Terms and conditions of return train tickets

Train - one of the most convenient ways to travel.Since the planning of any journey carried out in advance, the opportunity to take an unnecessary card is an essential service for all passengers.To avoid confusion and the passenger returned most of the cost of trip cancellation, Russian Railways has developed a clear system of return travel documents.Basic rules

return train tickets

Depending on the time when the passenger goes to return the cash register, he can apply for a different compensation for tickets purchased in Russia to travel between stations in the country.

Appeal earlier than 24 hours before the departure of the composition, gives the right to renewal of a train ticket to the earlier period of origin.Up to 8 hours before the departure time guarantee a full refund (minus cash collection).

Between 8 and 2 hours before the start of the trip the passenger will receive half the cost of reserved seat and the entire cost of the ticket in a comfortable train.But I have to pay a fee for p

rocessing the return.

least 2 hours means that the passenger can not claim a refund for the reserved seat.But he will get a ticket for the full price.

process the refund

The rules of Russian Railways return policy provide for the availability of train tickets at each station return fund, which may apply to any passenger.It should present an official identity document.

If the passenger, who issued a travel document can not apply to the cashier, for him, it can make any other person having a certified power of attorney on his behalf.

Regardless of the time when you return train ticket, the commission is taken from the transaction in its entirety.Only if the fault of the carrier can not be implementation of the trip, the passenger full refund without commissions and deductions.

Payment bed linen and other services included in the cost of the trip, returned in full, regardless of the time of circulation of cash in return.

Under the rules of Railways funds are given to the customer in the form in which it paid the ticket.Cash he can get on the spot at the box office, and your card will be credited back to the same card in the terms established by the order of the operation.

Features refund for electronic tickets

Legally electronic travel documents are equal to conventional, and are subject to the same conditions as the return train ticket.However, the time it will take a little longer.

For a start it is worth noting that the electronic ticket is the one on which the box office has not yet issued a boarding document.For his return is necessary to fill out a written questionnaire, which specify all details of the trip and the data on the map, from which payment was made.

Return electronic train tickets at the box office.Money for them are listed in the period from 2 to 180 days.In practice, this will mean no more than a month.

fee at the box office is 162 rubles.The amount to be returned depends on the time remaining before the proposed visit, as well as with paper tickets.

amount of commission and fees

Regardless of the time when you return train tickets, the conditions Railways anticipate collecting fees on each document is fed into the cash return, even if it is carried out by one person at a time.

When buying electronic travel documents are not returned to the Commission for the use of electronic payment systems.

box office for refund procedure - a prerequisite.It is imposed on every ticket, depending on the total value of the travel document.Its size varies from 60 to 160 rubles.

sure withheld and the advertising fee, which is equal to 155 rubles today.

If, for objective reasons beyond the control of the passenger (accident, illness), he was unable to take advantage of the ticket, the customer is entitled to compensation of the ticket price.In this case, the rules of the return train tickets require the provision of documentary evidence of the impact of force majeure, the inability to carry out the trip.

application for refund is considered on time.In case of cancellation the passenger has the right to appeal the decision in court.

Return train tickets proxy

In the case when the person himself can not in time to pass the unused travel document for him it can make any authorized for the operation.

To make a return ticket is necessary in addition to provide a travel document to the cashier their own passport and power of attorney for an operation, notarized.

When returning the electronic ticket to begin to get his paper form.In this case, you need to carry even a power of attorney to receive the document.And on the next stage will be the return of unused tickets to the box office return.

In all other fees and penalties for the return train tickets are subject to the same rules as for a personal appeal to established authority.

If you need to return the ticket for the child, the parents can do this by presenting a birth certificate.

Return tickets for international communication

To get the full cost of the ticket for the communication between the countries, you must apply to the cash no later than 24 hours before the departure of the composition of the station, said the starting point of the trip.Thus the commission for registration prior travel documents will not be returned.

conditions also include return train tickets, and in this case the fee for the operation.

passenger has the right to hand over the tickets and for their relatives, provided that one of these documents will be his ticket.The entire amount of accompanying payments it receives only upon presentation of a passport or a birth certificate for each passenger for whom the tickets are returned.

At half the cost of compensation and reserved seat ticket can claim just in case the documents are returned in the range less than 24 hours, but not more than 6 hours before departure.6 hours before departure and not later than 3 hours after the reserved seat is not offset value.

If tickets were bought in the Baltic countries and in the CIS, the money for the trip back at the place of purchase, and the ticket is canceled.With such a document will need to contact the box office of the country where you purchased the travel document, and all funds returned in accordance with local regulations refund.At the same time, the treatment is considered to be the time of interruption of the travel document.