Anapa, pension "Odyssey": photos and reviews of tourists

If you like Anapa, pension 'Odyssey' - a place where you can stay.After reading the description of the coastal base, opinions about it, you can decide whether to spend their holidays here.


curative climate that is both mild and moderately humid sea air, 280 sunny days a year - all of Anapa.Pension "Odyssey" is located almost on the beach, from the beach to the holiday home must pass a total of 50 meters.The area is well landscaped: planted roses, broken alleys, which are composed of deciduous and coniferous trees.It's nice to walk in the shade of the trees, breathing wholesome flavor that is in the air.

Placement travelers

In the pension 6 buildings, one 4-storey, two three-storey and three-storey 2.At the same time the building housed 423 people.Rooms consist of apartments, which can accommodate from 1 to 4 people.They have a toilet, shower, refrigerator, fan, television.In the two 2-bed rooms have upholstered furniture.These are the services provided Anapa, pension "Odyssey."

In some cases there are single rooms?It would seem, who is resting on the sea one?But there are a lot of travelers.And the numbers for their discount Anapa, pension "Odyssey."Availability can be specified by calling the reservation service: 8-800-2000-460 or 8-86133-32-955.Getting the last phone number - area code.

«Odyssey" a 1-bed standard rooms and category "standard plus".Children of any age.Accommodation is free for children up to three years.

Nearby are fruit stall, shop for clothes series, where visitors can buy everything you need.You can take your things in a locker and a private vehicle, on which you have come to put on a free parking.It is located on the pension.

Meals are excellent, three times a day.It includes fresh fruits, vegetables and meat.Accommodation and meals are included in the price.

will demonstrate, it looks like a boarding house "The Odyssey" (Anapa), photo.

Sport, Entertainment

you can have a great time, not only adults but also kids.For them it is equipped with a special playground for children where they can play freely.It has the necessary attributes and a children's room.Older people will be interested in a hall of computer games.Those who prefer an active pastime, can be rented to explore the recumbent destinations.And see there is something.His sights, beautiful landscapes proud Anapa.

Pension "Odyssey" and equipped to offer a platform for sports.Where you can play volleyball, tennis, basketball, badminton, indoor soccer.In the evening, guests will find an open theater, club, dance floor, where you can have fun at glory.

wishes to have the right to use the services of the tour desk, hire of sports and beach equipment.

Positive reviews about the location, the pension, tourist accommodation

To read the conditions of stay, leisure, as well as to learn like any tourist guesthouse "Odyssey" in Anapa (Dzhemete), please refer to the opinion of people who have visited here.They note that to get here very easily.You can take a train or plane.

If you keep the path of the Russian capital, it is possible to get to the desired city on the train "Moscow-Anapa."Pension "Odyssey" is located near the train station by taxi 20 minutes the road on Pioneer Avenue.We need to go in the opposite direction from the center.The bus stop and taxi, which is located, is situated opposite the entrance to the recreation center.

first impressions travelers usually good - beautiful undeveloped area, roses bloom everywhere.Importantly, there is security.Entering the room, the guests are not disappointed, because it was a private balcony and equipped with everything necessary.However, the furniture is not new, but in good condition.

Vacationers say that it is better to choose a room, the windows of which do not go to the South, then to experience discomfort from the heat is not necessary.The positive feedback indicates that the territory of the quiet at night is not booming music at this time of day, vacationers do not go under the windows, and no noise.So you can sleep well at night.

Positive reviews about the food, the beach

guests Anapa celebrate delicious 3-course meal.The choice you can take advantage of breakfast only or breakfast and dinner.I like the travelers that when the pension has its own beach.Go to it only 3-4 minutes.It is sandy, so it's nice to walk barefoot.Sun beds and canopies are available for free.You can quench your thirst by buying a soft drink in a stall, which is located right on the beach.Is everyone's favorite camel, with which people are photographed on the coast for a fee.

special delight of the guests boarding call hares, hedgehogs, which sometimes run past the flower beds, right at the pension.It says that the "Odyssey" is located in a favorable location.Price tourists responds positively about the recreation center also arranges.They note that the cost of the permit is quite acceptable, they say that in times of crisis and sanctions, this holiday will be an excellent choice, the more pleasant experience that leaves itself Anapa.

Pension "Odyssey."Guest leisure travelers who do not like it all here

But not all are happy with tourists.That old furniture in the rooms, according to many.Room cleaning is included in the price, but sometimes the staff does not.Some guests recreation say that when they arrived, they handed the commandant of the basin and the cloth that they washed the floor.

this question the pension must be addressed, as some guests, who lived here for a week, they say that during this time the maids never cleaned the room.Shampoos, personal hygiene to some travelers also do not give out.Upon arrival, they were given only one bar of soap and a roll of toilet paper.

Those people who have visited here, certainly advised to take iron, since it is only one floor, and so old that it is possible to spoil a thing, not a pet.

Negative reviews about the beach, children's entertainment

of them you can see that the beach is dirty, mud, washed ashore, no one cleans.There was not enough sunbeds.Therefore, they need to take in the early morning.Who did not do it, forced to pay for the beds.

Some parents who came here with their children, they say that there is no animation.Activities for children are available for the money.This view shows, movies, circus performances.On velomashinah can go too only for a fee.

read the description of the pension, reviews about it, each of you will decide to come here on holiday or not.