Deciphering food category in the hotels and resorts of the world

choosing a tourist or sanatorium visits, we often pay attention to the type of food at a school, where will spend their vacation.It is natural.After all, everyone wants to know what is part of the service on holiday, for a food count, whether it is necessary to carry additional amount of money to spend for food outside the hotel.Categories Dining different that requires some attention.

type of food - it is an important criterion when choosing a hotel.Each camper chooses a certain type of food, the presence of some form of comfort on holiday.

Choice concept

order not to make the wrong choice, it is necessary to know how to decipher food categories in hotels that have a unique encoding and brief notation.But before you choose the appropriate power supply system, it is necessary to weigh the pros and cons, consider some of the highlights and features of rest.

  1. Identify all major plans for vacation: hanging out, sightseeing tours, eating habits.
  2. necessary to establish for themselves whether to unli
    mited use of alcohol.
  3. access a variety of hotel reviews, where the planned vacation.
  4. If a family vacation will be, it is necessary to determine the type of food for everyone.Typically, a family vacation dictates the choice of the system "all inclusive", as each family member their own principles.


worth noting resting place.If holiday Buda held in a exotic country, with special rules of cooking, in this case, better to choose "half board" or "continental breakfast."Since the "buffet" on the program "all inclusive" can spoil the rest disruption of the digestive tract.


Keep in mind that any service is included in the holiday.For all paying tourists themselves.This should be remembered when selecting a category Dining.Sometimes the savings in power can provide more opportunities for the cultural program, or stay in a comfortable environment.

Choosing a tour to relax, not everyone knows decipher the abbreviations used in the designation of the type of food.This type of food, rather than its range.Categories Dining - This mode of operation of catering at the hotel.Menu determines the category of hotel.The higher the "stardom", the wider the range of dishes offered by holidaymakers.

Abbreviation supply system and its interpretation

There are various categories of supply in hotels.Explanation of the abbreviations represents the following:

1. RO - Room Only.It involves living without free meals, literally translated as the "room only".

2. JSC - Accommodation Only.In this case, power is available for an extra charge, there may be a mini-kitchen in the room.

3. BO - ┬źwithout food."This type involves amenities at the hotel on a "sleep and rest" without any frills.

4. BB - Bed and Breakfast.Only breakfast.Categories Dining Turkey suggest "buffet" in the main restaurant for breakfast.The rest of the food is carried out at the hotel for an additional fee.All drinks are paid.There are additional classifications of the type of food:

  • BP - Bermuda Plan.Breakfast includes a variety of tight food resembling dinner.
  • CP - Continental Plan or CB - Continental Breakfast.Breakfast is pretty light, consisting of tea or coffee, scones with jam and butter.
  • AB - American Breakfast or American Bullet.An analogue of a continental breakfast with the addition of various sausages and cold cuts, cheese and egg dishes.
  • EB - English Breakfast.English breakfast, as part of which has a butter, jam, tea, milk, fruit juice, scrambled or fried eggs with ham or bacon, toast and coffee.

5. BB + - Bed and Breakfast +.Power is provided by the extended scheme, with the possibility of free non-alcoholic drinks during breakfast.Sometimes, at the discretion of the hotel there is a freely available drinking water, drinks from the machines.

6. HB - Half Board.In such a scheme of service Guests are offered food and drink at breakfast and dinner.This dinner at the hotel's restaurants is available upon request at an additional cost.

7. HB + - Half Board +.This type of supply includes additions, while in addition to breakfast and dinner provided free local drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.Depending on the type of the hotel drinks are free all day.

8. DNR - Dinner.This is a rare category of food that is served free dinner only.It can be on the menu or in the form of a "smorgasbord".With or without a drink.

9. BD - Brunch Dinner.This type of breakfast food gradually turns into dinner without a break, and then sometimes dinner.The restaurant operates all day.Drinks during meals are free.Because alcoholic beverages there is only beer or local wine.

10. FB - Full Board.Power free, three times a day, does not include drinks.Perhaps the provision of food "menu" or "buffet".

11. FB + - Full Board + or EXTFB - Extended Full Board.This type of food when breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in the form of a "smorgasbord".During the meal drink alcoholic drinks and free.Depending on the concept of the hotel may be additional meals.

12. All (AI) - All Inclusive.The famous "all inclusive".This is not only a full pension with an unlimited variety of beverages, with additional meals: lunch, afternoon tea, a barbecue, snacks on the beach, night dinner.Moreover, all local drinks are free of manufacturing, no restrictions in terms of supply, nor in the number of drunk.In addition, the hotel concept with the acronym All offers guests a variety of services, entertainment, sports facilities.

13. UAL - Ultra All Inclusive.Enhanced service in the style of "All Inclusive".If the tour is specified, this type of food and service, it means that the hotel except for local drinks imported drinks are served free of charge.At UAL juices, chocolate, ice-cream are included in the free service.There are several varieties of "ultra all-inclusive┬╗:

  • HCAL - Imperial High Class All Inclusive.This variety implies full free service, in addition to shops, doctor, hairdresser and diving.
  • CP - Club Pharaoh.A distinctive feature of the normal UAL are some services: free massage, champagne and fruit in the room, constant updating of beverages in the refrigerator.
  • UAL I Wish.Supplement to the unlimited possibilities of free food and service is the ability to import unlimited use of the exclusive drinks, use of jacuzzi, sauna, Turkish bath.

These different categories of food in the hotel.It is said that most of the resorts for holidays in Turkey have long passed on the concept of "all inclusive" and "ultra all-inclusive."Other categories of food in hotels of the country are extremely rare.