Kyrylivka, "Breeze" (recreation): reviews and photos

Azov Sea attracts a lot of tourists from almost all over the world.Right on the coast is a large number of hotels, lodges and resorts.They are always ready to accept all comers and provide all the comforts and conveniences of home to stay.

One of the most comfortable base complexes can be called "Breeze".It was situated on the shore of the Azov Sea in the village Kirillovka."Breeze" is characterized by the presence of comfortable rooms that are equipped with everything necessary to ensure that visitors can feel carefree and enjoy your vacation.Guests are always sad to leave home and assure that'll come back again.

Feature location has long been no secret that the very calm village Kirillovka."Breeze" (reviews - proof) - this is a great place for a comfortable holiday with your family, especially if there are children.The proximity of the sea make the complex a very popular base.Here you can go on vacation in May.After all, the Sea of ​​Azov is able to quickly warm up even under the first rays of

the sun.In addition, the climate, which is inherent in these places, not only has beneficial effects on the body, but also allows you to restore your health.

Base "Breeze" - the best place for children's recreation

For families considered to be the best one Kyrylivka."Breeze" - is no exception.People who have already been there, and repeatedly, pointed out that the complex has a children's entertainment exciting, they do not leave children indifferent.Kids Club, which is located within the complex (called "Brizenok"), is able to provide children with everything needed for the games.In particular, it is possible to organize various tournaments and contests with attractive prizes and gifts that will please all the guys.

If the parents want to relax yourself, you can use the babysitting service, which will be able to quickly find a common language with your child and take him.Also, moms and dads can leave their children and the care of teachers who are happy to play and exercise with children of different ages.

What else remarkable recreation "Breeze"?Kyrylivka, reviews of which are very positive, inviting to come and see in person all the virtues.This is one of the most visited resorts.As entertainment, vacationers can visit the cinema: it is equipped with modern facilities.All sorts of effects allow you to get real pleasure from this pastime.In general, recreation is a place that offers a comfortable and cozy holiday on the shores of the warm and tender sea.

For leisure travelers are invited to participate in thematic competitions and other events with animators who work in the complex.Anyone can find themselves exactly the way to spend your leisure time, that it seems appropriate.

Where are encouraged to stay?

you do not know where to settle in the village Kirillovka?"Breeze" offers a variety of accommodation options.Visitors say that the choice is quite wide, so everyone can choose the accommodation according to your taste and budget.


This option includes cozy and comfortable rooms consisting of three rooms that are ideal for a family of 4 persons.This hotel is located in close proximity to the sea, just 10 meters away and there is a comfortable terrace.Apartments are equipped with comfortable wicker furniture, which can be taken directly to the terrace to take a sun bath.

Elite cottages

If two-bedroom apartment - is not exactly the place where a tourist would want to live, you can call in an elite cottage.It features comfortable rooms and a unique porch.It is spacious and filled with sunshine.Such housing is designed for 4 people.The cottages guests feel both in country cottages, which is located on the shore of the Sea of ​​Azov.

cottages with two floors

This is perfect for those who come to relax a little now - 2-3.These cottages have rooms that are to the level suite.

cottages, made of natural wood

This unusual housing - a great place for those who want to retire at a time of rest and be alone with your thoughts.In particular, the cottages are designed for those travelers who need two rooms, a cozy veranda and a kitchen.On the terrace you can sit with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and enjoy a pleasant whiff of warm wind from the Sea of ​​Azov.Such houses prefer to families with small children.On the territory there is unrest, so the kids no one hurt a vacation day or night.

Enclosures with high comfort level

Do not puzzle over where to live in the village Kirillovka."Breeze", which confirms the beauty of the photo database, always waiting for you.The complex can be disposed in the housing, in which all the rooms with high comfort.They may have a different configuration, but all equally comfortable and cozy.

house on the

often choose their romantic tourists who want to enjoy a coastal location.Such housing - a good option for young people, more companies and people who have a limited budget.

Every year more and more popular village Kirillovka."Breeze" - a complex which has everything you need for a holiday with young children.All rooms have private bathrooms with hot and cold running water, a refrigerator, a TV and air conditioning.You can use the free WI-FI, to be constantly in touch with friends and family.People who have rested on that basis, say that they feel comfortable and are very satisfied with the conditions.

you are going to the village Kirillovka?"Breeze" - recreation center, where you are always welcome.To really enjoy a vacation with children, to visit the complex.The warm sea, gentle sunshine and clean sand fill you with energy, will give cheerfulness and pleasant memories.Customers previously vacationing at the recreation "Breeze", returning there again and again and recommend this complex to friends.