The route "Krasnodar - Tuapse" and ways to overcome it

"Krasnodar - Tuapse" - is one of the most popular destinations around the Krasnodar Territory.The distance between the cities is 175 kilometers (not so much, if you remember the entire country), so it should not have to overcome any problems.

Method number 1 - a trip to his car

own car to travel the route "Krasnodar - Tuapse" it is most convenient.Firstly, comfort, and secondly, speed, third, independent.When wanted, then I drove off.Perhaps this is one of the most important advantages.

Well, calculate the time spent on the road is quite simple.We know that the route "Krasnodar - Tuapse" - 175 kilometers.If you drive at a speed of 90 kilometers per hour, the distance can be overcome in less than two hours.Pretty fast.With regard to the cost of gasoline, it is also easy to calculate.For example, a car spends 9 liters per hundred kilometers (it should be noted that the vast majority of machines is the maximum, in terms of consumption on the highway).With the average cost of a liter of gasoline in

36 rubles for the whole trip will leave 16 l.Total 576 rubles.

However, before the trip will have to learn how to ride, particularly if such a trip is planned for the first time.Better to attend to this matter, so that later, during a trip, no problems.And that in fact and may be lost.About DPS and refueling points, too, need to know: this information is never superfluous.

Method number 2 - bus

There is another common way to overcome the route "Krasnodar - Tuapse."Bus - this is what is at stake.This is perhaps the most profitable in all respects option.What to say about overcoming this route, as the "Krasnodar - Tuapse" (distance less than 200 kilometers) by bus, minibuses by trip when Some people travel from Moscow to Sevastopol.The best part is the advantage that distinguishes this option - price.A bus ticket "Krasnodar - Tuapse" costs only 285 rubles.When compared to the cost of gasoline, it goes to as much as 300 rubles cheaper.

While there are, of course, disadvantages.If your car the way can be overcome in less than two hours, the bus will have to spend as much as four.Again - the price is twice lower, but the time you need to spend 2 times more.Very proportionally.But this is understandable, because the bus makes a stop on the way picking up other passengers.


Since the route is popular, and the buses run regularly in flight.The first departs from Krasnodar at 6:30 am and arrives in Tuapse after 4 hours, at 10:30.The next bus leaves in two hours.Then, just after 4 hours, at 12:30.But it is worth noting that the flights depart not only from the bus station, but also from other places.For example, to stop "CHP" or with the second bus.In general, a day walking more than twenty buses in the direction of "Krasnodar - Tuapse."

By the way, if you do not want to go on the route long-distance taxis, but also on a personal machine does not work, there is a third way - kind of a happy medium.At the bus station friendly private car owners offering for an amount greater than the cost of the ticket, to take the necessary point.They are gaining 4-5 and hit the road.It turns out more expensive than the bus, but cheaper than in his car, but at the same time.Does that have to wait until the driver will collect the required number of passengers.But usually it is not necessary to spend a lot of time waiting (especially in high season) - just half an hour and you can go.

train and train

And finally I would like to talk about another way of overcoming the route "Krasnodar - Tuapse."The train - not the most, of course, a popular form of transport, but it is the place to be.As a matter of fact, the train.However, few people use them, because in a way have to spend more time than the bus and the ticket is cheaper this does not become.For example, a ticket from Krasnodar to Tuapse in the reserved seat will cost about 900 rubles!This three full trip on the bus!A coupe and did a half thousand.

There are, of course, and the cheap seats.For example, the cost of a train ticket, the next of Taganrog - about 300 rubles.Almost like a bus.And along the way - for five hours.But there is no sense in fact to choose this type of transport, as buses run punctually.

In general, the choice is, and what to get - it is an individual matter.