Where is Karadag?

Karadag - high mountain in the Crimea.The ridge is located on the Black Sea coast in the middle of the valley and Otuz Koktebel valley.The name of the Karadag mountain, whose height is 577 meters, was due to the fact that all the vertices of the eponymous mountain range composed of volcanic fossils dark gray.It is because dark colors Karadag mountain peaks and ridge received Turkic name, which means "Black Mountain".The range covers a small area of ​​20 square meters.km.It is divided into four parts: Magnetic ridge and three mountain ranges Kok Kai, Hoba-Tepe and Karagach.The coastline at the foot of Karadag indented bays, including the tourists are very popular Plunder Bay, Border and pozzolan.The coastline stretches from the biological station of the ridge to the north-east basin of Koktebel.

From the history of the study of the natural zone

original relief ridge first attracted the attention of scientists in the late 19th century, when Academician Prozorovsky found that Karadag is of volcanic o

rigin.In the period from 1885 to 1897 years, Academician Lagorio carefully studied the terrain and made a geological map of Karadag, explore the local volcanic rocks and conducted a thorough chemical analysis of rocks.

systematic scientific study of the area started after the establishment of Soviet power.In the 20s A.Sludsky scientist found that the volcano Karadag last operated during the Middle Jurassic period.Since the 30s of the 20th century geological structure of the mountain range has been studied by scientists Muratov, Lebedinsky, Kirichenko and others.

In 1922 academician APPavlov was first put forward the idea of ​​the protection of Karadag, and establish in its territory of the national park.However, the idea of ​​Pavlov was not a success.Only in 1963, the authorities acknowledged Karadag nature sanctuary.


Climate Karadag

air circulation creates here a peculiar air cocktail of mountain forest and sea air.Atmospheric condition good effect on the human body.Relief in the lungs can be felt after half an hour after arriving at the place.The climate on the territory of the ridge varies: the coastal strip to the temperate continental climate is different from the mainland, where the climate is dry, moderately hot.

winter, Karadag mountain and surrounding area are not encouraging tourists warm and constant weather.In winter, the temperature can range from 15 ° C to -25 ° C.Occasionally it happens is that in January, the roses begin to bloom.Such temperature fluctuations occur due to the fact that the moist air, which is warm, goes under the influence of cold arctic air brought by north-easterly winds.

Karadag mountain spring, photos of which must be done in the spring, covered in different colors: saffron, Crimean cross, dogwood, spring Adonis, bluebell, snowdrop and more.

Summers are hot and dry.By mid-July, it burns all the grass and many trees, causing fires often break out.Daytime temperatures rarely drop below + 38 ° C.

September day is not much different from the hot summer days.However, with the onset of evening business is changing for the better: the temperature drops to a comfortable 19 ° C - +22 ° C.Towards the beginning of November cold.

Karadag Nature

Wildlife Karadag differs even from the diverse nature of Crimea.On the territory of Karadag can find very rare species of plants and animals that no longer exist on the planet.Thus, according to estimates of biologists, about a third are endemic (rare species of plants and animals) are located on the Crimea Karadag.

Scientists have identified three landscape zones at Karadag:

  • 0 - 300 m above sea level - a belt of bushes and oak-grabinnikovo steppes.
  • 300 - 400 m above sea level - a belt of forests and oak woodlands.
  • From 400 meters above sea level to the summit - zone, where there are rocky-oak and hornbeam forests.

also are three microlandscape:

  • complex vulcanite Coast;
  • complex of sedimentary rocks (most of the reserve and the mountain Karadag);
  • Marine microlandscape (all area of ​​the reserve).

nature reserve is considered to be a major center of biodiversity.Total on the Crimean peninsula presents 2400 species of flowering plants, of which about 1170 species grow in Karadag.All fauna of the reserve consists of 2782 species.Many of the plants listed in the Red Book of the world.All species growing in Karadag, are of great scientific value not only for its rarity and antiquity: a large number of species grow here since pre-glacial period.

Research Station name Viazemsky

Karadag Mountain in Crimea has the natural features that attract many researchers from all over the world.So, the most important research institution in the southeastern part of the peninsula of Crimea is Karadag scientific station named TIVyazemsky.The name of the station was named after the scientist Terence Ivanovich Vyazemsky, who in 1914, in wartime, and the deepest crisis in the Russian Empire led a scientific station and successfully led it until 1927.After the discovery of the mountain Karadag scientific station it has become not only an ornament of the Crimea, but also its tourist and scientific center.

Ecotourism in Karadag

Under ecotourism is understood not simply rest on the nature, where people can relax or have fun.Eco-tourism is a serious and responsible action.Ecotourism - rather, a comprehensive program related to the protection of nature, rather than with the rest.More than 12 years in the Karadag nature reserve there are a group of eco-tourism.Academy of Sciences of Ukraine was approved by a special scientific and health program called "ecological path."During the years of the "path" to participate in this program a huge number of people from around the world.The length of the "Paths" is about 14 km (7 km of them - a land plot, another 7 - Passage).The walk through the "ecological path" can go to anyone, both independently and as a group.

Routes "ecological path»

All those wishing to try his hand at ecotourism offers routes:

  • Koktebel Karadag, Koktebel (5 hours).
  • Karadag-Resort-Spa (5 hours).
  • Resort-Karadag-Koktebel (6 hours).
  • Koktebel Karadag-Resort (6 hours).

hiking along the route Koktebel Karadag Beach-Bay Frog.Bay open to tourists every year July 20.

in the resort is the headquarters of the reserve "Karadag", which is popularly referred to as "Biological Station".On the territory of "Biological Station" tourists are invited to see the show with dolphins and sea lions, many aquariums with local aquatic life, the exhibition of rare birds and animals, the Museum of Nature Reserve and many more.

route to Karadag

real natural decoration known to the world, is the Karadag mountain in Crimea.How to reach this wonderful place?The fastest, safest and cheapest way to get to the Nature Reserve will be a trip direct train to Feodosia.From Theodosia towards Karadag buses, taxis and private cabs.They are sent by Theodosius before Koktebel and to reserve.If

from Koktebel to look towards the sea, you can see how the right is the mountain Karadag in Crimea - resort place where all fans will enjoy a rare and beautiful nature.