Bielsko Shipping Company: What's new in your work?

Belskoe river shipping company transports cargo and transport passengers on the main river of Bashkortostan - White and rivers of the Volga-Kama basin.It caters to the Volga region, delivering bulk cargo such as wood, coal, building materials, grain, vegetables and fruits.

History of Bielsko

River Shipping Company, relating to the Ministry of the River Fleet of the Russian Federation was created in 1937.However, navigation on the White River began in 1858, when organized the first carriage.

Prior to this government commission studying the possibility of navigation on the White, was the map.But there were still many unexplored areas of the river, the project was in jeopardy.By persuasion, treats and grooming other members of the committee, they signed a document on the White suitability for river transport.

work waterway on White began two ships - "Fast" and "Terrible".The main cargo is iron, steel and copper, are sent to steel mills in the Urals.Raft wood in rafts, loaded with grain, cattle, lea

ther, salt deposits, etc. Iletsk.

a year already started to carry passengers between Ufa and Kazan.The organizer was the company "brigade".But regular passenger traffic became possible only after the establishment of the society "Bielsko Company" in 1870.

Shipping stepped up the economic life of the region.Strengthen the links between Central Russia, the Volga region and the Urals.Accelerated the exchange of goods between the parts of the country, as increased volume and speed of traffic.But a long time, many types of goods continued to send downstream "on their own" in the flesh.

shipping company in the Great Patriotic War

Bielski boatman in the war drove Court of the Volga, Oka, Moscow.They brought not only the weapons, equipment, ammunition, and equipment from the evacuated factories.A large number were taken to the rear of the wounded and evacuated, and to the front line - the completion of combat.Shipyard Shipping perform military orders.

boatman Many fought in WWII.The shipping company honor the memory of those who never returned from the war, and surround care veterans.

shipping company nowadays

Currently Belskoe River Shipping Company is engaged in not only delivering a wide variety of goods and transportation of passengers, but also production of building materials: sand, pebbles in the riverbed White.The organization carries out handling, ship repair.For this purpose it is equipped with all necessary equipment.She is engaged and training for the river fleet, not only for their own needs, but also for others regions.

to the shipping company are now two river ports - Ufa and Birsk, ship repair and shipyard, Ltd. "Host communication", freight and passenger ships.


One of the main directions of its work Belskoe Shipping Company considers the tourist and service.The first tourist flights have begun in the middle of the last century, then sent ships on routes 737 project.Since 1963, they began to be replaced by more modern and comfortable riverboats.

now Belaya River Shipping Company ships are comfortable and beautiful appearance.This double-decker passenger ships: "Bashkortostan", "Salavat Yulaev", "Musa Gareyev," "Gabdulla Tukai" and others.

Cabins on ships are arranged in three tiers.For a fun-filled journey aboard a music salon, restaurant, bar.There is also a solarium, sauna, billiards room.On the decks of marked walking terraces where you can admire the vistas and make a leisurely exercise.

Among the proposals of "Belskoe River Shipping" - cruises lasting from 3 to 17 days.They are made on the rivers of the Volga-Kama basin.Cruise itinerary includes traveling to Moscow, Astrakhan, Kostroma, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Volgograd and other cities.

services for tourists and vacationers

is popular with tourists and Ufimtsev route Weekend.It involves not just skating on the boat, a tour around the Ufa Peninsula, but also rest with a dip in the "green parking".

shipping company also offers walks through the water on a pleasure boat.Optionally, you can go to 1, 2 or 7 hours.

You can rent a boat for various events.Especially popular this service from marrying, at celebrates anniversary.A graduation party on the boat has become a very common way to make it memorable.Rental can use for business meetings and other events.To this end, the boats have a large conference room.And for productive work - peace and quiet Bielski spaces, away from the hustle and bustle.

Shipping Company owned and cafe "Anchor", located on Lenin Street, in the heart of Ufa.Guests are treated to dishes Bashkir, Russian and European cuisine.A cozy room can be rented for various events: weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, etc.. And in the summer cafe picnics on the "green parking".

This is the date the company "Belskoe River Shipping".Tours in different cities of Russia are supplemented by special flights, such as "Journey to Bulgaria", "Golden Khokhloma".Explore new travel routes, increased range of services.