Black Sea and Sea of ​​Azov - what better way to relax?

Black Sea and Azov Sea are close by.But despite the geographical proximity, they are markedly different.The main difference, of course, the depth.Because of the difference in the depths of them different in the salinity of the water, markedly different flora and fauna, and also the uneven bottom topography.

Nature Black and Azov Seas

More Black or Azov Sea?The first is much deeper than the second.The biggest of its depth of 2210 meters.Along the coast of the Black Sea are countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Georgia.Large passenger and cargo ports of the Black Sea are Kerch, Odessa, Sevastopol, Yevpatoriya, Ilichevsk, Sochi, Trabzon, Samsun, Varna and others.It is connected to the oceans through the Bosporus Strait, which overlooks the Sea of ​​Marmara.This strait also shares two parts of the world - Europe and Asia.Black Sea and Azov Sea have different salinity.In the Azov water is less salty.At the bottom of the Black and rocky relief, and in the Sea of ​​Azov is flat, c

overed with sand or silt.

On the coast of the Black and Azov Seas is a lot of lakes, bays and estuaries, which are formed by the mouths of rivers.Well-known lakes on the Black - a Saki and Chokrak.In Saki is healing mud, which is composed of a very large number of vitamins and amino acids.The lake also Chokrak dirt with great healing power, which is replenished substances of mud volcanoes.In the Azov Sea is the largest bay Sivash, which means "mud."The bottom is covered with silt Sivash thickness of up to 5 meters, so this bay also called rotten pond.In various places in the Gulf salinity differs by more than three times.In this bay a huge amount of salt reserves.They are used for the production of industrial enterprises of phosphate fertilizers and soda.

Kerch Strait connects the Black and Azov Sea strait.It bears the name of Kerch, in honor of the eponymous town, one of the biggest ports in the region.At its widest point the shore of the Strait share a fifteen kilometers.Kerch Strait connects the Crimean and Taman Peninsula.

Crimean peninsula

General Part of the land for the two seas is a peninsula of Crimea.It has an ancient history.In Crimea, a lot of attractions, both natural and man-made.Among its main natural relics can be called mountain Ayu-Dag (Bear Mountain), the height of more than five hundred and seventy meters, Nikita cleft, which is among the cliffs of limestone covered with greenery, Ai-Petri plateau with the "drunk" pine grove in which the trees are randomly tiltedin different directions, and the Yalta reserve with a unique mountain forests.

Attractions Crimean resorts

main historical sites of the Crimea is the archaeological reserve Khersones.The city with the same name existed in the Crimean peninsula more than two thousand years.Also Bakhchisaray Khan's palace with a huge area exceeding four hectares, Massandra Palace of Emperor Alexander III, Livadia Park.This is an incomplete list of what is in the Crimea, and attracts a huge number of tourists.On the southern coast of Crimea is located the main resort towns of the peninsula, such as Yalta, Alupka, Alushta, Yevpatoria, Feodosia, Sevastopol.

perfect place to relax

importantly, what attracts tourists the Black and Azov Seas - a vacation.Swimming and fishing, and even spent time wondering that fly completely unnoticed.Along the coast there are many resorts that are located in different countries.Black Sea and Sea of ​​Azov in common is that they sometimes raging storms.Huge waves rolled on the coast, swimming holidaymakers postponing indefinitely.On Black waves can reach a height of 5 meters.On the Azov they are a bit smaller, but raised from the seabed silt, creating unfavorable conditions for the rest.In order to correct your vacation, you need to know in advance what will be the weather.And this will help Hydrometeorological Center.Black and Azov seas not listed north, so in spite of the storm, here comes still a huge number of tourists.

Medicinal properties seas

On the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov is a lot of resorts and recreation centers, which are owned by different companies and organizations.They use them for vacation and recreation of their employees.In places where the mud, there are dispensaries, where you can get treatment.Most resorts are local.The greatest number of tourists on the Azov coast accounts for the summer, in the winter, these resorts are mostly empty.Black Sea and Azov Sea have excellent healing properties.

Black Sea resorts

They belong to the resorts world-wide.They are visited by tourists from around the world.Almost the entire coast, except for the northern part, is located in the subtropical zone.In this climate, you can relax in comfort year-round.A huge number of places to stay are located all around.The most popular resorts in the Crimea - on the Black Sea Coast, in Bulgaria and in Turkey.What an unforgettable experience you can get, resting on the French Riviera!It is swimming, which is perfectly relieves stress, sunbathing on the beach, as well as scenic walks with many different exotic plants, including palms.After the completion of the holiday season comes velvet.During this period, slightly reduced the number of tourists, it is quieter, slightly lower prices.This is the time you can spend for health purposes.What is more pleasant for the rest - the Black and Azov Sea?Better to be where recreational facilities will meet the goals!And for this purpose, each different.

If we talk about the journey on the coast in Russia, such a trip will cost considerably more expensive than the rest on the Ukrainian or the Abkhaz side.This is caused by the difference in living standards.In addition to rest in Sochi and the Crimea resort visitors even come from abroad.And of course, pricing is designed for foreign visitors.

Among the main benefits of recreation on the Black Sea - the beautiful natural surroundings.This gives unlimited possibilities for all kinds of excursions, extreme relaxation and just enjoying the fresh mountain air.As for the weather conditions, they are almost ideal.The Black Sea climate is warm enough, light breeze flowing with sunlight does not burn the skin and gives it a gentle warmth and a bronze tan.


planning a vacation with children, it is better to go to the beaches of the Azov Sea coast.As the water temperature is significantly different.If it is in the Black Sea is in the range 19-22 degrees, the temperature of the Azov averages 25 degrees.This is due to the relatively small depth of the seabed.The difference of temperature conditions can be uncomfortable and dangerous for the kids stay in the water.As for the resorts and recreation centers, here they are countless, and they are designed for taste and budget of any traveler.Many of them are built according to European standards and meet all the requirements of five-star hotels.What can be said about the boarding of the Azov Sea, which are designed for a budget option.However, a minor flaw is their distance from the beaches.Although many holidaymakers regard it rather as a kind of advantage.

the Black Sea resort prices are quite high, not only for housing but also for entertainment, food, transport.However, there is always an alternative, it is not necessary to select the first available option in order to protect yourself from unnecessary expenses.For young children, the Black Sea and the Sea of ​​Azov is more suitable than, for example, the Mediterranean.This is due to the fact that it is not necessary to travel long distances.


Azov Sea Rest on the Azov resorts - this is the best option for those who wish to spend a good time, gain strength and health and good at the same time save money.That's what most tourists consider.The air is saturated with calcium and iodine, different amazing healing properties.Simply bathing in sea water, to protect the body from cold, cardiovascular disease, relieve symptoms of joint disease.

Unlike the resorts of the Black Sea, the Azov motels are located in close proximity to the beach, covered with sea sand and small seashells.Despite the fact that the level of development of resorts and infrastructure of the Azov coast is considerably inferior to the Black Sea, where there will be entertainment for every liking.Right on the beach is full of rides, slides, designed for both children and adults.

Moreover, most of the bottom is sandy or muddy.No danger to stumble upon the huge stones, which is important for travelers with children.