Pension "Fregat" (Adler): photos and reviews of tourists

resort area of ​​Adler and located on the territory of a boarding house "Fregat" annually to the Black Sea coast attract a huge number of those wishing to relax on the stunning beaches, enjoying the sunshine and warm water.The complex is characterized by its well-developed infrastructure and the availability of own equipped pebble beach.The convenient location, comfortable accommodation, quality service, a great selection of holiday entertainment - all this offers "Fregat".And if someone bored staying in one place, then for 25 minutes he could easily be in the center of Sochi, using public transport.

Understanding complex

Hotel "Frigate" is a 15-storey building, located in a magnificent park of over 40 hectares.Inside the building there are rooms for accommodation, medical and diagnostic rooms, a restaurant and bar.All pension vacationers have the opportunity to use the facilities, located in the resort town.Among them is to provide a dolphinarium, amusement park, sports complex, aquarium, pool co

mplex and entertainment center.Without leaving the area, you can buy air and railway tickets, and theater tickets.

At any time, vacationers have the opportunity to contact an administrator with any questions, including the order of safe deposit boxes, rent of household inventory, request morning awakening, custom colors, and so on.There is also a tour desk in the boarding house "Fregat".

Pension 3 stars got quite a long time, thanks to its well-developed infrastructure, and its guests is no need to look for entertainment outside the complex, but if you wish to explore some attractions you have problems with it not occur.

in the lobby and first floor pension offers free internet access.The price includes meals (meals or breakfast only), gym, equipped beach (sunbeds, cabanas, towels, toilets, chairs), children's room, emergency medical assistance and billiards.


now about the living conditions, because to them should be familiar to anyone who was going to Adler.Pension "Fregat" can simultaneously accommodate 910 people.To this end, it offers a one-room three categories, as well as two-room suites.All single rooms, regardless of the number of seats to accommodate them, have an area of ​​18 m², the studio - 50 m² and suites - 35 sqm.

Standard rooms are equipped with: bathroom with shower, TV, refrigerator, telephone, bedside tables, beds - single, double or twin - depending on the number of persons placed.In the first category rooms also have air conditioning, which is a major advantage over other accommodation options.

studios and suites consist of two rooms - a bedroom and a living room.In addition to standard equipment, they also have a sofa, armchairs, wardrobes and utensils, tableware for tea, electrical, air conditioning, radio and mirror.All rooms, both standard and suites have a balcony, equipped with outdoor furniture, and some also with great views of the surrounding countryside.


Pension "Fregat" offers meals in their own dining room.It can be represented in the form of a "smorgasbord" or complex (in the case of underutilization).In addition, guests can choose only one meal - continental breakfast.

In addition, the complex has a cafe, where guests at any time of the day can enjoy a delicious dessert.On the ground floor of the building has a lobby bar serving a wide range of drinks, including alcohol, soft drinks, fresh juices, cocktails and so on.The second floor also has a juice bar.

relax on the beach do not have to run to the complex for a snack or quench thirst, as right on the beach there is a cafe and bar, where they can eat something or drink a soft drink.

Infrastructure Infrastructure pension is very well developed and here every holidaymaker, regardless of their age and interests can find everything he needs.This bath and sauna, and an outdoor pool, and a laundry and dry cleaning, and more.On the roof of the body has a solarium.You can also rent watercraft, hang-gliding or parasailing.

visitors to pension "Frigate" with your own car, do not have to worry about where you can leave.As for the guests in the complex has a guarded parking lot.However, parking is necessary to pay extra.

The hotel has a massage and beauty parlor, services of which guests can use at any time.There is also a shop where you can buy everything you might need the tourist, from food and ending with beach accessories.

location of the complex and the sea: reviews of tourists

huge green and quiet area - it is really a boarding house "Fregat" (Adler).Reviews of tourists vacationing once it does not deny this fact.Lots of good things to say about the beach - clean, gently sloping entrance to the sea, all the necessary equipment, a bar, a variety of entertainment.However, some of the guests "Frigate" in their reviews mentioned that the sea water was often dirty, but rather, it is not the fault of the pension.

Very noisy both day and night - is also talk about the complex "Fregat".Pension receives negative reviews because of this factor mainly by elderly people and families with children, young people and here, on the contrary, pleased that there are all conditions for fun.

treatment and diagnosis in a boarding house "Fregat»

People wishing to improve their health, often choose Adler.Pension "Fregat" for them to have a good medical-diagnostic base.Holidays are shown to people who have a problem with the peripheral nervous, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems.Also here treat diseases of upper respiratory tract and digestive organs.In the pension

"Fregat" has everything for the diagnosis of the body, in fact it should be preceded by a qualitative treatment.With regard to the procedures, they are presented with the following list: a variety of baths, massages, elektroaerozolterapiya, physiotherapy, climate, acupuncture, electric, inhalation, lymphotropic therapy, monitor cleaning the intestines, and more.

Entertainment and Sports

None moment spent on holiday, you will not find it boring - this can be sure everyone who will choose for your summer vacation "Fregat".Pension 3 star is not in vain, everything responds to this level, including opportunities for fun and sport, regardless of age and hobbies.

The resort town has a bowling alley, movie theater, karaoke, and a night club for devotees of night life.In case you can play darts, table tennis and shooting at a shooting range.There is a gym and a gym.Tennis courts, volleyball, football, basketball - all the services of adventurous pastime, however, for their use need to pay extra.

There are also all possibilities for water sports.You can use the services of instructors in windsurfing, water skiing and scuba diving, as well as to rent a jet ski.

service for families with children

Reside in a boarding house with parents children who are 1 year old.However, the treatments they are not allowed.Up to 5 years, children have a rest with parents free of charge, but without providing power.Children's playground and games room are completely free for small tourist residence that is a boarding house "Fregat"."Adlerkurort" for children and offers activities such as dolphin, aquarium and many attractions.

Opportunities for photos during a vacation in Adler

It just so happened that modern humans, going on vacation, be sure to take your camera with you, because they want to bring the holiday is not only a lot of positive emotions, but somethinganything that would remind them of the great time spent.And photos for this function fits best.

Fortunately tourists, many beautiful and unusual places has on its territory pension "Fregat" (Adler).Photo campers can do without even leaving the room, because of the many balconies you can observe magnificent views of the surrounding countryside.And if we walk through the campus, the places for good photos there abound.This pool, and sports fields and attractions, and the beach, and other places.

reviews about the rooms, food and service "Frigate»

Many campers say that pension "Fregat" deserves 2 stars, but the three already possible to argue.This is due to the fact that the repair room is not so new and high quality, as it could be.However, the staff, according to travelers, in most cases, ready to help.As for the cleanliness of the room, then the tourists to it as a rule, do not complain - though not cleaned every day, but fairly regularly.Furniture in the rooms is not new, but it is functional and usable.

should say a few words about the food, which offers a guest house "Fregat" (Adler).Reviews of some travelers say that it is not sufficiently flexible.However, when you consider that this is a 3-star hotel, the rest find it difficult to say what else is missing from the menu, there are also the fruits and vegetables, fish, and meat, and even sweets.