Abrau-Durso: Where is, history places and tour the factory of sparkling wines

Many travel to Krasnodar region for the sea and the beaches are not aware of other parts away from the hustle and bustle.There's fresh air, vast expanses of beautiful scenery and very delicious sparkling wine.

Will focus on the Abrau-Durso."Where is it?" - You ask.All the same, in the Krasnodar region, near Novorossiysk.

Abrau Durso and

In fact, the village near the lake called Abrau.Durso, where the sea coast - on for 7 kilometers.You can get there on a mountain winding road.

Durso as any locality on the coast, went to the beaches, resorts, guest houses, hotels.

in Abrau are all the attributes of the "center of the estate": hospital, police, post office, local government and, of course, the famous lake of the same name.

Lake Abrau

It is a large, approximately 200 hectares and is well heated, so is suitable for summer swimming.

Scientists are still struggling with the mystery of its origin."Failure" - so translates the name of the water body - could be formed as a result of shifting layers

of rock, perhaps the remains of freshwater sea.The lake is still a lot of fish.

second riddle lies in the wastewater.Abrau feeds from the river and from the underwater keys and no apparent flow.Suggests that the surplus evaporates, but is it?

vegetation in the lake is not inherent in closed waters, and no doubt about the freshness of the water.This fact may well confirm the bold assumptions about the still existing connection to the sea.

Near the lake lies a forestry Abrau-Durso, where there is another small reservoir - of Bam.There enthusiasts started breeding lotuses.When blowing headwind, fragrance can be felt long before the approach to the water.

Legends of Lake

Any mysterious place of legends and pass them on from generation to generation.At the lake Abrau several.

The first tells of the love of a young Circassian to the poor boy.She did not dare to disobey their parents, and pined for the elect alone.

Belle was not lucky, she lived surrounded by idle people, who valued not nothing but his pleasures.For it is their God and punished.One day the village sank into the ground.

Orphaned girl so much and cried for a long time that he had received a stream, which is filled with water failure.Since the lake was formed.

Circassian went to drown, but she was disappointed.She walked on the water to the opposite shore.There, she was waiting for a lover boy.As usual in fairy tales, they lived for the rest of life in love and harmony.

Another legend tells of a dissolute girl who was imprisoned as a punishment in the rocks and made to swear to the welfare of his native village.Passing by a shepherd, radically changed her plans.Aul failed, she repented and wept until tears filled until failure.The end of a legend as happy as in the first case.

But the most beautiful fairy tale - about living on the bottom of the lake dragon.The sun's rays are reflected off his scales and stained water in the emerald-blue color.

On moonlit nights on the surface of the lake appears track.Some say that it is remarkably reminiscent of footprints from the feet of a girl who could not drown.Others argue that it glows crest sleeping dragon.

Also legends associated with Abrau story about the treasure.At a time when the Nazis were torn Caucasus, I received an order to drown in the lake all the stocks of champagne from the cellars of the plant.There were tens of thousands of bottles.Nobody wanted to enemies celebrated their victory the best sparkling wine of the country.

After the war, attempts were made to track down priceless treasure, but to no avail.It is known that the flooding was just nobody remembers where.Abrau-Durso keeps its secrets.

Winery: Past

After the unfortunate events described in the legends, the Circassians never settled on the shores of the lake.Centuries later, after the war in the Caucasus, Russian came here.

Prince Lev Golitsyn drew attention to these places and made the Emperor a nominal decree on the establishment of a settlement on the shore of the lake.Where is the factory "Abrau-Durso" today when something rustled only virgin forest and the murmuring river, which flows into the lake.

collected special committee that decides what kind of agriculture fits this region.It suggested anything other than growing grapes.

Fortunately, there is another enthusiast FIHejduk, in love with the wine-growing as well as Prince Golitsyn in winemaking.Thanks to their perseverance in 1870 appeared the factory.

brought the first vines.They are well settled down and gave the basis for the future of the plant vineyards.Originally produced vintage wines.The arrival of the XX century was marked by a champagne party.From the first 13,000 bottles of sparkling wine began a triumphal procession of the plant "Abrau-Durso".

Several times the production was on the verge of death.The revolution, the war, the collapse of the Soviet Union - all of this has caused enormous damage to priceless premises and equipment.

passes some time and there were people like Hejduk and Golitsyn, they revived the tradition of wine-making, restore destroyed and again delighted connoisseurs of champagne.

plant "Abrau-Durso": now

Today the plant is directly linked to the issue of the best sparkling wines made by the classical technology.It is believed that the best elite grape varieties growing in those places where the Abrau-Durso.Winery uses not only the local varieties, but also brings in other regions and other countries.

On the production still adhere to the manual method of production of sparkling wine.Prince Golitsyn argued that only women's hands are able to methodically carry out day-to-day the same operation.Only they are able to feel and listen to the maturing wine.

On "Abrau-Durso" is still on the basic operations involved women.For their skill and patience they need to express my gratitude.The quality is not inferior to the same champagne wines from France and Italy.

Despite the popularity of the products, the board put forward the idea of ​​the plant to create a range of services for tourists in the territory of the plant "Abrau-Durso".

Factory Tour

initiative received support.To restore the old building, which organized the museum.Build three restaurants, a company store and a hotel with 40 rooms.

territory and basements of the plant "Abrau-Durso", where the main production of, visited daily by hundreds of tourists.The workers act as guides.They are interesting and enthusiastic talk about the process of manufacture of sparkling wines.

If you find yourself in those places, be sure to select the 2-3 hour tour.They will tell you about the method champenoise, the traditional technology of champagne production.

will see and learn about the processes such as the manufacture of cuvee, drawing assemblage, riddling and disgorging conduct.Each process is unique and quite complex, time consuming, requires concentration and skill.Even associated with the risk of their lives.Bottles sometimes explode and could cause injury.

At the end of the tour be sure to emphasize that "Abrau-Durso" - an enterprise of a full cycle - from grapes to bottle packed.It is a rarity for wine production.

Then you will be invited to a tasting where you can appreciate the offered wines, make a choice and buy a few bottles in the company store.

Edge Abrau-Durso, where the famous factory - one of the most picturesque places in Krasnodar Territory.Fleeing away endless vineyards, relict forests, babbling river, lake, covered with mysteries and legends, few people are indifferent.A breath of cool champagne of excellent quality is the best accentuate the beauty of the journey.