The train "Sapsan": a diagram of the car

Most recently malokomfortnoe train was perceived as a means to move around the country.But over time, the level of comfort for the passengers began to grow.In long-distance trains have become the norm, when a set of facilities include napkins, towels, hygiene items.

But the speed of movement remained the same.Change travel time and improve the quality of services designed to train a new generation.

"Sapsan": rapid transport

newest high-speed train called "Sapsan".So Railway Company shows that the new rolling stock as fast and swift as the bird of the falcon family.

Especially for the Russian corporation of "Russian Railways" German Engineering by Siemens designed the train "Sapsan", the circuit of the car which is fundamentally different from the usual for many Russians.The design maximum speed of the new car reaches 350 km / h.

The basis of the new trains would take the platform Velaro, modification trains ICE 3. In the design took into account the standards and climatic conditions of Russia.

Trains actively exploited in two ways, "Moscow - St. Petersburg" and "Moscow - Nizhny Novgorod."Moreover, the last branch trains usually two-system, wherein when the length of the route 436 km maximum speed reaches 160 km / h.While single-system trains a first direction to move at speeds up to 250 km / h with 645 km length.

"Peregrine" - train a new generation of

Unlike the usual arrangement in trains "Peregrine" the scheme of the car radically new.And as such, the composition of the locomotive is not here.

Russia has already previously been an attempt to develop its own high-speed train with performance up to 350 km / h.Ever since 1992, for seven years, CDB for Marine Engineering "Rubin" the preparations for the release of the first Russian high speed train - "Falcon-250" (EC-250).And the year 2000 has been assembled prototype.

Design solutions "Falcon" had no analogues in the domestic engineering practice.He had the following characteristics:

  • welded body made of light aluminum alloy;
  • train control system based on microprocessor;
  • improved traction drive, the new current collector, etc.

But the development of "Falcon-250" has been suspended and frozen, as it was decided that the easier and more profitable to take advantage of developments from Siemens with slight modifications taking into account the Russian realities.

first flight "Sapsan" made along the route "Moscow - St. Petersburg" December 17, 2009.

It consisted of 10 cars with a total capacity of over 600 passengers overcame the entire route in 3 hours and 45 minutes.

Below the photograph submitted train "Sapsan" (Scheme 4 car).

Where to eat?

The trains "Peregrine" the scheme of the dining car is fundamentally different from the traditional concept of "restaurant".It is divided into two zones.One area with buffet and stands with standing places for a quick snack, the second - a comfortable place with tables on the four passengers.Order food from the restaurant and the other passengers could train wagons and business class meal is included in the ticket price.Set lunch and service reminiscent proposed in airplanes.

Wagons superior comfort

As with air travel, trains "Peregrine" for the convenience of the passengers have the car of 1st class.

scheme places on the train "Peregrine Falcon" passenger 1st class is presented below.

addition to a special meeting room, the place where once bought four people here to passengers leather armchairs.These folding, with an adjustable backrest, not only for the whole of the back and for the lumbar region.

For the convenience of present individual lighting with separate entertainment system.It provided Wi-Fi zone and the ability to charge mobile devices.

transitions between the cars are made "accordion" transition without doors, and yet themselves transparent passenger compartments separated by sliding doors, equipped with photo sensors, so they open / close automatically.

When passing through the entire structure, from head to tail, to make physical efforts to open door is not necessary.The tightness of the outer door is designed so that the temperature of the outside air temperature inside the cabin -20⁰ unchangeable and comfortable throughout the composition.

The high-speed trains "Peregrine" the scheme of the car thought so that the large hand luggage was located in a separate compartment, and small things are well placed on the upper shelves.

Where to buy tickets?

Now it may seem strange that it is possible to purchase a ticket, not only in the station building, but also directly in the train.

As the scheme reflects the 6 car, "Peregrine" is also equipped with a special place for people with disabilities.There is a special area for wheelchairs and a number of seats for the disabled.For the convenience of people the toilet is equipped with special handrails and door in the car is designed for the size wheelchairs.In the same car, and is located ticket office, and for mothers with infants assigned to a small room with a changing table.

entertainment system for passengers comfort, cars are equipped with special monitors, which appears as an advertisement on the train, and entertainment.Passengers are equipped with individual disposable headphones, seating is located between the remote control.With buttons you can select multiple radio or watch and listen to video.

Depending on the type of car and the ticket price, along the way there is a possibility to connect to Internet services.In some cars, this service is available at an additional cost.

also a passenger in transit can take advantage of periodicals that are in a special pocket of the seat.

Each car is located scoreboard, where online information is displayed on the air temperature and the current rate structure.

support the rule of law in a way

for tickets in the high-speed part of the eye catches the warning that smoking is strictly prohibited on the train.And this is no accident.

below schematically shows another wagon train "Sapsan".Driving the car 9 is as follows.

all cars, utility rooms and toilets are equipped with sensors that react to even the slightest smokiness.It is necessary to trigger sensors and catch signs of smoke, the whole structure is automatically slows down and stops moving as long as the cause of the smoke is eliminated.

The route over the protection of law and order constantly monitors a special outfit police forces, both in form and in civilian clothes.

Overall, despite the difference in price compared with conventional trains, the train "Peregrine" is very popular among passengers.If you compare the cost of the flight by plane in the budget class, the price may seem high and.But we must remember that the train came from almost the center of the city at the center of another.So for those who value their time, "Peregrine Falcon" - the perfect choice!