on visits to places of interest.

In any case, before you go you need to ask a travel agent or visit the hotel that is part of the power supply system "all inclusive", a designation that will stand in your voucher.After arriving at your holiday destination features you explain the concept of a guide or host company staff to work with guests.