Cableway (Krasnaya Polyana): an overview

Krasnaya Polyana - a pearl of the Black Sea snowy Caucasus.Popularity him can not compare to any of the ski resorts in Russia.Tourists from all over the world come here to ski, because nowhere is there such natural splendor: clear lakes with cold water, mountains, always covered with snow, gray ancient glaciers, lush forests, here never stops fast running mountain rivers.


This unique mountain-sea climate conducive to skiing on snowy slopes on skis or snowboards.The valley is surrounded by stunning views of mountain peaks and ridges: Main Caucasian Ridge, Achishkho, Aibga (she has 5 vertices), the height of 3 thousand meters.Admire the beauty of the alpine landscape offers tourists a year-round resort town of Sochi, Krasnaya Polyana.Cableway - a pledge of prosperity of any resort, because it brings tourists to the slopes.

On the northern slope Aibga village of Esto-Sadok is the main complex of the ski lifts, it leads to a well-equipped and well-groomed ski slopes of all levels of difficu

lty and length.Driving cableways Krasnaya Polyana is shown in the photo above.

Tourists hospitably received specialized complexes: "Alpika-Service", "Rosa Khutor", "Mountain Carousel", "Laura" (Gazprom).

Each cable car (Krasnaya Polyana) - a complex with its own characteristics and infrastructure pricing.

"Rosa Khutor"

This complex is the most popular, and for good reason.Convenient location, natural landscape slopes found in nature, as well as freestyle center, snowboard park.The special microclimate allows you to extend the skiing until May.Opening of "Rose Farm" was held in 2010.It is a modern and high-technology, meets the latest standards of skiing lift.Krasnaya Polyana in this zone has a developed infrastructure.There are opening their doors, several international hotels of the European level of service.There are covered parking and parking, restaurants and cafes, shops, points to the rental of ski equipment, children's club.


This complex - an old-timer, he built the very first and is located just below the "Rosa Khutor" on the river Mzymta, but on the same slope.Cableway (Krasnaya Polyana) "Alpika-Service" is above all the lifts in Russia: its range of height is 1698 meters.On the heights (2238 m) is equipped with a playground, which offers wonderful views of the Caucasus Mountain range coverage is about 100 kilometers.


mountain tourist center "Gazprom" in the people affectionately called "Laura" - the name of a small river flowing nearby.It's not just skiing organization, here are two of the best upscale hotels, a network of cafes and restaurants, a spa and a cinema, extensive infrastructure and ample space for parking.The cable cars of the organization not only earned fame as the most advanced vehicles, but also serve as a fascinating attraction that allows a bird's eye admire the vistas mountainous ridges.Today, service ski runs 14 cable cars, the total length of over 20 kilometers.They differ by type: ski lifts, chairlifts open, closed gondola.

"3S" - innovative ropeway (Krasnaya Polyana)

novelty of the complex is the road "3S" - it's the world's longest highway moves at three ropes.In each of the 50 cabins together 30 people.Taken into account the most dangerous conditions of the structure, there are no analogues in Europe.Climb and descend from the ridge tourist center Psekhako during excursions.Lower station "Alpika-Service" - 550 m, the top - "Shelter №2" - 1646 meters.This resort is especially recommended for beginners to athletes because suitable and comfortable environment.But even advanced athletes wish to ride on black slopes, if there is enough snow.

"Mountain Carousel"

This complex is located at the northern slope of the mountain Aibga, embodies the modern ski runs and cable cars chairlifts and the gondola type.

For 10 years, this complex receives tourists from all over the globe in winter and summer.In 2014, during the Winter Olympics "Mountain Carousel" was the only place alpine skiing, open to all who wish to resort Krasnaya Polyana.Cableway in the summer, too attractive for tourists, because the height of bird flight offers a wonderful view of the Caucasus ridge there, high in the sky, you can enjoy clean and fresh air of the mountains.

The complex is equipped with three landing "steps" at a certain height from each other.There are situated the tourist area where you can dine in the pleasant cafes and restaurants, look at the types of opening with viewing seats and the rest needed for an unforgettable vacation.

Krasnaya Polyana, the cable car: reviews

outdoor enthusiasts visited the Krasnaya Polyana ski resort, say the cable car itself is impressive, and here and open gaze beautiful views of the mountains.They look awesome, but scary to be so high off the ground and suspended over the abyss, though the cabin and closed, but breathtaking.A flight may take more than twenty minutes, although the speed of the lift considerable.Crowd professional skiers and tourists a lot.Cableway - is one of the strongest impressions received during a vacation in Sochi.On safety is not necessary to think, all the equipment is new and modern.