Good places for a vacation in the Crimea: Travel Tips

Most people going to go on holiday, are asked to identify the good places for recreation in the Crimea.How can you answer this question?After Crimea - is not only the Black Sea beaches.It Razdolnoe steppes and mountain hikes.This exquisite refinement and simplicity of manners Livadia Kazantipa.Crimea - that Black and the Azov Sea.Recreational Crimea so diverse that everyone can find just the, favorite, unique.

few words about the history of

first people lived on the territory of Crimea more than 100 thousand years ago.Remains Kemeriyskoy culture still found during excavations.

Chersonese, even though he was the slave republic, played a prominent role in the history of civilization.

Crypts second great ancient state, Panticapaeum, and today can be seen in local museums.

In 2014, resigned from the Crimea in Ukraine and returned to Russia, to which he belonged since Soviet times.

Southern coast of Crimea - a unique place.A small area of ​​the peninsula is divided into three areas, which have very

different climates.Beach lovers prefer to South Beach.Its starting point is in the west of Cape Aya, and final, in the east - a mountain range Karadag.All coast between these points and the territory, extending to a depth of 6-8 km, called the Southern Coast of Crimea.It is here that concentrated the best (and most expensive) destinations, known since the days of the USSR.Names of cities, which are located here, known to everyone.This Yalta, Sudak, Alushta, Feodosia and Sevastopol of the areas.The gentle hills of slate here steeply to the sea, the smell of juniper and pine dizzy.Exotic palm trees and cedars of Lebanon are side by side with ancient oaks and birches Russian.Trees and shrubs make the air not only unusually fragrant and clean, but also beneficial to health.And there are growing figs, persimmons, peaches are extremely delicious, red, white and pink grapes.

climate is subtropical Mediterranean type.In winter, temperatures rarely negative, and in the summer (May to October) is usually dry and hot weather.Here are the most beautiful places in the Crimea for families and children.

Mountains and foothills

hikers enjoy in the mountain and foothill part of Crimea.

This small part (X18 only 50 kilometers) instead of three mountain ranges, stretching from the Cape to Cape Aya St. Elias.Many tourists who love mountain hiking, believe that it is - the most good for recreation in the Crimea.Well, they are right.Leisure activities are often constructed so that, breaking the chain of mountain plateaus and conquered several peaks, hikers descend to the sea.The mountains here are not the same height.And everyone, even the untrained tourist can find your route.

outer ridge gradually rises to 350 meters.One side of it is flat, easy to lift, the other - precipitous.

Internal circuit slightly higher, its upper point is at an altitude of 750 meters.This - the most beautiful places in the Crimea.For leisure travelers, and better than you can imagine!Stunning views, exciting panorama, unique nature will not leave anyone indifferent man.

The highest point is located in the main ridge.The top Romash Kosh is located at an altitude of 1545 meters.

climate similar to the Mediterranean but a bit cooler.The winter in the mountainous region usually begins in October and ends in March.In the cold season precipitation is greater than in summer.The tops are covered with snow.This spectacle, despite the cold, attracts many.Even in winter these beautiful places for rest Crimea (photos presented to your attention) are available to tourists, not afraid of difficulties of winter transitions.

steppe Crimea

on the border of the Black Sea Lowland on the north side of the peninsula is steppe zone with a continental climate.Soft short winter long, scorching hot summer - these are the distinctive features of this part of the peninsula.

good place to vacation in the Crimea can be found here.Perhaps the best of them - Bakal Spit.This place attracts tourists with tents, fans spend the summer in the camping or relax in the private sector.There is a steppe Crimea and hotels, but they are far from glamorous luxury villas Southern coast.These places of rest in Crimea prefer to students, young couples have not earned money for a luxury vacation.Activities are designed for active people.This excursion to the islands Swan, China and others, fishing, visiting the rice plantations.People in this part of the peninsula is much less than on the South Coast, and the rest is cheaper.

lovers spend the summer in a free, non secular conventions situation like steppe Crimea.The best places for recreation, they believe, are located here.

Azov Sea coast

talking about the Crimea, many people forget that you can not rest only on the Black Sea, but also on the Sea of ​​Azov.Clear water in small coves warms up very quickly.Bathe often possible even in the beginning of May.Good places for a vacation in the Crimea - is the Kerch and Kazantip reserve.Kerch beaches are more suitable for the "civilized" rest.The city infrastructure is well developed, there are many historical sites.Mithridates, the crypt of Demeter, the ancient chapel, mud volcanoes - all Kerch.The most popular destinations in the Crimea youth - Kazantip reserve and the villages located around it.The unique nature, mild climate of the Azov Sea, swimming in secluded coves attract students starting Bard, parents with children.

until 2013 held the famous Kazantip Festival, which attracts musicians of the world.Today, it is not carried out, but it is "in transit."

Crimea: the best places for families with children

children in Crimea well everywhere.The mild climate, low rainfall, warm sea are beneficial to health.Many attractions make holidays varied.And it's very exciting!What can be called a popular vacation spot?

with children in the Crimea does not climb the mountains, and tours to the historic monuments of kids do not particularly interesting.But the sea - the most it!For small children it is very well suited Azov coast.Iodized air here is much more than the part of the Black Sea.Coast greatly removed from industrial centers, so the air is clean and good for breathing.And rebyatnya will enjoy swimming in the mud sources (well, even when the parents allow dirty on the ears, and even encourage this be?), Water parks and beach fun (skiing on "bananas and so on. N.).

Lovers of luxury and well-maintained rest is better to choose South Coast.Here you can buy any tour and visit the most beautiful places in the Crimea.For families with kids, you can choose the private sector or to buy a ticket to one of the many guest houses.Alushta, Saki, Yevpatoria, other famous places will be interesting not only for adults but also for children.Today, many resorts are doing a great discount on a children's holiday, and placed some kids under 5 free.

Children rest: with parents without

Not every parent can leave a child in the summer by the sea, but still dream of their child improve.What to do?The most beautiful places in the Crimea to rest, children can visit on your own.On the peninsula are dozens of summer camps and recreation centers.

  • Universal vacation.Most educators and animators will entertain teenagers to teach them to swim, take out on tour.One of such places - "Ai Camp" (I & amp; Camp) in the West Bank near the village of Sandy.Designer furnishings, 4-bed rooms, its own restaurant and the pool is very like most teenagers.
  • Sports."Radiant", "carnation", other camps are equipped with a good sports equipment and work here experienced sports instructors.
  • Archaeological.Artesian archaeological expedition offers children who are fond of history and take part in the excavations in the eastern Crimea.
  • travel.After tens of kilometers on the mountain plateau, having been on top and plenty nakupavshis teens themselves will be able to determine what is the best place for a holiday in the Crimea.

Reviews children are usually the first place to put the wrong camp, where it is very nice, and those where it is very interesting.

to strengthen health weak and sick children better than parents choosing Saki (Crimea).Recreational, reviews of which are usually positive, to say the least, there are around the city.Clean air, recognized throughout the Russian medical Saki mud, modern treatments in spas put on the feet of children with disorders of the musculoskeletal system, frequent infections, tuberculosis, bedwetting.It is well asthmatics breathe.

flat bottom near Yevpatoria, a lot of sunny days and good infrastructure - the best advice for relaxing with very small children.Restaurants, playgrounds and beaches are "incarcerated" under the little holiday guests.A healthy climate, spa treatments, which can be visited in any sanatorium, improve the health of babies.

Rest for aristocrats

Very often, speaking of luxury holiday, many recall the Crimea.The best places for recreation of the former party elite are now becoming affordable for most.Prices, of course, not the lowest, but they can be readily available.What places are most suitable for high-end vacation?


former resort for the Russian aristocracy and today sets the tone for the entire peninsula of Crimea.Recreational (Photos present) is characterized by dynamic, elegant but fun atmosphere, a touch of aristocracy."1001 Nights», Respect Hall, «Crimean breeze" dozens of other luxury hotels will please the most spoiled customers.

research in this part of the Crimea are not only a health resort, but also private ownership.Here you can rent a villa or a large luxury home.


beauty for everyone.Some people prefer to enjoy the wildlife, the other eye pleasing manicured parks.Livadia - a place that warms the soul and those and others.In a small area is a luxury Livadia Palace with manicured parks, unique waterfalls, dozens of museums and historical parks.Recreational children in Crimea around Yalta (Livadia and is in close proximity to it), it is best to book in advance.However, aristocratic villas, designed for hanging only adults, too, are full all year round.

Alushta, Foros, Theodosius


Luxury villas facing away from each other in a secluded corner, will appeal to those who are tired of the hustle and bustle of big cities.The natural silence of the universe, peace, quiet streets attract intellectuals.Lots of places for active play like children.Modern night clubs attract young people.Each camper will find a desired niche without experiencing difficulties communicating with other categories of vacationers.


same well-groomed beauty reigns in Foros.Here you can find the famous show business figures, politicians, movie stars.Here is a unique park with endangered plants around the world.


«God-given" democratic Foros town and perhaps not the best place for a holiday in the Crimea.Reviews of tourists say that people like and dry, but not hot (+24 °) summer and short mild winters.Here are the good beaches, ideal for bathing children and adults, many sanatoriums, historic sites and excellent infrastructure.


active people of Crimea offers several hiking trails, allows you to see a variety of beautiful places of the peninsula.

  • «Water and stones."For the week, tourists will see dozens of "wild" attractions: caves, cliffs, beech forests, millennial ruins and even the Valley of Ghosts.
  • «Canyons".Camping is ideal for travelers with children (even small), the elderly and not confident of their physical strength of people.
  • «Cave cities."Man-made caves where people lived, stagger the imagination, even seasoned travelers.For those seeking extreme sports complex includes radial outputs.
  • «The Lost World."During the three days that takes passage through the mountains to the coast, tourists will see the recently inaccessible because of its military secrecy, but alluring beauty of the place: the dizzying rock cliffs of Cape Aya, beach with "delicious" name "Fig" fortress Cembalo.

In Crimea, there are still dozens of routes provided for people of varying degrees of fitness.

How to get to the peninsula of Crimea

The most convenient way to get to the peninsula today - only one ticket.All modes of transport chosen and it docked on time so that the trip takes a minimum of time.Tourists who do not want to buy a ticket, can try any other way:

  • train, plane or bus to Anapa.From there on a catamaran to the Crimea.
  • from Krasnodar or the Black Sea coast by bus to Port Caucasus (Taman Peninsula), hereinafter - the ferry to Kerch.

from Novorossiysk to Crimea go freight ferries.

few tips to travelers who have gathered in Crimea:

  • passengers traveling on holiday with children, it is better to buy only one ticket.Then you do not have to spend time on docking an various types of transport.
  • Way by car is not as useful as it sounds: in midstream sometimes going to a large number of vehicles, there may be "stuck" for a few days.
  • Before the holidays, especially Christmas and the May, at the crossings often form "plugs" that can stand for a day or even two.On other days, the crossing takes a maximum of three hours.
  • Going to the Crimea, especially the "savage", it is worth remembering that in stormy weather the crossing are not working.This may cause a delay at work or on vacation.

Another tip for holidaymakers looking to the Crimea.Terminals in the Crimea is, banks are working, but the cash is not always possible to remove.Therefore it is necessary to have an adequate supply of them.