The resort village of Vardan: reviews of tourists (2014-2015)

Vardan resort village is located between the city of Sochi and the well-known domestic tourists Lazarevskoye district center right on the shores of the Black Sea - at the mouth of the river Buu.Places are extremely beautiful, the sea is warm and mild climate.At the moment, Vardan is an evolving resort among Russian tourists is gaining more and more popularity.The distance between them and Sochi is just 25 km away.

history of the village

Vardan (reviews about the rest in this place will be presented below) is located on land that was originally owned by the noble representatives of the hill tribe people and Shapsugs Ubykhs.After the conquest of the Caucasus by Russian troops, they became a possession of the sovereign's viceroy, Grand Duke Mikhail Nikolayevich Romanov.Here was built the house for the manager and employees, barns, stables, garden nursery for seedlings, and so on. D.

Gradually manor houses and overgrown yards, and eventually turned into a small village.The main problem of the new

settlement is the lack of manpower.Local tribes during the war have left this region.Therefore, the manager hired to work mainly foreigners: Yugoslavs, Estonians, Ukrainians, migrated here families.Later poselochek began arriving as the Germans and the Greeks.By the end of the century Vardan as a residence chosen by hundreds of Armenian families.

Nature village

climate at the location of Vardan, as elsewhere in the Black Sea Coast, mild subtropical.Tourists are attracted by the beautiful sea here, a large number of sunny days a year and, of course, beautiful nature.The local mountains are covered with boxwood forests, and in the village planted palm trees, cypresses and other exotic plants.The average sea temperature in the summer is kept at 25 ° C, and the temperature - 26 ° C.

Reviews village

opinion from domestic tourists this holiday village has developed just fine.The village is really very beautiful - Vardan.Reviews of tourists (2014-2015) make it possible to judge this with certainty.Tourists who came here in the past years, Vardan characterized as one of the quietest and comfortable places Lazarev district.Beaches in the village is much freer than in the city, while prices incomparably lower.Himself town very clean and hospitality.Numerous private Vardan hotel for a small fee to provide tourists with a very comfortable accommodation and excellent service.

Vardane: reviews of tourists (2014-2015.) Of beaches

pitched this small town near the sea, therefore, to go to the coast to most private hotels not too far away.Normally the trip takes no more than 5-20 minutes.Vardan themselves beaches are well maintained and landscaped.The focus of city life is central, having a width of about 50 meters and a length of 500 meters. Here you can rent umbrellas and deck chairs (about 100 rubles. Per day).On the bank placed cabanas and containers for garbage.If you wish, you can shoot in located directly on the dash.

In Vardan there is another frequented beach, which tourists also respond very well.It is called "Lower Khobzey."Its length is about 400 meters. Like he rested mainly due to increasing coastal trees, creating cool even on the hottest day.

Another popular beach Vardan called "Detlyazhka."Shingle is alternating with sandy islands, and on the waterfront built a huge number of shops and cafes.

Vardane reviews of tourists (2014 and 2015) which are great - beautiful resort and, most importantly, clean, than can boast, not all of the Caucasian Black Sea settlements.

very convenient, many tourists visit this town in the past, consider the fact that the road to the beach is just a huge number of different kinds of retail outlets.Here you can buy everything you need - from bathing accessories and souvenirs to pies, grilled chicken and wine.In addition, the road to the sea, many run up a small market, where locals bring his own grown vegetables and exotic fruits.Prices are not too high.Some tourists, whose term ends on vacation, get here, for example, very tasty exotic jams, winter to recall the excellent conduct of the sea town.

Excursions and entertainment in Vardan

arrived in this resort village, you can not only relax, but also to visit all sorts of interesting sights, both natural and historical or social.Kiosks, rastavlennye around the village, selling tours:

  • Krasnodar tea plantation,
  • Krasnaya Polyana,
  • to the waterfall "Paradise pleasure»,
  • 33 falls on the road with a tour of Russia's only tulip tree.

can also make hiking in the mountains with an instructor to travel to Sochi Arboretum, the Dolphinarium in the Lazarev and the water park in the loo.In the evening on the waterfront opened all sorts of entertainment: dance floor, café with live music, and so on. D. During the day on the beach you can buy a ticket for some interesting, exciting water attractions.

In general, it is a place to relax very appropriate - Vardan.Reviews of tourists (2014-2015) testify to this more eloquently.

Who better to go to Vardan

Most of this quiet village is suitable for families with children.However, the young people will find plenty of entertainment for themselves.Senior citizens will enjoy the same convenient entrance to the sea and the absence of large stones, which can be tripped over.

Features private sector

rent rooms in small hotels Vardan preferred by people who want to save on accommodation and reduce the cost of holidays to a minimum.Selecting the private sector, can be independently adjusted schedule and prepare yourself for the usual food.Each mini-hotel has a shared kitchen, shower on the floor, a cozy courtyard with a gazebo, and sometimes free parking for 2-5 cars.

Reviews about Vardan forums show goodwill and decency owners of private hotels in this village.In May, June and September, the number - almost without problems - can be removed and arrived in the village.But it is better to err and book it in advance.In high season (July - August), this procedure is required.Find free accommodation without booking in the village would be extremely difficult.Guests note that the number of private hotels are usually cleaned daily, bed linen changed once a week.

Pensions Vardan

course, relax in this village can be, settled not only in the private sector.Many tourists prefer to book rooms in the local boarding houses.Of course, a holiday in which case it will be possible to hold more comfortably.In the vicinity of the village there are several such places, the most famous of which are the pension "Sheksna" and "Vardan".Reviews of tourists (2014), summer is time for them - thanks to the convenient infrastructure development and professionalism of the staff of these institutions - became a memorable, more than positive.

Pension «Sheksna»

this resort offers comfortable accommodation and meals according to the "all inclusive".Not bad break in the boarding house as you can with your family and friends.The beach near "Sheksna" has its own, fully landscaped.In the pension you can visit the karaoke, concert hall, sports fields, tennis courts, swimming pool and so on. D. For vacationers excursions and entertainment shows.In general, it is one of the best spa facilities of the village Vardan.Reviews of tourists (2014) "Sheksna" rightfully earned very good.

Pension "Vardan»

This is another very popular among domestic tourists are not too expensive spa facilities Sochi area.This guesthouse is located in close proximity to the sea - 300 meters from the coast.Designed "Vardan" with 50 rooms and offers its guests three meals a day and good entertainment.The hotel - bar, sports grounds, barbecue, tennis court, pool, sauna and so on. D. In the evening show programs and discos.For vacationers organize interesting excursions to the Black Sea coast.

Those who want to have a good vacation, be sure to book a room in the complex, "Vardan".Reviews of tourists (2014): pension settlement, including this one, really convenient, comfortable and still inexpensive.Service is good, unobtrusive.Power worthy.The rooms clean and comfortable.


How can you get in this domestic paradise - Vardan?Reviews about the rest here are wonderful, and so really want to come here a lot.Too difficult route in this resort village in any case have to be laid.Get to Vardan several ways:

  • by plane to Adler, and then take the bus 105K, next to the bus station of Sochi.You can then catch the shuttle bus 141 to Vardan.
  • Take a train ticket, the next of any city of Russia in Sochi and Adler station Loo.From here to Vardan it can also be reached by bus.
  • own car - driving on the highway "Dzhubga - Sochi" (M27).The village is right on it.

Thus, it is as a very convenient and beautiful village are Vardan reviews of tourists (2014).Photos below these things confirm the opinion of Russian tourists to the fullest.Therefore, those who want to spend your holidays rich in comfort, to visit this wonderful resort town is required.