Review KAMAZ 55102

To date, domestic trucks KAMAZ well known not only in Russia, but also far beyond its borders.Such popularity is due to high levels of reliability and load capacity.Besides Kama Automobile Plant offers a wide range of models - from small 5-ton crane to massive four-axle trucks.Now these machines are exported to over 40 countries.Today we will speak about the famous "KAMAZ - collective farmer" model 55102.

KAMAZ 55102 - History of production

This truck was first put into production back in 1980.Its chassis was made in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny, and Neftekamsk it installed cabin and tippers.KAMAZ 55102 was developed to design office Mytishchi engineering plant.But, despite this, the car had similarities with "desyatitonnikom" model of 5320, which was produced in the 70 years of the twentieth century.The characteristics of 55102 - cab and tipper body.

design of the truck, its load capacity and application

machine had all the same wheel formula 6x2.When carrying capacity of 10 tons could dr

ive a truck on the most difficult roads, including over rough terrain.It is intended for transportation of various bulk cargo - gravel, sand, grain, and many others.The chassis was equipped with a special hydraulic device which provides trilateral unloading materials.This feature adds to his popularity.In addition, the truck trailer used two: the brand GKB and HARQ.Thus, the useful volume of the cargo hold is doubled (in fact, the same load capacity).But with a full load of 20 tonnes (this is considered a transshipment) a top speed of no more than 50 kilometers per hour.Therefore, conscientious drivers tried not to ship goods to the trailer weighing more than 15 tons.


brainchild of Kama Automobile Plant was equipped with comfortable (at the time) cab without sleeping.The machine accommodates two passengers.In Soviet times KAMAZ cabin was considered almost a standard of comfort to all heavy vehicles.And there are many explanations.What other domestic cars in the 80's was equipped with soundproofing, but KAMAZ?A seat belts?The same applies to the sprung driver's seat, which could adapt to the weight of the chauffeur, not to mention the adjustable backrest.By design, the cabin had bezkapotnuyu arrangement, which substantially reduces the length of the truck without cutting salon space.Access to the engine ensured by tilting the cab forward.It was a new, innovative solutions.

KAMAZ 55102 - price

Currently this model truck has long been discontinued.It replaced the new KAMAZ - more powerful, comfortable and economical.Buy KAMAZ 55102 is possible only in the secondary market.Here the prices vary greatly.Thus, the 25-year-old truck can be bought at the price of 350 to 900 thousand rubles.

KAMAZ 55102 can rightly be called the pride of the Kama Automobile Plant!