Sample filling in the form for a Schengen visa.

Before going abroad, many holidaymakers have difficulties obtaining visas.This applies especially to those tourists who prefer to fill in all the forms and documents yourself.In this case, it is important that Schengen visa application form has been completed correctly.What do you need?How to fill it?

Brief information about the Schengen visa Schengen visa

- documentary permission for foreign citizens regularly residing in countries belonging to the Schengen zone.It states the following:

  • Germany and Austria.
  • Belgium and Hungary.
  • Greece and Denmark.
  • Iceland and Spain.
  • Italy and Latvia.
  • Lithuania and Liechtenstein.
  • France and the Netherlands.
  • Luxembourg and Slovakia.
  • Slovenia and Malta.
  • Norway and Poland.
  • Portugal and Finland.
  • the Czech Republic and Sweden.
  • Switzerland and Estonia.

sample filling in the form for a Schengen visa is given in the article below.Blank Schengen recommended to download from official resources embassies in countries included in the Schengen zone.The validit

y of the visa is 90 days within six months.The document gives the right to one-time use of the number of days or multiple, t. E. Have arrived, for example, in Italy, the foreigner has 90 days, he may hold, without leaving the country, or to come for 30 days, leave, then again come30, to leave, and so on. n.

What you should know is issued Schengen?

before the paperwork necessary to deal with the fact, what type of visa you need.Suppose you decided to go for Germany.In this case, you need a Schengen visa.The questionnaire, fill pattern, and a detailed explanation of the requirements for each item is in this article.On how many days you expect to come to a foreign country, and will depend on type of visa.So, if you plan to stay in the country less than 90 days, with the purpose of the stay will be tourism, guest / business trip or a cure, you need to apply for a visa shegenskoy.

If the dates of your stay exceeds 90 days, for example, in the case of family reunification, education or employment, the questionnaire for obtaining a Schengen visa is not filled.In this case, you need to write an application for a permit for a long stay in Germany.Therefore, you need to issue a so-called national visa.

How to start a Schengen visa?

In order to understand how to complete form for a Schengen visa, and how the application process, we consider a specific example.You are traveling to Germany on turputevku.What do we have to do?First you need to issue an application form for a visa.You can do this in-service visa center VFS Global.The main advantage of this application - no appointment to submit documentation.Minus - the presence of the queue.

addition, your completed application can be taken by contacting the Visa Section at the Embassy.However, such treatment is possible if an appointment.The exception is a medical emergency had to address.When making the application form did not forget to study the sample filling in the form for a Schengen visa.

How to make filing for a visa?

register for submission of documents for Schengen can call the following numbers:

  • +7 (499) 681-13-65;
  • +7 (499) 426-03-25.

Note: calls to these numbers are accepted throughout the week, except weekends and public holidays, from 8:30 until 17:00.When registration of the application you may be asked a series of and passport number.

Can I sign up for online filing?

Apply for filing can also be online.To do this, select the relevant section ("Schengen Visa") on the official resource of service-visa center.

himself the application form, as well as a sample questionnaire filling for a Schengen visa, can be downloaded for free on the website of the German Embassy in Russia.Fill in the application form can be both in Russian and in German.The main thing - to apply for about three weeks until his trips abroad.The application will also be considered for 5-7 days.

as specified in the application form for a visa?

In a statement to the Schengen must specify the following data:

  • name at the moment;
  • name received at birth;
  • name;
  • date and place of birth;
  • country of residence;
  • citizenship at the moment;
  • nationality at birth (if different from the current status);
  • floor;
  • marital status;
  • Full name of minor children, and the address of their residence (in case there is a difference from the address of the applicant);
  • identification number;
  • category of identity document (passport, diplomatic passport);
  • passport number, when and by whom issued;
  • home address and e-mail;
  • contact telephone number;
  • professional position at the moment, etc.

encourage you to carefully review the sample filling in the form for a Schengen visa, introduced in the article below.Take for documents very carefully, as in the case specified in the application false information about yourself, you can be deported from Germany without explanation.This visa will be canceled.

What to consider when completing the various sections of the questionnaire for a visa?

When completing the application form, visa application should take into account certain points.For example, in "Full name" you must specify their data exclusively Latin and in the same way as they are written in your passport.The same applies to a change of name.

In "Date of birth" must be specified date in reverse order: first the year, then the month and then the number.Otherwise, you will not be granted a Schengen visa.Sample completed visa application form, the following will help you avoid such troubles, and give an opportunity to draw the form correctly.

In the "Place of birth" indicates a city or region of your birth.It should focus on the data that is listed in your passport.For example, if your hometown - Moscow, in the questionnaire indicate his name.If you were born in the same city, and then find the place of your changes (Moscow - Kursk), the application only need to specify the place where you were born.If the place of your birth - Friendship Village in Ramenskoye district of Moscow region, then you write a domain name.Such requirements contains instructions for completing the questionnaire to obtain a Schengen visa.

If the country of birth and citizenship of all clear the column "Category of the travel document" requires some explanation.In particular, it should indicate precisely the document that you will use when entering Germany or any other country in the Schengen area.In this case, there is no need to mention, all your travel documents.You only need one.Typically, this is passport.

In "Country of destination", specify only the country in which you will be staying for longer trips all the time (if for one trip you intend to visit several states).

In the column in which you want to specify an identification number, you must either enter the code or leave the field blank (in this case, if it is not).

in paragraphs 14-17 indicated passport data (series, number, when and by whom issued, date of issue and expiry).

In those areas where you need to enter the address (residence, work, study and so on. D.). U is no need to translate the Russian name.It would be correct to do transliteration.For example, "pr. Vernadsky" will appear as "pr. Vernadskogo".

in paragraph 18 should be properly noted tick «Yes» (if you have dual citizenship) and «No» (if it is not).

In the 19th paragraph, specify your current profession, the name that must match the information in the certificate of employment.If at this point you do not work anywhere, then this column is recommended to put a dash.Students of higher education institutions are entered "Student" and leave contact the dean's office, address and name of the institution.

In the column "The main purpose of the trip," shows a sample prefilled in the Schengen visa, you must specify the real purpose of visiting the country.For example, tourism.

What should not be forgotten in the design of the questionnaire?

Filling the column "Planned stay" indicate the actual number of days.At the same time remember, and medical insurance, and booking rooms at the hotel must be designed for the specified number of days.In case of your relative or friend, you were invited to enter the country (and it does exactly three months), there is no reason to issue a visa for 90 days.In the considered graph select as many days as you plan to stay in the country Schengen zone without considering the validity of the invitation.

Be sure to include all previously issued you a visa.For example, 10.01.2000 - 25.02.2000, Germany.There is no need to mention those countries to travel to that do not need a Schengen visa.

In signing the application form, note that for children under the age of 16, painted their parents or guardians.Children older than 16 years shall sign themselves.

What to do after sending the application for a visa?

After the forms for the visa you will only wait for a response.In addition, each contact the embassy or VFS Global can independently track the status of their application.To do this, he can call the hotline call center: +7 (499) 681-13-65 and +7 (499) 426-03-25.

As soon as a decision on your application is accepted, you will receive an SMS service.His passport and visa ready then possible to get personally at the embassy or visa application center as well as by means of a courier service.The cost of delivery will depend on where you stay.In addition to this amount will need to add about 140 rubles per shipment.