Museum of Vysotsky Taganka history, facilities, reviews

Vladimir Vysotsky - a figure in art is ambiguous.On it are many people spoke and wrote on his behalf did the fame.The life of the poet, composer and performer has not been smooth.In Soviet times, every line of the songs Vysotsky subjected to strict censorship, but that did not stop the spread of his songs for the entire Union.From every window rang out all your favorite tunes to listen to that dangerous, but it was impossible not to hear.Museum of Vysotsky Taganka - a reflection of people's selfless love to his idol.It also observed trend of the era.


Museum House-Museum of Vladimir Vysotsky Taganka - this is not just an exhibition exhibits related to the life of a famous person.It is a cultural and scientific center, which does not stop the research and search for new facts that reflect the era and creativity Vysotsky.Vladimir Semenovich was a reflection of all that is happening in the country, and he could not keep quiet about what did not suit all patriots of the motherland.

History Museum

about creating memorable places that preserve the memory of Vysotsky, spoke immediately after his death.This thought is not only a theater, where he worked Vladimir Semenovich, but connoisseurs of his talent to throw a letter to the court.

In 1987 he opened a charity account into which funds from patrons and money for hosting a memorable evening and conferences about the actor and artist.In 1988, a working group of twenty people, which included the famous people of today.

become the first director was honored P. Leonov.Museum of Vysotsky Taganka made his first share the tenth anniversary of the poet's death.The exhibits in the absence of a single building, were exhibited in the hall of the Soviet Culture Fund, and then to the Soviet Era.

Museum Center Vysotsky Taganka finally opened in 1992.At its head since 1996 is the son of the famous actor, poet, composer and performer, Nikita Vysotsky.


In the museum there are three rooms, which are named along the lines of the songs of the author.The entire collection includes more than a thousand exhibits.The main collection was formed in 2000.During the work of the museum it was published eighteen books and albums, telling us about the life and work of Vladimir Vysotsky.

first room, "I'm all in the light ...┬╗

In this hall exhibits that reflect the stage career of Vladimir Vysotsky.All the costumes, which once played an actor in television footage material and other things related to creativity, exhibited at the beginning of the exposure.

second hall: "Own Track┬╗

Within these walls Vysotsky appears home and undisguised.Toys that came from childhood, letters and drafts of poems reveal him as a person, not as a lump of Soviet culture.It also kept records, collections of works of the author, and memories of him that were issued in the period from 1980 to 2000.

third hall: the office of Vladimir Vysotsky

This room recreates the atmosphere of the working place of the poet from his apartment in the Little Georgia, where he spent five years of his life (from 1975 to 1980).Modest furnishings of a mixture of home-made furniture and precious wood indicates the originality and identity of the person who created it.This hall was opened in 2008.

Gallery Museum

Museum of Vysotsky Taganka has a gallery that bears the name of the song Sam Brooke Stelmakh "Marathon".Within the walls of this building hosts exhibitions of young talented artists, both group and individual.

the gallery began its activity in 1997, and so far it has no analogues as operates on the basis of the museum, which is a rarity.Who in this hall representatives of art exhibitions, art and photographs.

Activities Theatre and Concert Hall

Vladimir Semenovich is impossible to imagine the stage work, so the location of the museum concert hall is reasonable.The room can accommodate one hundred and thirty people.

On the stage of the theater and the concert hall are the young and talented performers to their individual projects.In addition to the concert, there is a theater program.On stage are staging scenarios Vysotsky about him.

Museum Library

As Vysotsky Taganka Museum - a cultural research center, it was equipped with a library, and in it - a reading room.It appeared in 1994 as a collection of scientific works.The library is concentrated more than fifty thousand works of Vysotsky, archival materials of his relatives and friends of the poet.For admirers of the author the opportunity to familiarize yourself with all the works in the walls of the reading room.

unusual bookshop

Vysotsky Museum not only shows exhibitions and conducts educational and scientific activities, but also offers its visitors buy recording songs and books about his work.Albums and scientific studies reveal the secrets of the person of Vladimir Vysotsky, which can be very informative for his fans and people who are not knowledgeable in this matter.

Visitors reviews

Museum of Vysotsky Taganka, whose photos can be seen in this article, is located in Nizhny Tagansky impasse, 3. You can get here, going to the metro station "Taganskaya" (ring).The exhibition is open every day except Sunday and Monday, from eleven to eighteen hours.

Not surprisingly, the Museum of Vysotsky Taganka has only positive reviews, as his team - it's not just workers, and the initiative group of like-minded souls who root for their offspring.The important role played by the fact that the permanent director of the master's own son became an author's song.

Museum of Vysotsky Taganka - a place worthy of attention of every resident of the capital and visitors alike.