Welcome to the dolphin.

know what the natural dolphin?Utrish - Russia's only village where the dolphinarium is situated in a natural environment for marine life.

few words from the history

behavior of dolphins began to study for a long time.Today, it is well established that the intelligence of these marine animals almost no way inferior to the human.Dolphins are able to communicate with each other, they help treat sick children, like to play with people.During the war, the inhabitants of the deep sea have tried to use as suicide.

How dolphinariums exist in the world, no one really knows.Today, these institutions - is not uncommon for our country.But here's the problem: all of them are in the cities where it is difficult for the dolphin to create suitable conditions.To study the behavior of animals in an environment close to the natural, in 1992 in the Black Sea was opened the first and only country in the natural dolphin.It became the place of the dislocation of Anapa.Utrish (dolphin is there, 18 km from the city) - a

unique village.Here begins the Caucasian ridge.There is a nature reserve where you can find unique flora and fauna.Tourists love this breathtakingly beautiful and quiet corner of the coast.

Dolphinarium today

restaurant was created with a purpose.This research facilities where the animals do not just appear.The main objective of dolphin - the study of animal behavior, the popularization of knowledge about them.Live performances - only a small, though very spectacular, part of the activity, which is engaged in the Dolphinarium.Utrish became the abode of unique marine animals by the decision of the RAS.The office of this company is located in Moscow and branches - all cities of Russia.

Today Utrish perform a variety of dolphins: bottlenose dolphins, beluga whales, Pacific humpback irrawaddy and individuals.And yet there is Serena and Patagonian sea lions and even a whale.

All animals act in turn.

During the program the organizers of the show tells about the life of their wards, acquaint visitors with the unique facts.Books, pamphlets, colorful publication, calling to protect nature - this is another part of the activity that is the Dolphinarium.

Utrish today recognized as one of Europe's leading centers for the study of pinnipeds.

What can be seen in Utrish

First, of course, the Dolphinarium.In the Great Utrish ticket prices relatively democratic.Bright, colorful, very joyful presentation lasts about an hour and tickets cost only 500-700 rubles.

During the presentation of maritime actors to play with the ball in the audience, jumped into the ring, show many other tricks ... and even sing.Yes, these unique dolphins can sing.

During the presentation visitors will learn lots of interesting facts about the pinnipeds.

After the compulsory program everyone will be able to swim with dolphins, to get brochures and postcards.They depict the Dolphinarium, Utrish panorama of the Salt Lake, which is located nearby the institution, unique marine species.

and locals and eminent researchers know: Utrish - a place to enjoy clean sea water.Here, without special tools can be considered life benthic animals and plants, which boils at a depth multimeter.After a swim in the clear water, tourists can visit any Cafe: their village in the set, for every taste and wealth.Lovers of unusual guests can visit the nudist beach.

How to get to Utrish

rest in Anapa and Novorossiysk, a must-visit on fishing in the high seas, wander through the wildlife park, visit the Big Utrish, Dolphinarium.

Getting to Utrish?You can do this in several ways.

  1. Buy tour.This can be done in any locality.There are guided tours, designed only to visit the dolphinarium.There are complex trips that introduce travelers with several attractions.On the way from Anapa to Big Utrish tourists can enjoy the stunning mountain and sea views, drive past the observatory, with bated breath admire the panoramic view from a great height.
  2. Take the shuttle bus № 109. The road from Anapa to Utrish in this case will cost 30-40 rubles, and will take about one and a half hours.
  3. taxi.This is perhaps the most convenient, but also the most expensive way to travel.Tourists do not have to jostle the bus, take a taxi to Utrish only half an hour drive away.The cost of the trip - about 600-1000 rubles.

Some owners of private hotels themselves transported visitors to the Dolphinarium.In this case, the fare is negotiated with them.


Dolphinarium only works during the warmer months, from May to October.Sometimes in the winter performances are held on Sundays.Recommended to buy tickets one hour before the performance: wanting to see a lot of dolphins.

Monday in the dolphinarium output.