Entertainment in Moscow at the weekend.

Big cities attract people of the province, including the fact that there are incomparably more opportunities have a good evening or weekend.This is especially true of the Russian capital, as interesting entertainment in Moscow today can find a one, regardless of age and preferences.And for nice and to spend your spare time, do not necessarily spend a lot of money, as there are many free options.

Entertainment in Moscow at the weekend

After a long working week of entertainment are essential.Therefore, information about where to go on a Saturday or a Sunday, many people are interested.Of course, the choice depends primarily on the age, since that approach young people, can cause confusion among the older generation, and actions "for seniors" boy or girl will agree to go except for the sake of his beloved mother or grandmother.

Here are a few categories in which everyone will find entertainment in Moscow to taste.

Where you can relax free

In the 70s of the last century in New York, Paris, Londo

n and other European capitals, representatives of the golden youth loved to play the game, the winner of which is the one who is best spent the evening without spending anycents.Young Muscovites can also try to organize such a contest, the more that the free entertainment in Moscow to find is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.So, in Gorky Park daily professional choreographers give free lessons of modern and Latin dance (on weekdays from 20:00 to 17:00 on weekends).And listen to classical music performed by famous musicians and conservatory students can be in homes, museums Bulgakov and Chaliapin.You can also visit one of the museums of the capital, as the third Sunday of every month they, as a rule, is declared the Day of Open Doors.Among these institutions are of particular interest Archaeology Museum in Moscow, Space, I. Turgenev's estate "Lefortovo", "Kolomenskoye" and many others.

Extreme entertainments in Moscow

dose of adrenaline is sometimes necessary for those who spends all day in a boring office, doing routine work.Fortunately, extreme entertainment in Moscow varied, and each can easily find for himself what corresponds to his tastes.For example, you can:

  • flying in the wind tunnel, which is located at a picturesque street, 21 (in the building 5);
  • make a balloon flight at any day of the week, having been at the club "aeronaut" located on Dmitrovskoye Shosse (d. 167, p. 29);
  • try yourself in the role of a fearless mountaineer on the new climbing wall at Paveletskaya, where you can perform both one-time ascent and enroll in a course consisting of 12-25 visits;
  • learn diving at the center "Aquanaut" in SC "Olympic".

Where to go with children

Everyone knows how difficult it is to please the little fastidious and take them on weekends or holidays.For entertainment should not only conform to the child's age, but to be him really interesting.Otherwise, parents will face the whims and tears, or by paying a lot of money to be bored to witness his son's face and little girl.Based on these considerations, the most universal children's entertainment in Moscow, which always delights and preschoolers and schoolchildren - a circus.In the capital today, there are several such places, including the famous BMGTS on Vernadsky Prospekt and Nikulin Circus, located on Tsvetnoy Boulevard.

In addition, most kids adore various attractions, so in the summer they should take one of the many parks of the capital (attraparki at ENEA, in Izmailovo and Sokolniki).Among the boys, and is a popular children's entertainment in Moscow, as the kart, which can be enjoyed, for example, Kart Racing Club or the "pilot."And the students who are interested in science, it will be interesting to "Lunariume" Moscow Planetarium (at the underground "Barrikadnaya").Where to go


age when boys and girls turn into young men and women - the most difficult.Therefore, parents often do not know what kind of entertainment for teenagers in Moscow will be interested in their children.Among the options are the most popular, it may be noted:

  • visit the complex "Confrontation", during which tourists descend the elevator to the underground bunker of Stalin, located at a depth of 65 m, and conduct a tour of the complex systems of tunnels;
  • attraction "Laser maze" with ten levels of difficulty for children and adolescents of all ages, which is located in the shopping center XL;
  • one of the bowling club where you can go with groups of friends;
  • Museum "Experimentarium", where you can see the scientific and educational shows or interesting movie about the universe in a spherical theater;
  • quests, such as "Chinatown," "Diary of a detective," "Forgotten station" (str. Klimashkina, d. 26) and "Snatch" (ul. Profsoyuznaya, h. 24, Apt. 3).

Summer fun

Unfortunately, not everyone can take a trip to the holiday season.Therefore, those who are forced to work when most of his friends and neighbors are enjoying your vacation, you want to find out what activities in Moscow in the summer to help relieve tension and cheer at the weekend.Among the places you can go with your family, it is worth noting:

  • rope "Panda parks" that are in Sokolniki, Izmailovo, in Gorky Park and Lianozovo;
  • open-air cinemas where you can sometimes see the pictures without age restrictions, for example, in the "Hermitage" garden, in the park "Museon", etc .;
  • Paintball and airsoft;
  • park "Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo" and "Mitino" where, among other things, you can ride on a cart pulled by sled dogs present.

There is another popular summer entertainment in Moscow - you can spend the day at ENEA.There's a walk through the alleys, planted with unique varieties of roses, it's nice to combine with a visit to exhibitions and museums for every taste and rest in the many cafes.In addition, children can be taken away in the complex of attractions at the dolphinarium, and the services of teens - rental segveev, commercials, motorcycles and bicycles.

Winter fun

Winter Moscow is particularly attractive for its New Year and Christmas markets, which begin on December 12 and operate until 11 January.During their conduct in a beautifully painted chalets trade visitors not only offer to purchase a variety of food and souvenirs, and arrange for them master classes.In addition, the winter capital offers everyone feel like participants in the ice show at many rinks, the chief of which is located directly on the Red Square.And on Mondays, and on weekdays in the morning hours free entrance to the ice rink.Show off your skills by writing complicated monogram on the ice, it is also possible in Gorky Park and Sokolniki.

Water Activities

in the capital is no shortage of beaches, swimming pools and water parks, including in closed, so at any time of the year you can find a fun water activities.In Moscow, including in the winter, a huge popular water parks of the capital, such as "Kwa-Kwa Park" with a magnificent spa at the Yaroslavl highway, "Fantasy" in Marino, "Moreon" focused mainly on adults, which is located atstr.Golubinskaya, 16, and others.As for the summer holiday, then the services of Muscovites and visitors to the city beaches Pirogov Reservoir, School and Black Lake, Moose in the pond and other water bodies on the banks of the city.

As you can see, to find interesting entertainment in Moscow at the weekend, and on any other day of the week - no problem, so bored in the capital may be only those who are too lazy to come off the couch or computer monitor.Remember, life is one, and foolish to waste it on a virtual adventure-seed or ceiling!