Top classic motorcycles.

Motorcycle - vehicle, designed for real men.Today, there are many different types of equipment for sport, road, enduro, polusportivny, classical and so on. D. All of them are in great demand and interest among a huge number of people across the earth.However, as in all things, in this variety of motorcycles, there are those who will never die - classic motorcycles.Classic variety of very interesting modern man, and now we will try to understand why they are so popular with motor-fans.

Classics never die

As they say, the classic never dies - it's true.This statement applies to all, including motorcycles.Developed in 60-80s iron horses are popular and loved to this day.Travellers classic motorcycles of the time are in demand, despite their age and value of this technology is growing every year before our eyes.Lovers of classics worldwide chasing any exclusive models, trying to reconstruct the dying species.

With all of this is to say that almost all modern manufacturers, in addition to the producti

on of modern kinds of motorcycles, it is also involved in the release of the classic iron horses.They make a huge contribution to the maintenance of the species afloat.That is why the road classic motorcycles will never die in people's minds.At least, it will be so until he come up with something more modern and original.

Why are so fond of classic motorcycles?

Really unpleasant ride and feel the wind, the perfect combination of layout and form for themselves, hear the roar of the classic slow-speed power unit and feel like a king of the road?I think anyone would agree that it's cool!Classic motorcycles have a certain magic, they fall in love and fascinate his master his grace and at the same time, special notes of brutality.This technique is a great pleasure.The ride is comfortable for them.

example, Suzuki SX750 Inazuma.With this you do not want to get off - it does not hurt from the body as from a sports bike, there are no such revov and terrible congestion, vibration.It should be a time to ride it, and do not want to barter for anything else.That is why everything is so much like a classic motorcycle.Their reluctance to change on the other, with their comfortable and easy.And though the best classic motorcycles worth a lot of money, people are willing to spend money on them because of the comfort, the emotions, the special nature of this technique is worth paying.

Classic motorcycles

China should start with the fact that China is only concerned with the production of modern classics with a small volume of the engine.These bikes can go up unless novice.Chinese classic motorcycles - this SYM, Stels and others.They are ideal to learn how to manage a classic.They are not finicky to operate, however, and are not reliable enough in its technical part - but this disadvantage is offset by the low price of a similar technique.These are not advised to take a more experienced riders, although they do not look at it.Apart from the purely Chinese motorcycles, there are joint development, for example, Sagitta.These motorcycles are already better known, thanks to the Italian spare parts are renowned for their comfort, elegance and reliability.Classic motorcycles joint production of these countries are very popular in Europe and Asia.Tell us a little about Chinese art, is go to the producing countries of the true classics - the US and Japan.

Two-wheel Classics US

you will be asked: what a classic motorcycle US best?And no doubt everyone will answer that it is - Harley-Davidson.This manufacturer is the largest manufacturer of heavy road motorcycles in the United States since the founding of the company since 1903.This company produces the best classic motorcycles of all time.Even well-known Japanese companies such as "Yamaha" or "Honda", can not be compared with the American classic, the dream of every motor-fans.

To date, the company among the many there are several different models, which is to say:

  • Harley-Davidson Breakout - model released in 2013, combines the concept of classic and modern.
  • Harley-Davidson Deluxe - the style of the 30s of the 20th century makes you feel like a king time and plunge into the history of the motorcycle industry of those years.
  • Harley-Davidson IRON 883 - aggressive appearance, unbridled power, authentic style - all this applies to this exclusive American King of all roads.

There are many different models as older and modern, that dazzle the eye and forced to fall in love at first sight.

Japanese tradition: "Honda", "Yamaha", "Kawasaki"

Japan is no less rich history of motorcycle technology compared with the United States.At the present stage of development of the country it produces excellent, modern, classic motorcycles.Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki are proof of that.Each of these concerns is quite an extensive range of motorcycles.These producers are global giants producing motorcycle technology, including the classic motorcycles.I think we should introduce one model from each manufacturer of motorcycles and tell a little about them.

Kawasaki W650 - classic motorcycle, which has excellent appearance and characteristics.Slightly lowered suspension makes it stable enough, the gentle roar of the motor just fascinating hearing and an excellent fit makes it very convenient even for long trips daily.

CB750 Cyclone is a classic motorcycle "Honda".This model is interesting because it is very similar to a real retro motorcycle the 1970s: pleasant twists wing plate on the front wing, the shape of the seat, the instrument panel - all this makes it a very enjoyable and interesting.This bike can not disappoint.750-cc engine and is able to carry you to any long distance.

classic motorcycle "Yamaha" present a model XJR1300.It is remarkable that, in addition to great looks, good driving characteristics, it has left a large number of horses that are so torn out.The bike is very agile, and not everyone is able to subdue him.

modern classic - the quality and style above all!

today classics is created primarily because a huge mass of motor-fans prefer modern classic motorcycles.They prefer a traditional look, comfort, pleasant sound of the engine and much more.As we have seen, this technique is now producing the Americans and the Japanese.Classic motorcycles Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Harley-Davidson brings together not only a big name, but also high quality products.Every detail of the produced data stamps, carefully checked and set exactly into place during assembly of the motorcycle.All companies, both East and West, try not to miss some notes over the years the style and design that are associated with one or another brand of motorcycle.So, for example, "Harley" can be associated with the brutal appearance, rough and tough character, while the "Kawasaki" can be described as low-key, smart and aggressive iron horse.It is clear that the flight design ideas are endless, but one thing in this mission must remain the same - a classic road bikes.This and the following manufacturers.

Which is better - bikes or cars?

asking questions about what is best - classic motorcycle or a car is first to determine their own priorities, to define the boundaries of freedom, you are putting yourself.Motorcycle - is transport for romance, thrill-seekers eager to maximum freedom and independence.However, it is worth the time to stipulate that the iron one - this is a seasonal type of transport.He did not train in the winter.The car is the same everyday tin, which does not feel the wind of freedom will not hear the noise of the motor, will not get a warm summer rain.As always, the selection only do you - are you going to look for more freedom, or hiding outside the greater security.Ideal for any man - is to have and a car and a motorcycle.And each of them has to be selected with the soul, for the pleasure the man will not deliver those things that he does not like or unpleasant.

selection of classic motorcycle

buying a motorcycle, it is very important advance to imagine what it will be - it is necessary to find exactly the bike that will be your best friend and will be able to take you to any edge.

Classic motorcycles are fairly large category of universal qualities of iron horses.This class is intended solely for comfortable movement on slopes and uneven terrain.All models a greater or lesser extent have the classic appearance - they do not have shape.Such models are divided into two types - the old model and the new.Retro models are ideal for lovers of antiques and unusual.New samples were also perfectly suited for those who appreciate simplicity and overall uniqueness of the vehicle, each new model is unique and interesting.

When choosing a classic road bike it is necessary to determine the capacity - because the engine power of such a vehicle can reach 150 horsepower.And it is important to understand that inexperienced motorcyclists, this technique is not too tough.Choosing the classics, you need to feel and say, "This is exactly what I was looking for."

Price classics

Worldwide, there are so many manufacturers that create the classic motorcycles.Prices for such vehicles depend on many factors, such as:

  • brand;
  • driving performance;
  • engine power;
  • quality of the materials used;
  • quality and availability of options and so on. D.

All this greatly affects the price.But we can say that on average, a good bike would cost about 8000-11000 dollars.The price may change in either direction, depending on the desires of the buyer and the level of equipment of the motorcycle.

Care Tips

classic motorcycle with a motorcycle is not easy as the car, and perhaps even more difficult.Caring for such technology should be very careful.Motorcycles can not be in the sun, the rain, the cold, and so on. D. This means that it necessarily needs a garage.In addition, every modern bike in his own whimsical fuel - it should be clean and have a high octane number.All technical components necessary to constantly lubricate the bike, as well as monitor their purity.

main attention should be paid to the brake system, they should always be clean and in working condition.In addition to the brakes, pay attention to the state and lubrication of the chain - always check its tension, check clearances and the condition of wheel bearings.All of these components are very important, because of their good condition can affect your life and health.


Japanese classic motorcycles, Chinese or American - all this, of course, is very important for motorcyclists, but do not forget that the bike - it is high-risk technique.Sitting down at her, do not represent a hero, whether it's a motorcycle or a weak 150-strong - it is important to always remain in friendship with his head.You love your technique to monitor her condition, and she will answer you the same.

buying a motorcycle, you have to be sure that it really suits you.If you are afraid, but I still want to buy it, it is better not worth the risk.This technique - for confident people.