How to go from Ukraine to Russia for permanent residence, or at a time

2014 became the first in Ukraine a year of great change and upheaval.The tragic events of the Maidan, the loss of Crimea, local armed conflicts in the Lugansk and Donetsk regions ... One can argue about what caused the crash, and find those responsible.Such discussions do not be able to change.The country came to the war, a fact that makes any disputes in idle chatter.

For many people, the answer to the question of how to go from Ukraine to Russia now depends not only on well-being and lives.

reasons for the influx of migrants from Ukraine

The majority of the refugees - are residents of the eastern regions, fleeing from the war.The infrastructure of the cities of Donetsk and Lugansk regions destroyed, and the standard of living has fallen to one that can not be considered even minimally acceptable.Persistent shortages of water and light, the lack of medicines and quality health care, food shortages - these are the realities of life in the east of Ukraine.And if you add to that the fact that the l

ast time the pension and social compensation was paid in July 2014, and at the same time closed all bank branches, which suspended operation of the financial system, the picture is depressing.Those who live far below the poverty people are fleeing the country, taking out friends and relatives, and the question of how to go from Ukraine to Russia without the money, they are extremely relevant.What to say about those who lived in the cellars to escape the bombing.

Who is running and why

But running is not only the residents of the eastern regions.Many Ukrainians do not want to take part in the conflict, seeking to leave the country to avoid conscription.And this is not always the desire to avoid the danger.Participation in hostilities against the citizens of their own country - mentally very difficult decision, not everyone otvazhetsya wear on his conscience the weight.After all, not all Ukrainians support the position of the authorities in relation to the residents of the eastern regions.

went to Russia from Ukraine for many - the only way to avoid the dilemma: mobilization or prison.Those who do not want to take up arms, to leave the country and seek shelter and work abroad.

Russia has always had a lot of visitors.But before they were migrant workers, whose sole purpose was money.Now the problem is much more serious.Refugees from Ukraine often have no passports, not only, but also for the required documents.

methods of crossing the border

main stream of visitors passing through the territory of the Lugansk and Donetsk regions under the control of the LC and the DNI.How to go from Ukraine to Russia by car and carry at least part of the property?You can freely cross the border into Izvarino.It does not require the presentation of passports, and overall control of only the minimum necessary.Pass and hiking, and automobiles, and in extreme cases, even people without documents.To cross the border in areas under the control of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the standard rules apply: the passport, customs declarations, the presence of licensing papers for children and vaccination certificates are required for animals.Moreover, now tightened standards, the Ukrainian side will carefully examine each applicant, and presents considerable difficulties to enter the territory of Ukraine from Russia.

borders with DNI and LC

those who think about how to go from Ukraine to Russia, today it is necessary to take into account one
particular moment.Ukrainians who cross the border through the checkpoints LC and the DNI, it is better not to bring passport, even if they have them, and to be limited by conventional.The fact that under the current Ukrainian legislation at border crossing checkpoints, beyond the control of the official authorities, - an administrative offense.A Russian customs mandatory stamped in their passport stamped with the dates.As a result, on their return from the owners of the documents with such markings may be problems.

At the same time in the region the Agreement of 2007, according to which not required to present a passport.To get to the territory of Russia, the ordinary Ukrainian passport is sufficient.

How can legalize their stay in the Russian Federation

Many Ukrainian refugees still plan to go back home, because there were relatives and property.But there are also those for whom the question of how to go from Ukraine to Russia for permanent residence, is highly relevant.Either because there is nowhere else to go back, or because dangerous to go home.

In this case, we must first understand what is the purpose: to really change their citizenship and remain to live in Russia, or simply increase the time spent in the territory of another state.After all the emotions subside, the military conflict sooner or later will end, and the documents have been issued, and play back all quite problematic.

What other methods of legalization but registration of citizenship can be considered?There are options for a temporary stay in Russia:

  • temporary shelters.
  • refugee status.
  • Temporary accommodation.
  • residence permit.

Temporary shelter

Temporary stay - a great way out for those who just want to ride out the tough times, but does not know how.To go from Ukraine to Russia - not the way of the worst.For temporary residence additional documents do not need to register.By law, Ukrainian citizens may stay in Russia for up to 90 days.If this is not enough, the FMS can extend this period to 180 days.To do this, you need to have a passport and migration card, which will make the appropriate mark.

similar option - temporary shelter.This status is assigned for a year, if necessary, the period can be extended.Temporary asylum is issued on the basis of the passport and migration card and medical certificate.To obtain it is necessary to have a free medical examination.With the status of Ukrainian citizens are free to seek employment, they are subject to all the social guarantees of the state.

refugee status and temporary residence

looking for information on how to leave from Ukraine to Russia, it is necessary to know what the status of refugee in contrast to the above options has no time limit.Its holders can stay in the territory of the Russian Federation, work, treatment, use all the social guarantees, even travel abroad.Every half a year need to undergo the process of stocktaking.FMS treats each situation and decide whether to extend status.In case of refusal refugees can appeal against the decision of the authorities in court.

procedure of registration status is free.But for obtaining a temporary residence permit must pay a fee - 1000 rubles.This status is given for 3 years, and is valid only within a specific region where you want to live and work in a refugee.The list of territories and quotas for placing foreign nationals allegedly officially.Placing over the limit is only possible if the refugees in Russia has relatives who are in need of care or, on the contrary, themselves came - elderly or people with disabilities.

Conditions for obtaining citizenship

For those who think about how to go from Ukraine to Russia permanently, temporary residence - the first step to citizenship.After a year of living in the territory of the Russian Federation with this status, you can contact the authorities to obtain a residence permit.After its delivery the next stage, namely continuously for life in Russia for 5 years.And only after that it is possible to obtain citizenship.But even this - not a guarantee of success.

There is an easier way - designed for the Russian-speaking citizens of the former Soviet Union program "Compatriots".The only condition - at visitors must be direct relatives Russians.However, if at the moment those are not available, you can simply submit the documents which confirm that once the grandparents, parents or children to live in Russia.

Citizenship program "Compatriots┬╗

for citizenship program "Compatriots" is enough to confirm knowledge of the rules and regulations of the Russian language, having a job interview.For most
citizens of CIS countries is not a problem.If the Commission's decision is positive, the applicant will receive the status of a native speaker.If you have a residence permit (temporary right of residence or refuge) and direct relatives of Russian citizenship is usually issued.Those people who are looking for options on how to go from Ukraine to Russia for all, it is usually resorted to this method as the most convenient and easy.

important point: to obtain citizenship of the Russian Federation is possible only after the migrant refused previous citizenship.In addition, use the program "Compatriots" is possible only if there is a quota in the selected region.

resettlement program "Compatriots┬╗

For many, it is a program "Compatriots" - not just a chance to get citizenship, but also housing.After all, this bill provides for the granting of free housing, and even some financial assistance.It is true, provided that the financial condition of the region, selected for resettlement will allow to pay travel, accommodation and lift.

How to go from Ukraine to Russia?2015 saw the introduction of the program "Compatriots" significant changes.Previously, it was designed only to immigrants from Russia.Now it can participate and refugees from Ukraine if confirmed its status as a native speaker.

approved the list of regions willing to provide housing displaced people.Of course, this is not Moscow and Leningrad regions and areas experiencing shortages in the workforce.Among these areas are popular with Russians do not use, in fact, that's why there and attracted migrants from other countries.

Unfortunately, often the quality of housing and level of pay does not meet the expectations of visitors.But that's to be expected.Economically active regions with high income citizens do not experience shortage of manpower.But depressed regions are waiting for the influx of migrants, it is a chance to raise the decadent production, and for the people - an opportunity to establish a new life, if not in ideal conditions, but at least away from the exploding shells.