Climate Krasnodar: description and characteristics.

Russian Federation share many cities and towns.They are all very different.The climate has features of individual regions.In this article, we will focus on the southern region.You will learn what the climate of Krasnodar, as well as get acquainted with its features.It is also worth mentioning separately how familiar weather conditions can affect people's lives and their health.The climate in Krasnodar months will also be marked in detail.

Krasnodar region

This region is part of the south and west of the North Caucasus.Part of the region is located on the plain area, the other belongs to the mountainous terrain.Krasnodar region has many settlements, the region's capital is the city of Krasnodar.

Climate Krasnodar

The region has a predominantly temperate continental climate.The city is located at the junction of the highlands and lowland areas.That is why it is often unstable weather.In the southern part of the city at times manifested a subtropical climate, especially noticeable in the summer

and late autumn.

if considered separately each month, it can be said that winter in this region and a brief warm.However, due to frequent wind climate in Krasnodar considered moderately continental.Summers are long and hot.In the offseason, often abundant precipitation falls and wind blows.What is the climate in Krasnodar by month?


first month of the year in this region is cold.Often rains and snow.The temperature is kept at 0 to minus 20 degrees.But more can be seen on the thermometer value of minus 3-5 degrees.


This month continues to run amok winter.However, there are days when the spring is trying to get ahead.The average temperature from plus 5 to minus 3 degrees.There are also abnormal lowering when the thermometer shows minus 25.


this month mostly rains.This is due to the frequent change of the winds and cyclones.However, the air temperature has rarely drops below 0. In recent times the climate of Krasnodar surprises people snowfalls this month.


radically different from the previous month.In April, already in full sway spring.Trees and flowers bloom and the sun shines as if summer came.Because of these sudden changes climate Krasnodar health can be quite heavy.


This month the temperature is kept at 15-25 degrees.Those who live in this region people are already beginning to languish in the heat and lack of breeze, and after the summer has not even started.

June, July, August, September

Those four months can be combined, as the air temperature and weather conditions are mainly stored on the same level.At this time, the temperature level in the range of 25 to 45 degrees.The sun beats down mercilessly, and dries the earth.People dream about the rain and escape from the heat on the beaches of the Black Sea coast.


This month, as March is a transition.Sometimes, at this time, you can still catch the sun's scorching rays, and the next day to face a strong decrease in temperature.In October, there is often wind blowing the summer and heralds the beginning of winter.


this month you can already see the first snow.However, he did not stay long, as the air temperature is still mostly above zero.Blowing cold wind, and often breaks down rain.

December compared to November, this month could be called more calm.In December, set moderately cold weather.The temperature is kept within the range of plus 5 to minus 3 degrees.Nature is preparing for the change of seasons.

Impact of climate change on health

This region is suitable for people who suffer from respiratory diseases.If you constantly have a cold, sore throat and stuffy nose, the air of the Krasnodar Territory will be perfect for you.

But staying here is to give those people who react strongly to changes in the weather.Hypertensive patients will also be difficult to reside in this region.

climate for labor

If you are going to grow crops, the Krasnodar will be a great option.Thanks to frequent rains, there is rarely a drought.However, over-flooded areas could be detrimental to the crop.

Krasnodar perfectly grow berries (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, gooseberries and others), as the region is favorable for vegetables (potatoes, cucumbers and so on).Citrus is more prone to a tropical climate, so they grow closer to the Black Sea coast.

Conclusion Now you know what the climate in Krasnodar and how it affects the life and health of humans.If you consider the region as a place for permanent housing, you should first get acquainted with the peculiarities of weather conditions.