Manor Gali, Cherepovets.

In the industrial city of Cherepovets, Vologda region has a unique historical and cultural monument of 19th century architecture.It is organized in the former estate of nobles Gali, which is called the "Hill", is located in a quiet and romantic location on the banks of the river Sheksna.

Manor Gali (Cherepovets) was one of the most prosperous county in Cherepovets.Nowadays it is the only estates in the area where all the buildings completely survived: noble residence, the house manager, gardener, human huts, barns, stables, harness shop.


Manor Gali (Cherepovets), a photo which you can see below, is a complex, folded in the shape of a provincial classicism.Before us is a traditional "trapeze", where clearly defined zones: the south is the economic part, from the north - a residential manor house.Special architectural value owned by aristocratic house built of wood (larch), it is a monument of federal importance, different harmony of proportions.

raised high in the center of the cap e

qual to the first floor, is located six-columned portico of the Roman Doric order.Rear facade of the middle part of a three-part window projection in the facade and large windows in the center of the facade, they are separated by two vertical webs.Advanced risalits southern facade looks more chamber.Galleries with balcony-terrace located at the top, they made a rare admission of the colonnade.

Inside the house - enfilade design, panel doors, tile stoves, open-plan staircase that leads to the second floor, decorated with chiselled balusters.

The house was surrounded by a large park.

Manor Gali (Cherepovets): History

first owner of the estate was a member of the Patriotic War of 1812, Andrei Ivanovich Curly.But almost a century manor ruled Gali, as he married his daughter to Leo Nikolayevich Gali.The last owner - Nicholas L. Gal shot to fame in local affairs and good economic manager, was twice elected as the leader of the county nobility.

In the early 20th century, when the Bolsheviks came to power, the estate was nationalized.In 1918, the estate of Gali (Cherepovets) has been recognized as a unique cultural monument, but also from the devastation it is not saved.Within its walls at different times housed agricultural college dormitory, the board of the farm.


interesting fact is that Gali were relatives of the famous brothers Vereshchagin, even their house was not far from the house.Nikolai Vereshchagin came up with the recipe, which is made of Vologda butter, and his brother Basil was a renowned painter of battle-pieces.

Different fate of Gali, many life ended tragically.Nowadays, their descendants live in St. Petersburg, France and the United States.Unfortunately, I lost touch with the French families, but the rest are with attention to the legacy of his family, interested in the development of the estate and provide assistance and support.

Historical and Ethnographic Museum

Manor Gali (Cherepovets) was given in 1989. The museum association.For 20 years, it was restored and now, not so long ago, in 2009, the estate began to take its first visitors.Today the estate - a decoration of Cherepovets.

Wandering around the famous estates curly and Gali, feel free village patriarchal: You can enjoy the cool shade of linden trees, sit on the bank of the river, ride horses or enjoy the splendor of the manor house.

addition, you can attend classes on clay modeling, painting, construction, folk doll, interactive tour in the spacious living room in the evening with great success music and poetry meetings - all this diversity today offers tourists museum-estate Gali (Cherepovets).

Horseback riding - it's not only fun to communicate with animals, but also a special kind of therapy for children with disabilities.The museum organized a section of equestrian sports for children.Adults offer to purchase a subscription for riding.


permanent exhibition on the second floor tells the story of family, everyday way of life and social activity of the owners of the estate since the 19th century.Museum visitors can get acquainted with the family tree of families Gali, Rezanov, Curly, Shitov and see things-scripts belonging to the owners of the name "Hill" and "Kurkino".

Another exhibition presents the work offers the traditional folk art of the Vologda region.Visitors have the opportunity to get acquainted with the ethnographic objects 19th - early 20th century.All utensils different beauty and quality factor, whether it's chests, boxes, or spinning wheel arch.Household objects, many admire the northern masters, they are made with virtuosity, impeccable sense of color, scale, expressive, filled with love and imagination.

Things museum

original items belonging to Gali, here are a few.When you come into a cozy nursery, involuntarily pay attention to the horse with the crew - it was a favorite toy lion Gali, son of the last owner of the estate.A lovely ladies jewelry, located in the bedroom and boudoir, you can admire the infinite.

The windows hang curtains, elegant, made of Karelian birch chairs represented in the hall, antique mirror, cupboard mahogany and much more - all recreated in the style of the era, and many brought from the museum.But citizens are contributing, so the manor Gali (Cherepovets) gradually filled with exhibits.For example, a local ex-governor E. Pozgalev, who is not averse to hunt, gave stuffed animals his own shot.Recently was awarded a gift from a relative, he gave the house a coat with shoulder former owner of the estate.So going to the exposure of grains, which now boasts a museum-estate Gali (Cherepovets).

How to get there?

The museum is located in the city of Cherepovets in the street Maturinskoy, 28. You can take bus number 31, 27, 7, 18, 39 to stop "October Bridge," if you are coming by bus â„–17, then you need to get off at "Schoolâ„–8 ".