A few tips on where to go in Chelyabinsk

Where to go in Chelyabinsk?Surely this question was interested in anyone who, for whatever reasons, visited the capital of the South Urals.As for attractions, here they are really missing.Arriving in this amazing city, you will not be bored and will always find somewhere to go to Chelyabinsk.But those who have never been in this beautiful places in Russia, not necessarily wrestle with the excursion program: it is enough to go outside and take a walk on local streets and avenues - the city itself will showcase its attractions.Yet some useful advice on where to go in Chelyabinsk, travelers will be very helpful for beginners.

cultural program

If you are a connoisseur of art of hypocrisy, the mandatory visit the local puppet theater.At the beginning of the last century, it was founded by dramatic actors Garyanovy: staging of the temple of Melpomene remarkable bright decorations and talented puppeteers game.It showed performances of "The Little Prince", "Straw bird", "Rise of Arturo Ui."

If you like classical music, then you should not pass up a concert hall in St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, where every year the festival kicks off "The new organ movement."It attracts the best musicians of our country.

Do not know where to go to Chelyabinsk?Graced drama theater named after N. Orlova, where you can enjoy the game of professional actors in both classical and modern plays.

art lovers can also go to the theater "Youth" or the opera and ballet theater named after Glinka - is they may get to know the cultural life of the capital of the South Urals.

Budget option leisure

Of course, many people are concerned about the issue of where you can go in Chelyabinsk, if the budget is strictly limited.Well, even at this turn of events is possible with interest to spend time enjoying the beauty and attractions of the city.

In particular, it is necessary to go to see the famous Chelyabinsk "Arbat", located on Kirov Street.Walk on well-maintained and spacious grounds give you pleasure.Here you can see the unique monuments of illustrious literary hero Lefty, his savvy flea, guitarist, beggar tramp and a policeman.

As travelers, since Chelyabinsk natives love to stroll through the local squares and parks that are different livability: delight the eye with neatly trimmed trees, shrubs, well-groomed alleys, sculptures sights.On the beauty of nature you can admire in the park named after Gagarin and Pushkin.

Evening Chelyabinsk

For the younger generation rather interesting question is, where to go at night in Chelyabinsk.It should be noted that the capital of the Southern Urals there is a whole arsenal of places of entertainment, where you can dance, sing karaoke and eat.

cozy restaurants, night clubs, cafes are always welcome in Chelyabinsk: they often organizes original show program with performances of famous musicians and artists.

lovers of secluded relaxation in the romantic style can go to the quiet and peaceful places to stay in a relaxed atmosphere with your partner.

If you want to make your date a memorable one, then invite his girlfriend in "The Museum on the Roof" - this unique project was organized by the local history museum.Hence the city is seen as the palm of your hand - you can enjoy all the attractions at once: old wooden houses, parks, theaters, domed churches, modern avenues.Newly wife come to the "Museum of the roof" to capture themselves on the background of colorful landscapes of Chelyabinsk.Administration of the cultural institution has provided to visitors some fascinating excursions: "The city where I live," "On the way to knowledge."

How to have fun in the winter

Of course, many tourists want to know about where to go in Chelyabinsk winter.The first thing that can be advised - this time on the ice rink, whom many in the parks.And, of course, we must say that in the city park named after Pushkin park "Victory Garden" and the park Kalinin district every year start Pancake week - a truly unique spectacle.

on wires Shrovetide you can ride on the sleigh, to participate in competitions of power, see how burned an effigy, and more.

Leisure for children

If you come to the capital of the South Urals is not one, but a large and happy family, then there will be entertainment in Chelyabinsk and children.You will be able to go with them to the local zoo, where there are a huge variety of fauna.You can also visit a local youth theater, to enjoy with the children a colorful presentation.