Country Complex "perch" (recreation).

Kazakhstan has recently become very attractive for international tourism.Huge demand for holidays in the country due to the reasonable price and natural charm.Throughout the stretch protected areas, meandering rivers and pristine lakes.An unforgettable impression is made by rocky peaks of unusual geometric forms, created by nature itself.

Feedback from residents and non-resident travelers, one of the most decent places considered suburban complex "perch."Recreation center located in a secluded corner, away from the dusty city highways.Here you can watch the exotic birds, meet amazing animals, admire the scenic boulders, reminiscent of fairytale characters, and plenty nakupatsya.Pure air, breathtaking scenery, endless expanse of the reservoir, peaceful atmosphere attract people and make you forget about worldly problems.

Description and track

Near Dubygalinskogo legendary lake (pond Mitrofan), 80 km from the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk is a complex "perch."Holiday Village enjoys enormous popularity

in the summer.Almost the whole coast is strewn with visitors.There is nothing surprising in this - everyone strives for harmony, solitude and relaxing holiday in nature.According to local residents, so many people can not be found anywhere else.

reach Lake simple: two roads.The first is through the village Menovnoe, the second - through the village of Foothill.Moving along a highway from a distance you have noticed the mountain elevation Dubygaly.At the foot of concentrated small cottages for guests.Virtually identical name is seasonal recreation "Okunek" (Tomsk) in another region of the country - not to be confused direction.

Where to stay?

Entry into the territory is fenced barrier - paid.Visitors may stay in tents or in cozy cottages near the water's edge.It is offering comfortable accommodation holiday village "perch."Cabins of different categories with a terrace "Standard" and VIP.Interior design - under a tree, in the presence there necessary furniture and kitchen area with household utensils.


Recreation "perch" (Ust-Kamenogorsk) is located next to the sandy shore of the lake Dubygalinskogo.The water in its composition is similar to the sea, in addition it contains radon, a well-known therapeutic properties.So many people come to combine a relaxing holiday with wellness treatments.Natural flavor and a variety of entertainment facilities make this a very sought-after.Provided rent motor boats, pedal boats.On the beach there is a playground.

What to do?

What awaits tourists?What is surprising is that there is no blood-sucking insects - mosquitoes.For this reason, many are resting savages.For children equipped with modern playground in the complex "perch."The recreation center provides bicycles for young travelers as well as for adults.

route for skiing is quite well developed, cleared of large stones, which create obstacles.When driving or walking distance will be able to observe the surrounding landscape.In winter you can go skiing and snowboarding.On the territory to build a real wooden sauna with a sauna.Cafeteria where you delicious and satisfying feed.

There is not only a pleasure to spend time with family and friends, but also to organize corporate meetings, to celebrate various events.For passive recreation there is a billiard room, are issued backgammon, fishing is allowed in the complex "perch."Recreation center - a great place for every tourist.The lake is famous for its diverse inhabitants, such as carp, eel, perch, pike.Even a newbie will not remain with an empty bucket.To that end, citizens often whole families come for the weekend.


The main advantage of the complex - an environmentally clean area, the possibility of solitude with nature, the harmonization of psycho-emotional state.In the context of Metropolitan Area actually this kind of leisure is particularly relevant for different segments of the population.In other words, rent a house far away from everyday city life can anyone who dreams of a quiet, soothing pastime.The result of this would be the perfect holiday mood and good spirits.