The climate of the Crimea by month

For any holiday important climate.Crimea today are choosing many vacationers.That is why you need to study in advance, in which month it is best to plan your vacation.

magnificence of the Crimean nature with its generous sun known since the end of the XIX century.He was known as a place of rest and the royal family.This fact has contributed to the emergence of a large number of the peninsula delightful architecture.Popularity rest here over the years, not decreased.In the era of the Soviet Union, Crimea became a resort for the Secretary-General.To this day, it is a tourist destination in great demand.In the summer season on a huge number of resorts to leave and to recuperate not only the residents of the neighboring states, but also visitors from Europe and the United States.


you begin to swim in the middle of May.The reason lies in the Kerch Strait, which quickly warms up to 20 degrees due to the shallow depth.During the warm summer the water warms up to 25-26 ° C.

Rest on the Sea of ​​Az

ov is popular, but less than on the Black Sea coast.The local resorts are perfect for families with children and for those who are afraid of the depth.It is worth remembering that the shelf can become dull due to winds.In the spring, the best climate of the Crimea - it is on the shores of the Sea of ​​Azov.

Early summer

endless stream of tourists flock to this place in mid-June.Vacationers fill the sea beaches which are surrounded by beautiful countryside.Some are sent to yourself known health resorts, while others are trying to send their kids to the children's camp, where they will spend time with health benefits.

Peninsula remained cherished corners of nature where no man has gone before.People are attracted to these places and festivals that bring together the most different segments of the population.

is worth noting that the level of prices in the Crimea, somewhat lower than in other European resorts.True, the service too.The quality of service of Crimea does not even reach Turkey.But the climate of these places is more useful and familiar to our organisms.And for quality rest is crucial climate.Crimea is favorable for recreation during the summer months.


With the start of summer on the Black Sea is coming swimming season.Along the coast, a large number of different resorts.You can pick up a beach for every taste: rocky, pebble or sand.By early summer, the sea temperature reaches 20-21 degrees Celsius.

It should be borne in mind that in the south of Crimea frequent cold currents that keep the water warm enough.In such places, the water temperature is somewhat lower.If you know the climate of the Crimea by month, you can plan your vacation wisely.


first half of autumn is characterized by a decline in the flow of tourists.There comes a time to velvet, comes the quiet season when holidaymakers virtually none.In early autumn the cost of holidays in the Crimea decreased by almost half.

whole September is considered to be the velvet season.At this time, in the fall do not even smell.The sun was not as scorching and the air temperature during the day is much lower.The sea is still suitable for swimming as the temperature of water therein is not less than 20 degrees.

this period ends on the Azov Sea in September, and the Black - in early October, because it slowly cools.Prices have been reduced and are comparable to those operated in May, while the number of tourists decreased.All the advantages of this season do not count.In autumn it is not necessary to think about where the best climate in the Crimea.He is equally good everywhere.

Winter - it's time to get skiing

In Crimea there are more than 600 specialized health centers.Each has its own profile and health program.For the treatment of various ailments fit different seasons.But for most procedures is ideal warm spring or autumn weather.

season skiers open in the middle of winter, and it will last until the last days of March.The temperature is kept within the range of -1 to -10 degrees.For skiing and snowboarding is a great climate.Crimea adapted for tourist holidays all year round.

Climate Crimea

In the north summers are dry in the south - wet.In the mountains, dry summer, but a very snowy winter.Snow falls a little.In the south, the bulk of the rain falls in the middle of winter, and in the north - the middle of summer.Western and Eastern Crimea precipitation provided evenly throughout the year.Let us consider in more detail the climate of the Crimea by month.

March in Crimea is unpredictable.In April, begins warming, and May is happy summer weather.Spring daytime temperatures around +10 ° C.

summer in Crimea has a strong heat and high humidity.June pleases the scorching sun and greenery.In July, yellow steppe areas, in the south grows exuberantly alive thanks to the abundant rainfall.Daytime temperatures - over 25 ° C.

Crimean autumn beautiful.The first half of the autumn is good for swimming.Then comes the season of rains and strong winds.The temperature in the daytime - about 20 ° C.

Winter in the Crimea is very soft.Snow cover not always falls and stays less than a week.But in the mountains, the snow is stable and allows you to open the ski season.The region is characterized by strong winds and storms.The temperature during the day - not higher than +10 ° C.

Crimea - a great place for rest and recovery.Better to go there early in the summer or in September.At this time, in the Crimea, the optimal conditions for a healthy holiday.

What to do in Crimea?

Certainly not the last value for a vacation climate.Crimea is favorable in all respects.Also, there is something to see.

Peninsula Attractions everyone will find something interesting and entertaining.There are many interesting places:

  • archaeological sites;
  • historic sites;
  • museums and galleries;
  • unique creations of nature.

These sites represent a unique natural park.Participate in guided tours it's best in spring and autumn.

on the peninsula are many recreational activities and holidays:

  1. City Day, which is celebrated especially in each locality.
  2. appearances of pop stars and other celebrities.
  3. talent show, film festivals and concerts.
  4. film.
  5. Various festivals: crafts, arts, dance, gastronomy.
  6. sorts rally bike shows and competitions in various sports.
  7. Feast of the Russian Navy.

Now you know what the climate in the Crimea, and what sort of entertainment possibilities.Plan your holiday right!