"Dinosaur City" (ENEA): reviews, hours of operation, directions, photos

VVC revived lately pleases Muscovites and visitors a variety of surprises.For example, for several months there acts an interactive exhibition "Dinosaur City" (ENEA), the reviews of which for the most part positive.Moscow - is not the first European capital where unfolded enormous exposure of this unusual project and wherever the viewers might have to meet him, he admitted very informative and interesting.If you have not yet decided whether to make an interactive journey into the era of dinosaurs and flying reptiles, familiarize yourself with the information provided below.

about the project and its creator

In 2003, the famous producer of Argentine Ezequiel Pena had the idea to create an unusual paleontological museum.Perhaps the source of inspiration for him to become famous films of Spielberg's Jurassic Park.Whatever it was, Pena got down to business, and attracted to work on his brainchild known paleontologists who were to help create the most realistic copies of prehistoric animals.As a result

, in 2008, there have been several dozen moving realistic models of dinosaurs, which give an idea about the creatures that inhabited the earth millions of years ago.

first for several years exhibition was shown in Buenos Aires and other cities in Argentina, where he enjoyed great popularity.Over time, the existence of such an interesting project became known abroad, and was invited to demonstrate in different countries.Finally, in the winter of last year the exposition was in Russia, it saw the Muscovites and visitors.

Pavilion 57

As already mentioned, the place is located in Moscow, "Dinosaur City" - Exhibition Center, Pavilion 57. This choice is quite natural, as the exhibition covers an area of ​​5,000 square meters.m exhibits some pretty massive and "high growth", so it was necessary to find a sufficiently spacious building, which is easily accessible to visitors.

Description "Dinosaur City"

exhibition is organized on the principle of the labyrinth in which you need to make a lot of effort and ingenuity in order not to get lost.On the territory of 5000 square meters.m recreates the atmosphere of Jurassic jungle with cicadas, an imitation of the sky and various natural phenomena (thunder, lightning, wind).Once in the tangled maze, the young researchers of the past of our planet can immerse themselves in this "lost world" and feel like a journey through time.Next to each lizard-exhibit is a sign, which shows detailed information about when and where the animal lived, what to eat, what was the duration of his life, how many eggs were in one clutch, and other interesting data.So that children and adults will learn a lot, and sometimes unexpected about the prehistoric inhabitants of the planet.

Prices and timetable of the exhibition

The first thing to figure out, decided to visit the "City of the Dinosaurs" (ENEA), - working hours.So, visit the exhibition on weekdays can be from noon to 22:00 and on weekends and public holidays its doors open to visitors from 11:00 to 22:00.As for prices, then every weekday discounted tickets cost 350 rubles for adults and ordinary weekdays 550 rubles, and for children - 450 rubles.If you decide to go to the "Dinosaur City" (ENEA) on holidays or weekends, then for visiting schoolchildren and younger children will have to pay 550 rubles, and for adults - 750 rubles.


"City of dinosaurs" (ENEA) - is a scientific and educational project, so it organized a variety of workshops and classes, which are conducted by scientists with the aim to engender in children an interest in the natural sciences.For example, your child can "print" a dinosaur skeleton on a special 3-D printer, to learn to paint pottery and weaving bracelets, as well as participate in outdoor games with their parents.And he offered to lay down their paleontological puzzle, take part in the excavations in a giant sandbox and make the journey "walking history."During a lecture, followed by a slide show, he finds a lot of interesting facts about the past of our planet and the forms of life that existed on Earth long before the appearance of primates and Homo sapiens.

located on the territory of the pavilion and a small cinema where demonstrate the scientific and educational film about prehistoric reptiles and huge feathered creatures, which are the ancestors of modern birds.In addition, visiting the "City of the Dinosaurs" (ENEA, how to get here - will be described later), you can buy in a kiosk dedicated to their children's t-shirts and hoodies with the symbols of the exhibition.There's also sold board games and toys on relevant topics as dinosaurs.

What lizards can be seen

The exhibition presents the fossil reptiles, more than three dozen species.This tiny, compared to the rest, green pachycephalosauria and Iguanodon, who lived in Europe, and it is pretty Edmontosaurus.In addition, the "jungle" of the exhibition "live" stirakozavr with a large parrot beak, large ornithomimus with a tiny head, a horrible feathered Microraptor, todzyangozavr, who once lived on the territory of modern China, and many other herbivorous and carnivorous creatures.Thus, it can be argued that the "Dinosaur City" are almost all kinds of prehistoric reptiles known to man.However, their appearance - it's not a figment of someone's imagination, but the result of serious research scientists realized by computer simulation based on the skeletons found by archaeologists.

"Dinosaur City" (Exhibition Center, Pavilion 57): Driving directions

Immediately I must say that the place where the exhibition is located, is quite far from the main entrance to the Exhibition Center.If you decide to get to it on foot through the territory ENEA, you must first get to the pavilion "Ukraine" - beautiful facilities with a spire topped with a star, and around it to the right.Then on your right will be a long, low rise building of glass and concrete - Pavilion 57.

The "Dinosaur City" (ENEA), a photo of which give only a remote idea that there can be seen, can be reached by special buses.They ply the entire territory of the Exhibition Centre and depart from the bus stop located at the main entrance.

"Dinosaur City" (ENEA): reviews

During his stay in Moscow, the exhibition was visited by thousands of tourists and residents of the capital, including schoolchildren.Judging from the reviews, "Dinosaur City" (Exhibition Center, Pavilion 57), the circuit of which is shown above, the majority of them seemed very interesting.Very often you can hear the enthusiastic statements from children, as the youngest visitors perceive a walk in the pavilion 57 as a trip to the zoo, where instead of the usual zebras, elephants, giraffes and monkeys can be seen moving and snarling snake Gorynycha or fairy dragon.

Further plans

"Dinosaur City" (ENEA, how to get there, you already know) will not always be in Hall 57. The fact that the site is very popular, there is no exposure does not stay long.To the delight of all those who are afraid not to have time to visit the "City of the Dinosaurs" (ENEA), the reviews of which cause a desire to take their children there, the exhibition will be located in the capital of more than one month, more precisely, until the middle of January 2016.Just from late spring it can be visited in the Central Children's Store, which is located on Lubyanka.The exhibition will be called "The show dinosaurs" and will be located on the 5th floor of the building located at: Theatre Way, 5 (m. "Kuznetsky Most" / "Lubyanka").The exhibition will be daily from 10:00 to 22:00, and tickets will be available on the website of the project "The show dinosaurs".In addition, they will be sold directly at the shopping center.

sure to visit the "City of the Dinosaurs" (ENEA).Reviews indicate that there you will find many interesting things, and you will be able to relax in the "Dino-cafe".In addition, the children will participate in competitions and games organized by the animators, and a visit to this Indian wigwams.As for adults, they can make interesting photos on a specially designated site, where you can climb on the dinosaur, or climb into a giant egg.You can also use the services of professional photographers, staged a photo session against the background of the exhibits.