Everything about Antigel for diesel fuel

The properties of diesel fuel freezes at minus five degrees or more.The car that runs on these fuels are very difficult to start in cold weather.In order to somehow ensure uncomplicated start-up cars, fuel is added to special additives.Diesel fuel at the pump is referred to as the Arctic.However, even with additives such fuel freezes in winter.Therefore, early in the morning to the engine starts without any problems, many drivers are added to the tank special Antigel for diesel fuel.About him today and we'll talk.

What is it?

This substance is a combination of depressant additives that reduce the freezing point of the fuel.Thanks ANTIGEL engine start "the cold" is much easier.The action of this substance can be seen instantly.At low temperatures such diesel oil cloudy at first, and then it formed small gel particles, which are then converted into paraffin.However, this element can harm the engine.Then what is the use of this additive?

How it works Benefits

there, and no harmful substances Antige

l for diesel fuel does not contain.Its principle of operation is as follows: if it enters into a liquid, these particles envelop the frozen crystals of diesel fuel and prevent their further growth.After some time the connection between the particles is reduced and then disappears (accordingly, no paraffin in the tank is no longer).This makes diesel more fluid.Thus, gel particles make liquid fuel at any temperature.

is also worth noting that the additive for diesel fuel "Antigel" benefit only if it is properly filled.Otherwise, the substance will only exacerbate the engine.

How to use it?

When using this substance always pay attention to the instructions.Each manufacturer specifies that Antigel for diesel fuel can be used only at temperatures above zero.Otherwise, the gel particles remain in the tank and fuel lines fall on the cylinders.If the temperature does not allow to apply this additive, you can warm up the tank yourself.The benefit of diesel fuel does not burn, so do not blow up.Also worth noting is that each manufacturer indicates the proportion of its relations with Antigel diesel fuel.Do not exceed these values, since the particles will not have time to completely dissolve in the liquid, and there will be the same as that in the first case.Never dilute the additive with gasoline and alcohol.This can lead to a decrease in the marginal temperature of filtration .

Antigel for diesel fuel - price

The average cost of a single 325-mililitrovy bottle of such a substance is 200-250 rubles.Acquire antigel necessary only in specialty stores, and from producers to select only the most famous.This saves you from buying and falsification of marriage, as well as save your money that can be spent to repair the engine.