Power "all inclusive": you need to know the tourist

majority of Russian tourists going to the long-awaited vacation, prefer to rest on the system all inclusive.And no wonder, for paying the cost of the tour, you can have a great time at the hotel with all the amenities and do not spend a single cent paid in excess of the homeland.

The most common power supply system "all inclusive" hotels available in Egypt or Turkey, but sometimes it can also be found in other countries.Due to the fact that the types of all inclusive every year becomes more and more, to better understand what the difference between them and what is included in the "set of rest."

essence of the concept of "all-inclusive┬╗

Power "all inclusive", or in English all inclusive (ALL) - is a pre-paid services provided by the guest upon check-in.The most common variants of ALL is the following services:

  • accommodation in the room category symbol;
  • meals throughout the day on a "buffet";
  • local beverages, including alcohol;
  • other service (in-room safes, mini-fridge, and others.).

Thus, the power of "all inclusive" allows you to forget about the many issues related to recreation.It eliminates the need for additional expenditures of money to pay for dinner at the restaurant, as the hotel visitors will be invited to meals on a "buffet", where the number of eaten there are no restrictions.Depending on the category of the hotel, the number of dishes ranging from 3 to 10 and provided fresh pastries, desserts, sweets and fruits.

alcohol lovers will appreciate the power of "all inclusive" because unlimited access to alcohol produced locally.However, we must be prepared for the fact that the spirits that are not produced in the country vacation, you will have to pay extra.Freshly squeezed juices and ice cream, as a rule, are not included in the cost of ALL.The services will be provided free vacation at the pool of the hotel and on the beach, children's entertainers, and perhaps an evening program.

Varieties of "all inclusive┬╗

There are different types of all inclusive, which differ depending on the country of rest, the level of the hotel, the tour price and other factors.It should be noted that any regulations that must be included in the power of "all inclusive" does not exist, so much depends on the reputation of the hotel, competition and fantasy managers.

Despite this, the hotel with the level of 2-3 stars, offering full board and local drinks at their own expense.The 4-5 star hotels in the price also includes the use of beach facilities and related equipment.

There are several cuts of the term "food" all inclusive ".As indicated by the concept, he knows practically every tourist.The most common - it is ALL (all inclusive), mini ALL (applies in hotels 2-3 stars), UAL (a wide range of free services in hotels 4-5 stars).

Power "ultra all-inclusive┬╗

Ultra All inclusive - it is essentially an extended range of services that the tourist pays for buying tickets to your hotel.Most developed this system in the luxury five-star hotels in Egypt and Turkey.As a general rule, it includes the following services:

  • Hour Power System (brunch, lunch, dinner the night);
  • Majiang;
  • imported alcohol;
  • daily replenishment in-room mini-bars;
  • free tennis and bowling;
  • access to the spa, sauna, massage;
  • fun at amusement parks and water parks in the hotel;
  • water sports.

Power "all inclusive" (as indicated by it, we have said) - it is a very convenient concept of rest.But the system "ultra all inclusive" usually costs quite expensive (more expensive than a simple All inclusive).It is necessary to clarify that, in turn, Ultra All inclusive has dozens of species: Mega All inclusive, Imperial All inclusive, All inclusive de luxe and so on.

All inclusive in Europe

European System of ALL is very different from the power of "all inclusive" in Egypt and Turkey.The reason for these differences lies in the very nature of the occurrence of All inclusive, which is in demand in the resorts where all the entertainment are on site.European tourist centers, on the other hand, the abundance of different restaurants, bars, discos and attractions.Therefore, the system "all inclusive" Europeans consider unnecessary frills.

Paying All inclusive, guest receives a wristband or other insignia, which entitles you to all meals and local drinks.Additional services can be offered water aerobics, tennis and sauna.The 3-star hotel special entertainment is not provided.

buying a ticket, it is best to check with the tour operator, which system is used in the selected hotel and what it includes.On arrival at the holiday can obtain comprehensive information about available services.