Sanatorium "Blue Hill" (Sochi): reviews and photos

Sanatorium "Blue Hill" is located in one of the most beautiful places Khosta (Sochi) - on the mountain Big Akhun, which offers wonderful views of the sea.Prices for trips here is fairly high, but the visitors are placed with the appropriate comfort.


popular Soviet-era sanatorium "Blue Hill" covers an area of ​​9 hectares and takes a rest and treatment of adults and children after 4 years.This institution was founded in 1938.In 2008, the reconstruction is carried out, to build new housing.The period of stay may be 14-21 days.Currently classified as a three-star resort.


guesthouse is located in the picturesque village of Black Sea Host - a suburb of Sochi.This town is considered to be the warmest place of the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus.The average annual temperature in Khost by one or two degrees higher than elsewhere in the subtropical zone of Russia.


Visit sanatorium "Blue Hill" is for people who have the disease systems:

  • musculoskeletal;
  • respiratory;
  • genitourinary;
  • circulation;
  • nervous.

also sanatorium provides treatment of diseases of the respiratory, gastrointestinal, gynecological, children's and profile "ear, nose and throat."In the state of 17 doctors of different specialties and 48 nurses.Pediatrician operates only in the summer.

Medical base

favorable for the improvement of the climate, warm sea, comfortable beaches - is something that boasts f. Host (Sochi).Sanatorium "Blue Hill" provides travelers a variety of treatment programs.All rooms are equipped with the latest technology.

Guests institutions can pass balneotherapy, Decimeter wave, microwave treatments, inductothermy, ultrasound, UV radiation, and so on. D. The programs for the physical (yoga, massage, diet and so on. D.) And psychological treatment (biofeedbackand music therapy).

available in the resort and its diagnostic laboratory.It determines carbohydrate and protein metabolism, lipid, water and salt and mineral make general clinical tests (blood and urine), and so on. D. Also, in the "Blue Hill" can diagnose respiratory (spirometry), cardiovascular (ECG monitoringHolter) systems, musculoskeletal system (cell), nervous system (polysomnography, entselografiya) and so on. d.

Infrastructure resort

institution offers its guests about the same conditions, as most resorts of Sochi.Sanatorium "Blue Hill" (the price of living here, as elsewhere, quite high) has a well developed infrastructure.Vacationers can visit:

  • Gymnasium.Inventory can be rented at the rental desk.
  • Beauty salon.For the rest the whole developed special programs.
  • On the playground you can play football, volleyball or basketball.
  • Gym.The room in which it is located, is equipped with the latest exercise equipment.
  • Landscape Park.
  • Billiards.
  • Tennis Court.

If desired, you can swim in the pool, go to the sauna, Russian or Turkish bath.The complex has a pharmacy, a banquet hall, conference room, library, laundry.There is also a large parking lot.Children can visit the equipped room for them.There is a sanatorium and a meeting room for 20 people.

pool filled with sea water.In the winter time it is heated.Security is provided by professional security holidaymakers.

Services and excursions

The nursery sanatorium "Blue Hill" work experienced educator.In autumn and winter conference room can be removed for traveling seminar.Accepted organized groups of children of up to 150 people.

In his spare time, the sanatorium treatment offers vacationers to visit one of the many places of interest Sochi.Spend their experienced guides.


guests sanatorium "Blue Hill" takes a few convenient packages.Old (number 1), built in the style of the palace (1965), recently renovated.This building is designed for 138 seats.Each room has a refrigerator, television and telephone, toilet, shower.There are also cheap double rooms without bathrooms (he is on the floor).

second building - a modern - built in 2001.It is designed with 73 places.Superior Room (single and double) are equipped with TV sets, refrigerators and telephones.Each room has a large balcony and a bathtub.

third building (built in 1996) is designed for 190 seats.Besides the usual single and double rooms with all the amenities in this building has rooms "suite", additionally equipped with air conditioning.


The sanatorium "Blue Hill" introduced diet "buffet".Menu designed by experienced nutritionists and well balanced.In modern cozy rooms fitted four- and six tables.Dining Holiday the second and third buildings located in the administrative building on the fourth floor.The dining room is on the first of its territory.Breakfast is available from 8:00 am to 9:30 am, lunch - from 13.00 to 14.30, dinner - from 18.00 to 19.30.Rooms are equipped for eating in radio and TV.

catering resort "Blue Hill" (Sochi) (reviews of menus in the canteens of the institution, it is worth noting only positive) instructs the catering company Fusion Management.Experience of this company in the service sector - about 20 years.Lunch, breakfast and dinner in the dining room "Blue Hills" can be including holidays and weekends.If you wish, you can order the dairy, meat, vegetables, fish products, and various kinds of drinks.


located sanatorium "Blue Hill" on the mountain Big Akhun, which offers a wonderful view of the sea.Delivery is carried out by buses to the beach 3-4 times a day (round trip).If you wish, you can go down to the sea and on foot (15 min).Seaside Resort, rentable sanatorium - pebble and has a length of 205 meters.For the convenience of tourists beach is equipped with all the necessary equipment - changing rooms, sun beds, and so on. D. There are roomy aerary.You can ride a scooter or a catamaran.On the beach operates a cafe where you can order breakfast, lunch or dinner.There is also equipped with a children's corner.

Sanatorium "Blue Hill": reviews

opinions from travelers about the hotel "Blue Hill" mostly had a good.If we evaluate the institution of a five-point system, you can safely put 4. Especially like the visitors to the resort location.Praise and dining room boarding house.Custom menu system, judging by reviews of tourists, organized very carefully.Many are advised to come here with their children.Room are well equipped and the teachers really competent.

is a sanatorium "Blue Hill" (Sochi), reviews of which are excellent, very close to the railway station, quite convenient.To get to the towers coming are 5-10 min.You need to go up the stairs to the mountain.However, some travelers do not like the fact that this room heard the sound of passing trains.

Celebrating rest and comfort rooms.The disadvantages include a stay that clean them quite rare.Wet cleaning do not do.Usually carried out only once in three days.It is also worth noting that the beach has a small resort "Blue Hill" (Sochi).Reviews of many travelers say that there is often crowded and cramped.


In general, those who want to relax and heal the Black Sea Coast, you should definitely buy a ticket to the sanatorium "Blue Hill".Accommodation prices here are quite high: from 2000 to 4000 rubles per day, but you can spend time comfortably.Entrance fee depends on the type of the selected number.

How to get to the resort

get to Khosta can be on any train, next to Adler.The station has the same name.From Adler airport to the host a bus number four.In the village resort located at the address: ul.Highway, d. 15.