Sanatorium "Letsy" in Belarus: photos and reviews

Belarus is famous for its fabulous natural resources and extraordinary hospitality.It's all offers from the first minutes of the sanatorium "Letsy" (Vitebsk region).To some it may seem unpretentious, if returned to us from the past Soviet times.It's true.Furniture is easier, a spa, a cutting-edge simulators and other delights not.But medical base is quite decent, professional doctors, all the staff are friendly and welcoming.So if you are traveling for health and high spirits, you just here.


extraordinarily beautiful Belarus.Sanatorium "Letsy" ("Letsi"), founded in 1936, located in the shade of centuries-old pines and firs almost on the shore of lake darling Shevino to which minute walking speed.From health resort Vitebsk removed only 20 km away.The ancient city of Polotsk is also close.Before him, 85 km or about an hour on the asphalt road is quite decent.From Minsk to "Letsy" get far more (275 km), but many prefer to come to the resort by car.Within 100 km is the town of Orsha, where everyone

can go on a trip and driving 180 km from the health center, can be reached in Mogilev.The nearest town, which is located near the sanatorium - Small Letsy.It is a small village, not far from where there is another picturesque lake - Letsi.It Shevino and a lot of fish (pike, roach, carp, etc.).Also, there are several rivers flows, so that the area really deserves the most enthusiastic words.For lovers of walking distance, 300 meters from the resort "Letsy" is recreation "Railroader" which services are allowed to use all comers (surcharge), as well as several children's health resorts such as pioneer camps.There are also interesting and fun show program to attend which is not prohibited.

Sanatorium "Letsy": how to get

get to the place can be on the rail or road.In passenger train or bus you can reach Vitebsk.Further diesel (runs frequently) or an ordinary bus should go to the village Small Letsi where up sanatorium just six to seven minute walk along the road through the forest.

The second option - the train №39 «Moscow-Polotsk".And it takes you directly to the station "Letsi."There should just go on the platform and territory "Railwayman."Before you reach the resort just 10 minutes.

By car to travel to Vitebsk.This is followed by P20 go to the track and ride it to the indicator "Shevino", then turn left, pass the village, turn right and, guided by the pointer "Letsi 'drive to the resort.

In addition, it is possible to pre-book a private shuttle service to which will also help with the luggage.Transport provides the administration of the sanatorium in any day including holidays and weekends.

What and how is treated

«Letsy" - Sanatorium (Vitebsk region)., Who specializes in the treatment and prevention of diseases of the following organs and systems:

  • lungs, bronchi and other respiratory system;
  • gastrointestinal tract;
  • heart and blood vessels;
  • bones, joints and muscles;
  • nervous system.

also relax here offers beauty care for face and body.

We use the methods of traditional and alternative medicine, and this famous "Letsy" (spa).Reviews of people receiving treatment here, in the vast majority are positive.Almost all remember with gratitude the doctors, nurses, organizer of gymnastics and many other employees of the institution.

If desired and necessary, everyone can see a doctor (physician, cardiologist and ultrasound diagnostician, physical therapist).The resort can also pass the blood and urine tests (general).

mud for therapeutic procedures used Sapropelic of Belarusian lakes and silt sulphide Sudobl of Crimea Saki lake.

water is used from the well depth of 850 meters (bath) and 420 meters (for drinking).Mineral baths have a healing effect and some skin diseases.Wishing health resort takes relaxation and treatment all year round.


Sanatorium "Letsy" (Vitebsk region) covers an area of ​​approximately 36 hectares.All housings are located in the picturesque pine-fir forests.The air is saturated with the smell of pine needles, gives everyone came here more free herbal medicine and a wonderful mood every day.Along the asphalt paths grows a lot of berries (raspberries, blackberries, bilberries and others, what the Belarusian land is rich).The tracks are also available, and at a certain distance in the woods outside the resort.Many vacationers watched squirrels, freely moving through the trees.For the rest installed benches and gazebos.To go deep into the forest is not recommended, as there may be a meeting with the vipers.

arrive by car can use the public car park, but it is outside the resorts.

Five dozen meters from the resort there is a wonderful lake with a beach and station rental boats, catamarans.The pond is decorated with lilies and lilies.It ducks and swans who willingly take the food right out of hand.In the summer swimming in the lake.Also, year-round fishing.

In addition, the sanatorium "Letsy" a medical corps, hydropathic, pump room with mineral water, Palace of Culture, a post office with long distance telephone, kiosk, which sells newspapers, children's playground.Near the entrance is a small grocery store.Another store is located at the railway station.


Sanatorium "Letsy" (Belarus), for up to 500 people, offers guests accommodation for 5 buildings with different designs and living conditions.Building №1 is a two-story, second and fifth - four-storey, while the third and fourth body has three floors.No elevator.Rooms are single and double, calculated on one or two people.By agreement is possible to install an extra bed (for example, if parents come to rest with a child).The rooms are not the same.Depending on the location in the same rooms are always bright and sunny, the other most of the afternoon shade.The housing is made №4 renovation, the rest - Mighty redecorating.Each room has heating, a large mirror, a necessary set of furniture (beds, tables, wardrobes), a sanitary room with a toilet, sink and shower.On the floor carpeting, windows - beautiful curtains.Toiletries are not provided.Balcony or loggia and TV only in suites.Also, not every room has a refrigerator that is not like all travelers who visited the sanatorium "Letsy" (Vitebsk region).Reviews of domestic conditions leave most people are different, but the lack of refrigerators mentions most since bought food to be stored in bags outside the window.One of the buildings is allocated to accommodate children (summer camp).Inconvenience travelers it does not deliver.

Cleaning (taking out the trash, vacuum cleaning) is performed regularly.Bed rest is charged independently.

warm passage between buildings and between buildings is not curative.


Sanatorium "Letsy" has a separate building dining room, which has two rooms for daily maintenance travelers, and a ballroom.Meals dietary and orders that are received from the second day of your stay.

D Diet is designed for people with diabetes and impaired carbohydrate and fat metabolism.The menu includes dishes with a minimum salt content.

Diet B is designed for people whose nutrition does not require any special restrictions.Dishes of this diet contain a full set of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.Excluded are only indigestible foods.

Diet H is designed for people suffering from diseases of the liver and kidneys.The menu - dishes with reduced protein content (40 grams per day).

Diet II is designed for people suffering from diseases of the pancreas, liver and digestive tract.The menu steam and cooked dishes.Excluded crude fiber, spices.

Sanatorium "Letsy" (Vitebsk) also provides leisure mineral water, which can be typed into bottles and drink throughout the day.

Meals three times a day.Salads and juices are issued on the basis of a buffet.All dishes are delicious cooked.One vacationers, according to them, the food was good enough.Some even believed that offered too many side dishes consisting of various cereals, potatoes.Others vacationers complained that not gorge.Such people can not buy complementary products in a nearby store.In addition, at the entrance to the dining room, local residents (seasonal) sell freshly harvested berries.

menu always have soups, meat, fish, dairy and vegetable dishes, tea, coffee, juices, salads and sweets.


come to the sanatorium "Letsy" should have a sanatorium card or an extract from a hospital card form №1.All procedures are assigned on an individual basis, but the request can get more (money).In each case your doctor.

procedures take place in a two-story medical building and one-storey balneary.Guests are offered:

1. Baths:

  • conifers (very fragrant, relaxing);
  • turpentine (after the bath is made wrap in blankets);
  • pearl;
  • mineral (PH8, bicarbonates are present in water, chloride, potassium, magnesium, sodium);
  • whirlpool;
  • carbonic dry;
  • milk and honey;
  • hydrogen sulfide;
  • valerian.

2. Shower:

  • Charcot;
  • healing;
  • hydromassage.

3. Mud.

4. Inhalation.

5. Massage:

  • Manual;
  • vacuum;
  • hardware (on the couch «Nuga Best»).

6. Sauna:

  • cedar barrel;
  • infrared.

7. Light therapy.

8. Psychotherapy.

9. SPA-capsule.

10. LFK.

11. Electro.

therapies conducted in the sanatorium

Sanatorium "Letsy" provides the following therapeutic treatments:

  • halotherapy (solelechenie);
  • hirudotherapy (leeches);
  • hydrotherapy intestine (various microclysters);
  • acupuncture;
  • laser treatment;
  • magnetic;
  • treatment with oxygen;
  • phytotherapy (herbal teas);
  • ultrasound treatment.

In addition, everyone can apply to the dentist and a beautician.Treatment of children in the resort begins with three years.The procedure ends on weekdays at 16 pm, on Saturday at 13 pm, Sunday - closed.Classrooms are working on the record, but sometimes, in the words of people who have visited here, we have to briefly stand in a queue.

Leisure activities

rich and interesting history is famous for Belarus.Sanatorium "Letsy" organizes for its guests excursions to Vitebsk, Polotsk with a visit to a concert of organ music in the cathedral.Many vacationers remember visiting the relics of the great Euphrosyne of Polotsk, which, according to legend, to help all those who suffer.

In the sanatorium are often concerts of folk bands, karaoke, discos, a cinema room where the show films of yesteryear and modern paintings.For all who want to open the doors of the library and rental.Near the recreation "Railroader" you can use (on request) spa complex, which includes a pool with a fountain, sauna, jacuzzi, a tea room, showers with music, a gazebo with barbecue and outdoor furniture.His swimming pool in the resort is not.

fishing enthusiasts can enjoy their favorite hobby without any restrictions.

summer in the resort and around it there is a lot of berries and mushrooms in the fall.In winter you can go skating and skiing.On New Year's holidays in the resort arranged tree.

Who gets to check-in during the fairs, which are spring and autumn, he will not only take home great souvenirs and a good thing, but also plenty to participate in the festivities.

«Letsy" (spa, Belarus): reviews

This health resort is designed for people who want high quality and at a relatively low price to treat their health.Most of the troops are presented mothers with children, retirees or people close to retirement age.Youth virtually none.Those who are waiting for the sea resorts of fun and entertainment, leaving not completely satisfied, because a variety of entertainment programs and incendiary animation does not provide health resort "Letsy" (Vitebsk region).Reviews of people largely unanimous on the well-organized treatment is referred to as one of the major pluses.Also among the advantages of vacationers mention the following:

  • good location;
  • professional staff;
  • optimal combination of price and quality of rest;
  • opportunity to choose their own medical procedures;
  • beautiful area - uhozhennayu, chistayu, green;
  • proximity of the city;
  • proximity of the train and bus stations.

So many people leave here with the intention to come back again.However, some believe that certain matters of administration should work to become even better "Letsy" (spa).Reviews vacationers contain information about the following disadvantages:

  • location guarded parking outside the territory;
  • disorganization exchange (for non-citizens of Belarus) experienced campers are advised to change money directly to the train station, not relying on the exchange office of the sanatorium, which works only on Monday and only a few hours;
  • noise and dirt from coming to the lake locals (for which there is no prohibition on the entry);
  • lack of comfort in individual rooms (no shower curtain, so water is poured all around);
  • no room elementary appliances;
  • closed housing is strictly at 11 pm.

In conclusion, we note that when you make have to pay 3% of the value of stay (fee).Money for this calculation are taken only in the Belarusian currency.