Where to go in February in Russia.

February - not the most popular month for the next holiday.However, such holidays as Valentine's Day and the Day of Defender of the Fatherland, some of our fellow citizens prefer to spend in new places.In this article, we want to tell you where to go in February in Russia, to spend free time bright and interesting.


For residents of Russia visiting the capital will always be accompanied by strong emotions and impressions.If you have not decided where to go and where to rest in February, then feel free to choose Moscow.Free time you can devote to trekking, hiking to museums, theaters or to plunge into night life of the metropolis.The mandatory program for beginners, you can include a visit to Red Square, the Kremlin, St. Basil's Cathedral, visit the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, as well as a walk through the old and the new Arbat.Plan ahead trek to the Tretyakov Gallery and Historical Museum, visit palace complexes and open-air museums.Do not forget that Moscow is a traditional shopping cente

r.Where you can find products for every budget, so try to determine in advance its priorities.To be aware of the major events of the country, please read the poster of upcoming events, be sure to join in with one of the many festivals or go to a concert of your favorite artist.Whatever type of holiday you choose, you get bored just do not have here.

St. Petersburg

Where to go in February in Russia?If you choose a holiday destination the cultural capital of our country, it just will not be disappointed in the decision.Rare city can compete with St. Petersburg and boasts of having the same amount of attractions - parks, palaces, theaters, museums and monuments.If you want to spend time with benefits, try to think in advance a program of activities.Otherwise, you risk to get lost among bridges, exhibitions, get lost in the theater and opera productions.Northern capital - a great place for families with children.For them, there is provided a lot of entertainment, among which are such as the Oceanarium, the zoo, a dolphinarium and a planetarium.Young people are interested in modern night clubs, restaurants and other places of entertainment.


capital of the south Russian attracts visitors at any time of the year.Therefore, if you decide where to go in February in Russia, you can stay at Sochi.Since the days of the Soviet Union, the city is traditionally the center of medical tourism.You can buy a ticket to one of the modern resorts and undergo rehabilitation.For the treatment most often used Matsesta sulfurated mineral springs, which help rheumatism, diabetes, varicose veins, diseases of the joints.In addition, most health centers practiced treatment of Adler silt mud and bromine waters Kudepsty.For outdoor enthusiasts there are all the necessary conditions.You can not just enough to go skiing, and paragliding, horse riding or simply enjoy the mountain views of the Caucasus.When deciding where to go to Russia in February, be sure to consider the southern direction.


Where can I go for a vacation in February if you want to correct health and have a great time?We recommend that you pay attention to Yalta - the pearl of the Crimean coast.There are many resorts and holiday homes, are glad to see guests all year round.Even if you yourself are not at the height of the tourist season, you will not have to miss.For starters, you can see the sights of the city, its churches and museums.Then feel free to go to admire the neighboring boroughs and cities.Be sure to visit and stroll around Livadia Tsar's path, check the Botanical Garden, take a trip to the Swallow's Nest and Mishor.In his spare time, relax in cafes, walk along the waterfront and enjoy the beauty of the Crimean nature.


Where to go in February and March hectic tour?Another popular destination, open our compatriots is Sevastopol.The city of Russian glory will surprise you with an abundance of memorable places, marked Russian history.Here you can visit the Military Historical Museum of Black Sea Fleet, Panorama Museum, which tells about the events of the Crimean War, explore the park with a memorial on Sapun Mountain, "Valley of Death" and the nearby Balaklava.Lovers of antiquity certainly be interested in the ruins of the town of Hersonissos, which is just three kilometers from the city.Sevastopol is famous not only for its historical exhibits, but also of interest due to the natural history exhibitions.Once you are there, be sure to visit the old Europe's marine aquarium.In four rooms of the museum assembled inhabitants of the Black Sea and the Red Sea coral tropics, the Amazon, Southeast Asia and African lakes.

Where to go in February in Russia?Yaroslavl

in this city for the tourists tried to create all the necessary conditions.On the streets of installed information signs, and museums are always a lot of interesting exhibits.Guests can relax on the Yaroslavl city tour in restaurants and cafes European level or stroll through the charming promenade.Choosing a tour to Russia in February, you can settle for a trip to the ancient Russian cities.In Yaroslavl, a cultural program should start with the Holy Transfiguration Monastery - the main attractions of the city.Within the walls of a unique architectural complex, there are several museums where you can learn about the history of the city and its cultural heritage.Continuing the tour of the temples, do not forget to visit the Cathedral of the Assumption Church of the Epiphany (Epiphany), the Church of Elijah the Prophet (museum), Church of the Nativity (museum) and the Church of St. John the Baptist (the museum).If you go on vacation with the kids, be sure to visit the local zoo, dolphinarium and a children's park Little Land, where you can ride with the whole family rides and visit the many attractions.


What if your choice - holiday in February?Where to go in this time of year?Perhaps you like the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtraveling to the Golden Ring of Russia.And if so, then starting your journey with Vladimir, who called the gateway of the Golden Ring.You will have a rich program of excursions to the sights of the city.Here you can see the ancient monuments of white stone architecture, visit the observation deck of the exhibition "Old Vladimir" museum complex Chambers, Church of the Assumption of the Virgin, the house-museum of brothers Stoletovs and more.In one of the many souvenir shops you can buy the products from fabric, wood or bark, decoration fabric (patchwork) and stone, crystal, lacquer miniatures.


If you have never been on the banks of the lake, do not give up his chance, consider a vacation in February.Where to go on the lake?You are free to visit Olkhon - the largest of its island.Or go on a cruise to the islands of the Small Sea.Remember that most of the small islands are considered a protected zone and access to them is limited.Here you can see the unique natural phenomenon - in late winter on the lake comes a powerful movement of the ice, when the height of the individual hummocks may exceed the height of a man.In February and March are particularly popular among tourists skiing, traveling on bicycles and iceboat on the frozen lake and ice fishing.In the Baikal there are 30 hot springs, the most popular of which are located in the Tunka Valley (Pearls, Arshan) and in the north of Lake Baikal (Dzelinda, Khakusy and Sunny).Among the most famous attractions in the region stand out, such as the Monastery of the 17th century.in the village Ambassadorial Uluntuyskaya cave Aya Bay and Lake Frolikha, Bystrinsko waterfalls Malocheremshanskaya cave Circum-Baikal Railway.Baikal - one of the best places to go in February in Russia, everyone can.Enjoy the beauty of nature, an active lifestyle and sports.

Where can I go for a vacation in February?Novosibirsk

capital of Siberia has always distinguished the independence and love of life in a big way.With the same enthusiasm and the city meets its invited guests.So the answer to the question: "Where can I go for a vacation in February?" May sound like: "In Novosibirsk!" Among the main attractions of the city stands the Novosibirsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater - one of the main cultural centers of our country.At the Bolshoi Theatre of Russia are working on productions of famous directors and talented actors successfully performed on stage all over the world.The city annually hosts a number of festivals, as well as operate the planetarium, museums, zoo and recreational clubs for every taste.

in our lives are not so many holidays, so do not give up on them, decide where to go for February 14 in Russia and get pleasure from life at 100%.