The most romantic place in the world (photos)

Whatever happens in the world, it has always been a place for romance, and people fall in love and will always strive to bring joy to their halves.And what could be better than traveling alone in the most romantic place in the world where the air soar tenderness and love?


It is a city which has witnessed the tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet.For many centuries it attracts honeymooners and lovers who believe that this is the most romantic place in the world.Once in Verona, you should definitely visit the Capulet house.There you will have the opportunity once again to confess in love standing under the balcony of your Juliet, and if you are very lucky, listen to opera in the Roman amphitheater Arena di Verona, where theatrical performances were held for several centuries before Christ.


In the ranking of "The most romantic place in the world" for many decades, the first position takes Paris.Why is that?To answer this question, it is sufficient to list the names of some of the at

tractions of the French capital.It Marie Bridge (Bridge of the Lovers), Wall of love on Monmatre, Notre Dame Cathedral, fanned by romantic legend of passion for Esmeralda, Quasimodo, and many others.A popular destination for romantic declarations are Eiffel Tower and Bois de Vincennes, where your oath will sound particularly convincing.


One of the most beautiful European cities - Venice - a place where you and your mate are waiting for a romantic gondola rides through the channels on the shores of majestic palaces where the Venetian doges and noblemen.In addition, you will be able to merge into a passionate kiss on the Bridge of Sighs, which according to legend, ensures a happy life for years to come.

Bay Aphrodite

As the ancient Greek legend, the island of Crete is not just become a place where the all-powerful Zeus indulged in love joys with earthly women and the Olympic goddesses.There is also the famous Bay of Aphrodite, where she was born from the sea foam.Those who have been there, claim it is the most romantic place in the world where you can see the incredibly beautiful sunset and make a confession that will change your life forever.


If there is a paradise on earth, it is most likely located in the tropics.For example, under the idea of ​​what should be the most romantic place in the world is the best subject to the Bahamas.It offers a relaxing stay on the white beaches, surrounded by majestic palm trees, sailing, flying planes over the ocean and a lively nightlife.


Lately it has become fashionable to give your favorite boxes with live tropical butterflies.Such gifts always cause delight and gratitude at the fair half of mankind.Now imagine how much more fun your spouse takes the whole valley of fluttering butterflies, and you'll understand why you just need to visit with his beloved Belcekız.This picturesque place is close to the Turkish resort of Fethiye, and there you will find unforgettable experiences.


in any corner of the planet was not written as romantic ballads, both in Scotland.Although not the most gentle climate of this corner of the earth attracts lovers for its incredible charm and plenty of historic sites, among which are of particular interest medieval impregnable castles.If you want to visit the most romantic place in the world, then go to the Scottish Isle of Skye, whose name translates as "heaven."There you really feel in the clouds for a few days and forget about all your worries.


cozy whitewashed houses, situated on the banks of ultramarine sea under an azure sky - what could be better backdrop for an unforgettable honeymoon?I doubt that such a place exist?Then go to the Greek island of Santorini, where you can wander through the streets of the Greek Pompeii - the city of Tyre, which was buried under volcanic ash several thousand years ago.By the way, the Greeks for several centuries can not decide whether or not the most romantic place in the world on the island of Palea Kameni or nearby Nea Kameni.The fact that, according to legend, one of them organized secret meetings boys and girls vanished Atlantis, but did not specify in what it is.

Pulau Seribu

As is known, the lovers seek solitude, as in such bright moments of life, apart from one another, they do not need anyone.Among the few places on the planet where you can forget about everything else, is a group of islands Pulau Seribu with many beautiful beaches, where no one will disturb you feel like the only people in the world.

St. Petersburg

Talking about the most romantic places of the world, not to mention the northern capital of our country.After walking for several centuries during the White Nights in its majestic quays inspiring poets to create the set of lyrical works.

Tunnel of Love

most romantic places of the world - this is not necessarily the tropical islands and ancient cities.They can be found much closer.For example, in the Ukrainian city of Klevan is a tunnel of love along which the railway track from nowhere to nowhere.It is formed by the branches of trees grown together in the warm seasons or snowy winter is an incredibly picturesque sight.

"100 most romantic places in the world"

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