Pensions Odessa.

Odessa and Odessa region has always been famous for its low-cost but comfortable rest.Places there are beautiful, different from other resorts in the mild climate, sandy beaches and calm seas.In Odessa and its suburbs each season attracts tourists who want a fun and informative to spend your vacation.A couple of weeks spent in the sun without worries and problems, restore vitality, enhance the body's resistance to infections, soothe the nervous system.

beneficial effects of sea water, the breeze and measured life in the human body has long been proved by scientists.That is why many tourists during their holidays flock to the beach season to the sea, to improve their health.In Odessa, there are plenty of places where you can comfortably and inexpensively time.

Rest in boarding

Pensions Odessa happy to take a rest.Many of them specialize in health-preventive treatment aimed at restoring the functioning of the nervous, cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract.There are motels and pensions, help

in eliminating urological and gynecological diseases.To this end, a variety of treatments, such as mud.No less effect makes swimming in the sea, fresh fruits and vegetables, water treatment, sleep in the open air, the active forms of beach sports and fun activities.All this suggests holiday in Odessa.Pensions resort each tourist will be able to give what he needs.The main thing - to make the right choice.

resort zone of Odessa

Favorited holidaymakers - some resort areas of Odessa.These include the following:

  • "Big Fountain."
  • "Arcadia."
  • "Sauvignon".
  • "Kuyalnik" (health resort with the best methods of balneotherapy and mud).
  • "Cape Verde".
  • "Lyustdorf."


Pensions Odessa exist in other areas of the resort.But in the above field the best location near the sea and in relation to the road junction.Each boarding house guests provided all the necessary conditions for living in accordance with the paid services.

Usually this spacious air-conditioned rooms, shower and bathroom, TV and fridge, comfortable beds.Some have a balcony or terrace.The rooms, apartments or suites accommodation meets the highest standards.

Most resorts Odessa offers its guests meals in BB, HB, FB, AI.When the pension is excellent cafes and restaurants.On the territory of some of the institutions have a patio, gardens, summer terrace with barbecue, a kitchenette and a common personal use.

On the terraces of hotels and resorts in Odessa you can find a quiet place in the shade or under the pergola.Many are equipped with swimming pools, along which are situated Holiday sunbeds and umbrellas to protect from the scorching rays of the sun.

best pensions

If thoroughly consider the advantages of each institution, we can distinguish the following destinations:

  • "Emerald" - a boarding house (Zatoka, Odessa).
  • "Locust".
  • "Laguna".
  • "Odyssey."
  • "Sunny Beach".
  • "Yuzhanka 111".
  • "Marie-Anne".
  • "Breeze".
  • "Peace."
  • "Ruta".
  • "Fairy Tale".
  • "Rose of the Winds."

Almost all pensions Odessa offers its guests a spa service with brine estuaries, marine and mineral baths, silt mud, herbal concoctions.All wellness facilities are based on years of experience in the provision of such services.

leisure while relaxing

In Odessa, where there is a break, take a course of healing the body and have fun.Leisure can be varied:

  • sightseeing places.
  • Independent walks.
  • Shopping.
  • sporting events.

Each camper will always be able to find something for everyone.Pensions Odessa offers not only rest and treatment.Most of them are organized in the evening shows and discos, children's animators work.If you wish, you can visit the nightclubs.For a variety of offers to rent a boat or a yacht.Walk on the sea surface will feel at one with nature, fishing and relieve tension.Rendezvous on Deribasovskaya, walking on the Potemkin stairs, evening stroll along Primorsky Boulevard - all this variety of recreation.