"Novorossiysk-Sevastopol" - not a passenger ferry destination

After all occurred during the recent political events have become very popular to use areas such as Krasnodar, Simferopol, Sevastopol, Sochi, Novorossiysk, Sevastopol.The ferry is designed to carry passengers, freely movement from Kerch ferry to the port "Kavkaz" and back.But what about the other routes?

useful innovations

worth to talk about such a direction as the Novorossiysk-Sevastopol.Ferry on the way walked recently.But the communication between the two cities on a regular basis.The fact that the Crimea is now associated with the Krasnodar Territory is not only a common history, culture, traditions, etc., but also a supply of food, cars, furniture, equipment - in short, everything.Because at the end of the past 2014 years, began walking in the direction of water transport Novorossiysk-Sevastopol.Ferry large, modern - provides easy transportation.The representative of the new crossing said that cargo-passenger ship carries ten flights per month (both in one and in the other direction).This ma

y seem a small indicator, but it is worth remembering about the distance - it is rather big.


So cargo ferry "Sevastopol-Novorossiysk" designed almost a hundred trucks!This is a great figure - not every vessel can thus boast.On the way steam is about 18-20 hours - depends on the weather.Vehicle drivers who transport vessel is offered at this time, comfort and nutritious food three times a day.Much more interested in the cost of the ferry "Novorossiysk-Sevastopol".Transportation of a wagon will cost 26,700 rubles.This, incidentally, is quite loyal price.Incidentally, it is worth noting one thing: if the steam is not completely downloaded, then send it may be delayed.

Future plans

As mentioned above, "Novorossiysk-Sevastopol" - steam, which is not just a vehicle, a way to provide more of the peninsula all that is necessary to its residents for a full life.For this reason, it is planned to launch several more such vessels.They need to be more spacious.If the ferry "St. Petersburg", which flies at the moment, accommodates 95 trucks, the figure of other, larger vessels must be equal to 140 waggons.Each of the ferries will have to make two-in a week.Total it will not be 10 and 40 flights a month!Thus, each of the ferries can carry the load both from the Crimea to the mainland and back.And at the moment - is the main task.

However, many people are interested in, whether to go in the direction of Novorossiysk-Sevastopol ferry, the purpose of which - passenger transport.At the moment, this idea is also under development.So far you can get in Novorossiysk through the Kerch ferry - ferry goes only half an hour, so you need only to buy a ticket in the direction of Sevastopol, Novorossiysk, and you can hit the road.Go bus (including time on the ferry) is about 8 hours - not so long, by the way, as the cargo ship, which was discussed above.