Park "Galileo" in Novosibirsk: description, places of interest, photos

planning a family vacation, many are looking for Disneyland or Legoland, entertainment complexes abroad.But now the Russian Federation have wonderful parks and attractions, which in its scale and eccentricity can not only be compared with overseas, but also to give a head start on ten points ahead.

biggest amusement park on the territory of Russia is considered the "Riviera".It is located in the resort town of Sochi.Many interesting places to visit in Moscow.This Planetarium and the Nikulin Circus and Big Ferris wheel.But other cities are trying to keep up with the mother of Russian cities.For example, many tourists will be surprised by possibilities of Novosibirsk part of recreation and entertainment.

Wonders of Physics in Novosibirsk

Those people who are familiar with the history of Russian cities, know that Novosibirsk earning it the status of academic capital.To date, a decent pair of Scientific Center of the park "Galileo".If you study the history of the Siberian capital, it becomes clear wh

y this name was an entertainment complex.

Tourists who visited all the attractions of Novosibirsk, including Akademgorodok, but still not quite agree with the unofficial status of the city should definitely visit the "Galileo".Park theme.Of course, the main goal - is entertainment of children.The creators wanted their faces glowed with joy and happiness when they leave the amusement park.But parallel to the founding of the entertainment complex would engender in the minds of the young visitors love of science and increase the desire for knowledge.Much interesting to know and adult visitors.

Why visit "Galileo"?Park in Novosibirsk, encourages people to enrich their knowledge in the field of physics.


informative and concise.So it is possible to speak briefly about what opportunities will give visitors a wonderful park "Galileo".Novosibirsk surprise interactive exhibition exhibits entertainment complex, which are based on different physics phenomena and their perception of the human mind.In addition, children and adults will have the opportunity to participate in various scientific experiments and experiments, many of which look like real magic.

Park "Galileo" is another plus.In what room you will not get - everything can be touched by hands and pressed all the buttons without fear that any break or disable.Welcomed and encouraged to experiment with color, space, sound and motion.This will help unimaginable and fantastic design.

Miracles near

¬ęGalileo" - the wonders of the park.It is difficult to argue.Indeed, in many halls, rooms and passages soars magical flavor.You could say that everything here is reminiscent of the magic.Appears association with the girl Alice, who fell into Wonderland, immediately, as soon as you find yourself in a mirror maze illusions.He is considered one of the longest in Europe.

Magicians Novosibirsk become magicians, illusionists, researchers and engineers.They created here the Magic Kingdom, which is visiting the feeling that you get in other, unknown and timeless laws of gravity, the world.

Investigating two floors amusement park, visitors will make sure every moment that miracles there.

Solve IQ - puzzle

Galileo Galilei, Italian physicist, whose name is called amusement complex, has decided a lot of puzzles in his life, and made a great contribution to physics as a science.Therefore, in a conventional zones, which the park is famous for its "Galileo" has a IQ-site where visitors are encouraged to solve many riddles.For example, in one of the jobs you need to shout plane.In another test, the visitors will be offered to escape from a dragon.It must be done, riding a bicycle.Many interested

attraction called "Trajectory".It will help to know if everything is OK with the coordination of a person.The same goal and the other design, called "Draw a star."All visitors will be able to measure its growth just arms outstretched, or to find out how high can jump, check how fast they response, or how loud their voice endowed by nature.

Unusual exhibits

¬ęGalileo" - the park, will surprise unusual exhibits.Many of them are just standing in the room, but also closely watching everything going on, the actions of those who come to visit them.Where else can you see the mask of Einstein, which lights or huge dragons, which are very similar to the present?They look even more realistic than in the films of science fiction.

For those who always wanted to know the secrets of the universe, it is necessary to approach the "boxes Wood" and hit it.You will observe the process with their own eyes the appearance of swirl.And if the room was filled with a nice melody, and for the nearest musical instrument no one, should not be afraid.After all, "Galileo" - the wonders of the park.Rather, it is reminded of himself piano that plays itself.Of course, this tool has a secret - it plays when the senses external sounds.

you can try yourself as a landscape designer and create a "piece of nature" with his own hands.To do this, you need to find an illuminated sand, which is an interactive model of the relief, and perform simple manipulation.For example, if you dig a small hole will turn blue, blue sea, and if you pour a mound of sand, whereas the blue hills rise, covered with greenery.To understand the awesomeness of what is happening, you need to walk at least once halls of this unique place.

Welcome to the world of illusions

If visitors get tired of solving puzzles, then they can go to another area, which is a continuous maze.Probably everyone has heard about the Cretan labyrinth, where was scared only by roaring Minotaur.Here, of course, impossible to find a mythical character, but there are more interesting "highlight" that will give thrill.

Park "Galileo" is different attraction - a part illusory.Wandering rooms, halls and passages that are changing the way people think about the surrounding area, it is possible to believe in magic.Here, both children and adults try to walk on the ceiling upside down, which will look at the usual correct room above.

In the other room the child will be several times higher than their parents or older siblings.The horror will come those who will hang in the bottomless pit of the elevator.Not all exhibit the courage to go into it, though, in fact - it just creates the illusion of quality.

most terrible in the program is considered to be a room with lots of chains.A final walk will be a maze of mirrored walls, which changes not only the figure of a man, but also its surroundings.It is very easy to get lost.For those who can not cope with the mysteries of mirrors, is to find an emergency exit, and a phone call that there was not.Help will arrive instantly.

place dislocation

Wonderland Park "Galileo" (Novosibirsk) is to look at the street Dobrolyubova, where he moved after the fire.Children who do not have eleven years, need to come accompanied by an adult.Administration advises to visit the maze "Galileo" babies, pregnant women and people who suffer from seasickness.

can be easily photographed.Also worth a visit the lab to listen to lectures, take part in the experience or experiment.Always glad to visitors wonderful park "Galileo".Novosibirsk because of this property has become extremely popular.

hours: from ten in the morning until eight at night.There is a shop where you can buy a souvenir.Parents who want to make a unique gift for a child, is to order an amusement park to here to celebrate his birthday.