Recreation Annunciation - a little corner of paradise Black Sea coast

Cossack village Annunciation is the most distant point of Anapa district.The resort is located on the Black Sea coast between the two estuaries - and Kizilshtatskim Vityazevskim.Recreation (Annunciation village) take a rest during the holiday season, which lasts from June to September, and at its end begins hunting season for waterfowl.In the air, which has healing properties, amazing flavors soar.Its average temperature +28 ° C.Such conditions make it a popular vacation here.

year-round resort

Annunciation village offers a varied holiday.In addition to beach recreation, you can find the most diverse leisure.It:

  • water attractions;
  • jet skis;
  • paragliders;
  • diving;
  • kitesurfing;
  • windsurfing;
  • excursions;
  • boat trips;
  • fishing on the high seas.

Recreation Annunciation village offers for every taste.Pensions and guest houses have low prices and infrastructure, and to book a room by phone.To appreciate the rest are people with small children, as there are clean sandy beaches and shallow shore.Ma

ny women will appreciate the wellness mud treatments.

Evening rest

As for evening entertainment, leisure trips offered through the vineyards of the village, parks and squares, you can play billiards, tennis or table tennis, bowling.During a walk through a clean and quiet streets of the village, you undoubtedly will have a sense of calm.Almost every householder, you can buy fresh dairy products, meat, fish, wine, fruits and vegetables at affordable prices.

Tourists who prefer holidays in tents can accommodate between dunes right by the sea, and those who can not imagine their idle pastime without comfort, waiting for recreation.Annunciation to offer more than 20 bases located near the water, and the rest removed from the sea - a 10-minute walk away.

On many beaches there are discos and bars that are open until the morning, have similar entertainment and recreation for yourself.The Annunciation - the center of night life of the resort, and the street on which institutions are built, called Hollywood Boulevard.

Holiday Village "Signal»

So, if you are ready for a small survey, let's see what offers recreation village Annunciation.

«Signal" reviews only gets exciting.This small association houses, which can accommodate up to 150 guests, is located 39 km from Anapa.

base removed from the resorts, where visitors have a great number of people, has a magnificent sandy beach, comfortable rooms."Signal" - the best place for a family holiday.

lodgers offers cozy double and quadruple air-conditioned rooms in wooden cottages, with three meals in the dining room.

At the base are:

  • area for table tennis;
  • outdoor fitness equipment;
  • children's animators;
  • library;
  • disco.

With regard to infrastructure, the bases are located near cafes, markets and shops;bowling and billiards - in the neighboring base.The beach is at a distance of 100 m.

Recreation "Rostovite»

continue to recognize the village Annunciation (recreation)."Rostovite" reviews also received only flattering.This complex is built on a spit at a distance of 100 meters from the coast.Here the climate is similar to the Crimea.On the one hand - the Black Sea, on the other - the estuary.Thus, it appears on the island.

on the Black Sea coast near the beach "Rostovite" is the cleanest.Exit to the sea, you can chat with the base on a wooden deck walkway.

The territory of the fenced and guarded round the clock.Along the perimeter of the parking lot, and video cameras, and also has a relationship with the local police.In the courtyard of the base is a blooming garden.Guests can stroll through the cozy alleys, rest on the benches, swings and gazebos, and young visitors can play on the playground.

Tourists are offered two and three class rooms and junior suites with a perfect sound insulation in the four-storey building overlooking the sea.

Each room has a junior class:

  • TV;
  • air conditioning;
  • bathroom;
  • hot water;
  • furniture;
  • refrigerator.

Each room has a luxury:

  • TV;
  • air conditioning;
  • bathroom;
  • hot water;
  • furniture;
  • refrigerator;
  • kitchen;
  • microwave;
  • tableware.

's service "Rostovite 'offers meals in the dining room at the base, and a snack bar where you can buy tea, coffee and other commodities.

now be carried out on the basis of:

  1. corporate events.
  2. Training seminars.
  3. Presentations.
  4. Holidays.
  5. Celebrations.
  6. anniversary.
  7. Weddings.

There is also a library, billiards room, and children - games room and playground.There is an opportunity to go on various excursions, dolphin, tasting rooms, fishing, as well as local attractions.Who wishes can prepare flavorful kebabs, there are all conditions.

«Taman" in the village of the Annunciation

Recreation "Taman", reviews of which people leave only positive, not in the list of luxury resorts, however the complex has a high level of comfort and all the creature comforts.

Vacationers can stay in wooden or stone houses exotic.Each room has a bathroom, hot water, refrigerator, air conditioning, TV, kettle, hair dryer.

At the base of a dining room, bar and outdoor cafe with a Caucasian and European cuisine, soft drinks, ice cream.

Recreation "Taman" has a huge advantage - you have to make only a dozen steps, and you can feel the coolness of the sea waves.Staff base regularly monitors the state of the beach, and lifeguards ensure the safety of travelers.

As for entertainment, then on the basis of has everything you need:

  • tennis court;
  • volleyball;
  • table tennis;
  • billiards;
  • simulators;
  • chess;
  • checkers;
  • backgammon.

We hope our little trip you had in mind, and helped to make the right choice destinations.Cossack village Annunciation always happy to meet his guests.