The unique National Park "Redwood", California

National Park Redwood - this is a place on Earth that want to visit again and again, no matter what the weather is outside.

General description

National Park "Redwood" (see photo. Below) is a UNESCO heritage since 1980 and one of the most famous nature reserves of the United States of America.Its size - 430 square kilometers.This wonderful reserve is famous for its picturesque forest plantations ancient sequoia and mahogany.Also, these trees are known for their anti-wear performance and survivability.Their height reaches 115 meters, they grow for four thousand years, and their bark may be resistant to fire, wind and water.

addition to redwood forests in the park are preserved untouched flora and fauna.It found shelter about 75,000 rare species of mammals, birds, and animals (for example, the western toad, California brown pelican, bald eagle, red deer, elk Roosevelt and others).Fans of the famous epic "Star Wars" without a doubt learn in the landscapes of the park landscape green planet Endor,

since it is here that were shooting the final episode of the fantastic trilogy.At present, the territory in which is located the National Park "Redwood" (California) is one of the most important and protected in the United States.

History of

first state reserves were held back in the XVI century to preserve the flora and fauna on the verge of extinction.Their territory was forbidden to hunt, cut down trees, gather herbs, plants and fruits.Later, there was the need to create not only the protected areas, but also places for public recreation.The settlements began to appear squares and parks.

In 1848 in Northern California with the beginning of the gold rush in the territory that once belonged to the Cherokee Indians came representatives of the timber industry and began a ruthless systematic deforestation of mahogany.Already by 1918 the fund was established for the protection of forests Redwoods.But by the time the official formation of the state reserve 2 October 1968 ninety percent of the redwoods and mahogany forests were destroyed.On this day, US President Lyndon Johnson signed a decree on the establishment of the National Park "Redwood" (literally - "Red Forest").It consisted of three united Park: Del Norte Coast Redwoods,null, Jedediah Smith and Pryor Creek.Its total area at that time was 23 500 hectares.Later, in 1978, the reserve was able to increase by another 19 400 hectares due to the decision of Congress.

In 1983, the National Park "Redwood" declared a biosphere reserve and contributed to the UNESCO World Heritage List.The forest area has reached its present size in 1994 and is under the protection of the government.


rich fauna reserve "Redwood" presented to us 700 species of higher plants.

significant and most of the park is covered with forests of California red mammoth sequoia tree (lat. Sequoia sempervirens), which relates to monotypic genus of woody cypress family.Crohn's disease has a conical shape, the thickness of the crust - 30 cm, leaf length up to 25 mm cones - 32 mm in length, the height of the tree - up to 130 m, trunk diameter of 5 - 11 m.

trees redwoods (Sequoiasempervi-rens, Sequoiadendron giganteum) - a coastal subspecies of mahogany (S. mahagoni).They are the highest now existing in the world and grow on the Pacific coast of North America between Monterey Bay in Northern California and Klamath Mountains in southern Oregon.

Currently the tallest sequoia in the world - Hyperion, its height - 115.5 meters.By 2017, according to forecasts of scientists will select the primacy Sequoia Helios (which annually grows by 2 inches), as the growth of Hyperion halted due to damage stem inflicted woodpeckers.

In addition to representatives of mahogany in the National Park "Redwood" settled such rare and beautiful flora, like azalea, western trillium, oxalis, Douglas fir, California rhododendron, Nephrolepis and others.

What to do in the park?

majestic redwoods, beautiful landscapes, well-equipped camping and other activities attract a constant flow of tourists at any time of the year.

National Park "Redwood" is not necessarily to explore on foot.Through Reserve laid the old railway.Previously, it was transported on the cleared forest, and now go sightseeing train.Incidentally, arrows railway still switched manually.

addition to contemplating the majestic trees of the park and guided tours are offered to visitors such kinds of entertainment:

  • riding;
  • bicycle rides on a specially created route;
  • rafting;
  • camping;
  • cafe.

In what state is the National Park "Redwood"?

specific addresses have no reserve.

Its location - northern California, an hour's drive from San Francisco to the Oregon side.This coastal area between the cities such as Eureka and Crescent City.