Oceanarium (Kazan): reviews and photos

One of the new entertainment facilities of family type, which boasts the capital of Tatarstan, is an oceanarium.Kazan is not considered a seaside town where you can go diving.However, in 2015, its inhabitants and guests can feel like explorers of the deep sea and meet their inhabitants, having gone into the building the water park "Baryonyx" located at ul.Gafuri, 46.

Oceanarium (Kazan): description

first thing visitors see, that fall on the first floor of the water park "Baryonyx" - a colorful installation of seabed.Guests also pass directly into the zone of the aquarium through the toothy jaws of big fish and get into the hall, where they are met by three-dimensional images of cartoon characters - SpongeBob and his friends.

visitors were able to get used to the situation and prepare for the trip from Kazan to the ocean depths, the first decorated the room so that the landscape reminded banks of the Volga in the neighborhood of the city.There you can see the pools of sturgeon, quietly floating

in his element.Furthermore, guests are in the room with a 50-meter high aquarium, which is inhabited by colorful tropical fish, and in the middle is a large aviary with penguins.These waterfowl are considered the pride of the aquarium, as well as rare svinonosye turtles appeared on our planet more than forty million years ago.

Lake, shark, seal

In the center is the Oceanarium room where guests can fish and feed the fish.It is decorated like a lake, surrounded by a green tree, growing between the islands, which can travel using the walkways.Next, visitors who came to the aquarium in Kazan (photos of this institution recently decorated with all the tourist brochures of the city), pass through the glass tunnel with sharks and giant tortoises.Also, they will walk through the hall, where live stingrays.Moreover, visitors are invited to walk through a transparent glass floor floats and treat animals underfoot.Among the rare animals that can be seen in the water park of Kazan, can be called a fur seal Semenova, amused his guests stunts that could be part of any circus program.


Probably hard to find a man who would call crocodiles lovely creatures.However, there are few, and those who believe they are not worthy of attention.To acquaint the residents of Kazan from the crocodiles close, the organizers took the oceanarium at their location a room with a glass terrarium, children's maze of heavy-duty glass.Your kids will be able to pass on it deep into the enclosure for crocodiles and observe their behavior, being at arm's length.True, the visitors have complained that most of the time these aggressive and cunning reptiles spend depicting stone sculptures, and are active only at the moment of feeding.


Oceanarium (Kazan, ul. Mazitov Gafuri, d. 46) can be visited any day of the week except Monday, when there is, as in many museums of the city, a day off.Opening hours - from 10:00 to 21:00.Especially a lot of visitors there on Saturday and Sunday, so if possible, better to visit the aquarium Kazan on weekdays, because in those days you do not interfere calmly watch the animals and take pictures of them on the camera and video (remember to use the flash when shootingforbidden).


cashier oceanarium in the days when it opened to the public, open until 20:00.Ticket prices depend on the age.For children up to 3 years accompanied by one of the adults can go there for free, if they are older, but they are under 12, you must pay an entrance fee of 500 rubles.As for the adult, its cost is 700 rubles.You can also buy a ticket to visit the aquarium, the price of which depends on the length of the period during which you want to have free access to its territory.The cost of admission for 1 year is 2900 rubles.for adults and 1900 rubles.for children, and for half a year - 1900 and 1400 rubles.respectively.

Oceanarium in Kazan: how to get

When information about the opening of the capital of Tatarstan new entertainment venue, where you can see the inhabitants of the ocean depths, got into print, many were perplexed regarding the choice of place.The fact that the neighborhood where it is located is not the most convenient in terms of transport accessibility in the city (Kazan).Oceanarium (Gafuri, 46) would lack the visitors, but it was the right decision to run a free shuttle bus that transports everyone to go there from the metro station "area of ​​Tukai".Thus, access to the water park building "Baryonyx" there is no difficulty.


Since the opening of the Kazan oceanarium was not long.However, it has visited thousands of Tatarstan.And this is not surprising, as the Oceanarium (Kazan), which reviews the most part positive, is the longest in Europe.In addition, he is the only in the territory of the Volga region, so look at its inhabitants come from neighboring regions and republics.In favor of a visit to the aquarium have been there by tourists and residents of the following arguments:

  • excellent job decorators who have issued halls;
  • to take advantage of the free shuttle bus, which delivers visitors to the aquarium from the nearest subway station;
  • diversity of marine life, which can be seen there.

As for the negative aspects, the main drawback of the aquarium, according to reviews, is the high cost of tickets.

Once in the capital of Tatarstan, be sure to visit the local aquarium.Kazan - a city where tourists never have to be bored.However, after the opening of the tourist attractions of the object palette of the village has been added another bright paint.