What to bring to the camp girl and a boy?

onset of summer - always a joyful moment.And not just because it is the sun, the heat and the long-awaited vacation.Yet because the children finally ended another school year.But at the same time comes and the period of concern - sending a child to summer camp.And here it is necessary to know a few simple rules.What to bring to the camp to holiday turned out fun, interesting and memorable?

General recommendations

The first thing to assess the readiness of children of a long stay away from their parents.The optimum age, when it is possible to plan a trip to Camp - 9-10 years, because usually by this time has already passed certain social adaptation in school and kindergarten.And besides, the baby is not so much attached to his parents and is ready to a certain independence.However, here it is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics of children.

For the first experiment is better to choose a camp, located not very far from home.Then there will be the opportunity to see their

children periodically.Or take it if it is too uncomfortable.In subsequent times already, you can send it to a more distant trips, including the sea.

before sending it is necessary to learn about the specifics of the camp, its features, the presence of a medical office, professional educators.To do this, you can read reviews, browse, communicate with parents of children who have rested there.

is no less important to set up your child as needed.Describe him this trip as an incredible adventure to tell, that there will be interesting and fun.Maybe share their own experiences.

What to bring to camp: the basic requirements

  • medical certificate from a pediatrician in the form number 079 / y.It identifies all the major diseases having a child, vaccinations and other important information.
  • Help the absence of infectious diseases.
  • Road to camp.
  • photocopy of the identity document of the child.
  • If a child is taken home more than a day, will require a new certificate of infectious diseases.

addition is to inform the administration about the possible features of a child about allergies to any medications or products to announce whether he knows how to swim, if he could give the exercise, talk about the mental state (if there are problems with peers).This will greatly facilitate the work of educators and counselors.

What you need to take to camp

should be very careful approach to the choice of bags, with which the child go.It should be fairly easy and not too heavy.It is desirable that it was not yet very old-fashioned to avoid potential ridicule of peers.

to have nothing left in the camp, it is best to make a list of things that were packed, and give it to him.Then when packing their child will be back to check the list, and the likelihood that something will be forgotten, is significantly reduced.You can also mark clothing or embroidered initials.

Below is a sample list (what to take to the camp).


What to take to the camp girl and a boy?It would take:

  • Headgear: baseball cap, cap, panama hat, scarf or bandana - all agree to carry a child, but the headgear should be mandatory.
  • Underwear in several copies.The amount depends on whether he washed it, or put into a package to my mother took.
  • Socks (about five pairs).
  • shirts or T-shirts (in the amount of 5 pieces).
  • windbreaker or light jacket (depending on climate).
  • Jacket with long sleeves (preferably several).
  • fitness.
  • Shoes.
  • Raincoat.

now say directly that you need to take the girl to the camp:

  • skirt;
  • dress;
  • jeans or shorts;
  • swimsuit;
  • pair;
  • shoes, slippers and casual shoes;
  • something elegant for discos and for ceremonial events;
  • gum and hair clips;
  • nightgown or pajamas.

When it comes to what to take to camp a girl 12 years old or older, you should be aware that you may need gaskets, including daily.

boy required:

  • jeans or pants;
  • something for ceremonial events;
  • comfortable shoes for every day, flip-flops;
  • bathing trunks;
  • shirt;
  • night pajamas.


What to bring to the camp from hygiene products?List the following:

  • toothpaste and brushes.
  • Soap (better if it is a soap or a vial).
  • shampoo.
  • shower gel or soap and body cleansers.
  • Two towels - for face and body.
  • toilet paper.
  • Wipes.
  • Handkerchiefs.
  • Deodorant (if the child uses).
  • Comb.
  • Something washing - soap or detergent.
  • Sunscreen.
  • repellent.
  • special package or bag for dirty laundry.

boys separately may need a razor and shaving supplies.


more that you can take to the camp?

  • Sewing Supplies.As practice shows, enough of a black and white threads and one or two needles.
  • Stationery.Must be a notebook and pen.But you can take and pencils, and crayons and paint.As often held some creative activities, it is necessary to draw posters, organize games and activities.However, there should be more attentive to learn about the availability of all this in the camp - usually in each detachment has its own set of supplies.However, all this ends quickly, so the presence of, for example, self-adhesive colored paper will give the child a certain authority.
  • medicines.Self-medication, of course, it is better not to do.And all serious drugs, if any, should be given to the camp doctor, painted, as they should be applied.But antiseptics like iodine and green fodder, bandages, cotton wool and the plaster is desirable to carry.

it is not recommended to give to a

  • any technique.Even the mobile phone is not always necessary.Contact with parents is possible and from the office of the camp, but the presence of the phone sometimes becomes a problem.The child may not be able to escape from it, passes all the events of the camp.In addition, mobile phones are very common and easy to get lost, especially during outdoor games on the street.So better leave the phone at home.The same applies to the tablet, laptop or any other expensive equipment.You can take a camera, but it is desirable that it was easy.
  • any expensive jewelry items, perfume and money.The children are not as organized and can easily lose it all.In addition, many are inclined to show off expensive thing, and they can steal it (it does happen).Therefore, nothing is too expensive to bring is not necessary.
  • food, especially perishable.You can give something to eat at the time of the road, but the room is forbidden to store food.Many aspire to, arrived at the weekend, treat your child with something delicious.You can just eat it together, but let's not worth it with.The dining room is usually very hearty and full fed, and that there were no problems with the diet in the camp is available to purchase tickets.

What is forbidden

Before sending the child to rest, you need to carefully check his bags, jackets and pockets on the existence of any "adult" things.Since many (especially older) children perceive the camp as a kind of freedom from custody and try to try different prohibited goods.

  • cigarettes.
  • Sharp objects with a long blade - scissors, knives and any other things of this kind.
  • Firecrackers, fireworks.
  • and alcohol-containing drugs.
  • toxic sprays.

What else you need to take into account

child should be able to:

  • Conduct hygiene procedures.Self-wash, wash, brush your teeth, clean the nose, wash your hands before eating and after using the toilet.
  • To fill his bed after sleep.
  • Watch your belongings - gently fold them before bed, wash, hang wet clothes to dry, clean shoes.
  • know their main melon - name, surname, patronymic, date of birth, home address, telephone number, parents' names.

Children need to know what to bring to camp can be, and that - no.Yet it is worth remembering that sometimes the boys try to empty his bag, throwing out too much, and the girls, on the contrary - to take a lot of unnecessary.Of course, they will charge you need to consider the opinions of the child.But before heading to the camp again just to double-check everything on the list.