"Tavatuy" - recreation center on the lake

Recreation Railways "Tavatuy" - an excellent option for those who want to spend a few days holiday, a weekend or holiday in a beautiful place with full board and pay for one night only 750 rubles (the price as of April 2015).


Recreation "Tavatuy" (Ekaterinburg) is located on the shores of picturesque Lake Tavatuy.This is one of the cleanest bodies of water located in the Sverdlovsk region.If you purchase a ticket to the specified location, you can see the scenic spots with their own eyes, and relax on the two sandy beaches that belong to the database.It's nice on a warm summer day, take a dip in the clear waters, sunbathe.

«Tavatuy" - recreation center, which is located at the address: Sverdlovsk region, Tavatuy village, 49 km of Serov tract.

administration to ask questions, get interesting information, to book a place you can call on these phones: 8 (343) 358-48-68 or 8 (343) 358-34-43.

How to get here

If you are traveling by public transport, you first get to the North Bus Statio

n.Twice a day a bus from here to the village Tavatuy №147.Coming from this settlement, you can easily get to the base on foot.

If you decide to reach this place by car, then you need to go on the highway Ekaterinburg-Serov towards Nizhny Tagil.When you're on the 40th kilometer of the road, you will see a pointer that tells the direction to the village Tavatuy.In this side it is and recreation center "Sunny Beach"."Tavatuy" (base and the lake of the same name) are located on the left side.Therefore, turn left, then continue straight and you will see the pointer directly recreation Railways.


Entering the gate of the base, you will see a large landscaped area and a lot of neat one- and three-storey houses and buildings.The variety of living conditions allows everyone to choose a room based on their tastes and financial capabilities.

If you come here during the warmer months and want to save, you can choose a summer house.The pair, a family of two people to be comfortable in the Twin room.If you live longer, a good option would be to book the house, consisting of three rooms.It can accommodate 6 people.More large companies, from eight travelers will be comfortable in a 4-bedroom house.

If you want to live in conditions of increased comfort while in town Tavatuy, recreation center will provide you with the opportunity.In this case, we recommend to book a place in one of the comfortable houses.They recently renovated, arranging new furniture, has bathroom, TV.Here you can live in the winter, because there is central heating.The choice - four-, three- and two-room suites, which are respectively designed for 6, 4 or 2 people.

warm and comfortable in cold weather will be in the hotel building.There are single and double rooms, which can accommodate two or four people.If two people want to relax in a 2-room apartment, then they have to book it in advance, as it is in the hotel complex is only one.Each room of this building there is a bathroom with shower, air conditioning.

These are the living conditions of offers "Tavatuy" - recreation center on the banks of the picturesque lake.


Without this item, the description would be incomplete, since the guests are not only good living conditions, but also leisure.Here it can be multidimensional.

For fans of barbecue on the nature of the administration provides barbecues.It is very convenient that they are near each house.You can sit, not only here but also in the covered gazebo.

Recreation near the water will also be a memorable one.That he left a good impression, the staff provide base rent boats, catamarans, motor boats.You can take a ride on the "banana", Jet.Fans of "quiet hunting" love to sit by the lake with spinning.

For fans of beach sports here are equipped with volleyball and football grounds.Nearby is a horse-racing complex, so the leisure riding is available.

the evenings disco.Available in base and karaoke.

children here, too, will not be bored.To their services - a complex game with ladders and slides.

If you come to rest in the winter, you can go skiing in the nearby ski resort "Stozhok."

Unforgettable mark an important event

If you come here a big company, to celebrate a wedding or anniversary, and you had to taste resort town Tavatuy, recreation center will provide everything you need to achieve its goals.

Festival can be organized in the dining room.Staff will help to decorate it according to the event celebrated.It offers - and the hall cafe where you can also hold an event memorable.It will house up to 60 people, and in the dining room - up to 80.

cost of accommodation and food

At the end of April 2015 the prices are quite reasonable.For example, a ticket for 2 people for stays in the summer house will cost each of them 735 rubles, and this price already includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.

If you book well-maintained house, then a voucher for one person will cost 1120 rubles.Accommodation in the hotel complex will cost a bit more expensive: one lodger will have to pay 1600 rubles.

If you want to spend time on the beach base without buying tickets, then you have to pay 180 rubles per day.

That's what it is - recreation at Lake Tavatuy.After reading the information provided, it will be easier to make a choice in favor of a few days off in the picturesque village of Sverdlovsk region.