Cathedrals and churches of Krasnodar

Close southern city with a long history, hospitable Krasnodar always happy guests.In addition to magnificent nature, there are many attractions, unique historical and cultural monuments.Undoubtedly, deserve special attention Krasnodar Orthodox churches, churches of this city, about which we will tell you today.

Nevsky Cathedral

This beautiful church is located in the center of Krasnodar, near the Castle Square.Once on the square was a wooden military Resurrection Cathedral.

Temple of Alexander Nevsky (Krasnodar) began to build in 1872.Construction of the cathedral lasted for 19 years due to lack of funds and materials.The ceremonial consecration of the church was made in 1872.Subsequently, he became a Cossack Cathedral.When it was the military, and singing the chorus - known ancestor of today, not only in our country but also abroad Kuban Cossack Choir.

postrevolutionary years after the October Revolution (1917), many churches and temples have been closed in Krasnodar.Nevsky Cathedral expect a

sad fate - it blew up.Restoring it began only in 2003.Today, many tourists and pilgrims come to see the church of Alexander Nevsky.Krasnodar always warmly greets the guests, so visit the cathedral can be anyone.

Cathedral of the Great Martyr Catherine

This cathedral is mainly in the Krasnodar diocese.There is a miraculous image of Our Lady of Kazan.Parishioners call her Catherine.Temples of Krasnodar are the most valuable sights of this southern city.Is no exception and the magnificent cathedral.It was decided to build in 1888, a year after the terrible train accident in which miraculously survived the royal family.Shortly before the tragedy Emperor Alexander III, accompanied by family visited Ekaterinodar.On the occasion of the king's salvation it was decided to build a grand cathedral with seven thrones.

first service was held in the church in 1914.The funds for its construction were collected by citizens.The temple has become the epitome of the famous architect Malgerba.In Soviet times, the temple would make out.But to do that could not - was used in the construction of a solution to the egg white.

Christmas temple (Krasnodar)

solemn laying and consecration of the first stone embedded in the base of the temple, occurred in May 1992.It makes Novorossiysk and Yekaterinodar Archbishop Isidore.

To raise funds for the construction of the Cathedral opened a current account in August 1991. Funds collected by local residents and municipal organizations.

New Life Temple

For the church leadership of the city has provided a temporary space in a small annex building, located on Avenue Chekistov.In July 1992, in the room began to hold regular services.It also held its first baptisms, weddings and religious processions to the site of the future church.

In August 1992, on the site Bishop Isidor celebrated the Divine Liturgy.In mid-1994, he held office in the lower chapel, and the next - in 1995.

lower church has two chapels.The main one was consecrated in March 1998, and the south - in March 1999.In late 1999, the unit completed the upper church, which was consecrated in the beginning of January 2000 Lord Isidor.

charitable activities

all tourists coming to Krasnodar, visit the Church of the Nativity is mandatory.It must be said that it appeared first in Kuban Orthodox School, a Sunday school for children, opened an orphanage in the city and well-known charities.

Not all tourists come only to rest on a sunny Krasnodar.Church of the Nativity is one of the most revered religious buildings of the city.This two-storey five-domed brick church, which crowns the belfry.The authors of the draft - the architects Peter and Yuriy Subbotin, born in Krasnodar.

Krasnodar: Church of the Holy Spirit

the blessing of Isidore, Metropolitan of the Kuban, in 1993 in one of the houses of the new district of the city of Komsomolsk was opened in honor of the arrival of the Holy Spirit.

temple project was completed in 1999, and at the same time, it was to get a place for construction.In 2000 it was inaugurated plate at the construction site of the cathedral.

In September 2007, it established a small dome, and a year later was already crowned the main dome.

If you arrive in Krasnodar, the Temple of the Holy Spirit must necessarily enter into your excursion.The cathedral has two thrones.The main upper altar of the church built in honor of the Holy Spirit.Lower throne was consecrated in honor of the New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia.

Shrine Temple

In July 2011, the Bishop of Yeisk German consecrated the lower chapel of the temple.It contains several unique Orthodox shrines.This ark with the relics of God's saints.And the relics of St. Luke Voyno-Yasenetsky, Grand Duchess Elizabeth, Peter and Fevronia.They can be applied on holidays and Sundays.

Another relic temple - the icon of St. Demetrius of Rostov with a particle of his relics.It is written in Rostov Veliky, in Monastery.

St. George Temple

And now we will visit the oldest religious building of the city - St. George Temple.Krasnodar features a large variety of cathedrals and churches.But in this temple to visit it is imperative.Its history goes back more than 1000 years.According to legend, at the place where now there is an ancient temple in the year 891 there was a terrible storm.People began to pray for help.After hearing their plea, from heaven down St. George and the wind calmed.

In gratitude, the people built a temple on the site and named it in honor of his rescuer.Due to the fact that there was a village near Balaklava, it became known as Balaclava Tauride monastery.

Ekaterinodar When building in the northern part of the monastery was opened a small, subordinates Balaklava temple.Ministers of the house appealed to the city authorities with a request for assistance in the construction of the church on the site of the monastery.

St. George Temple (Krasnodar) was founded in July 1895.This year marks 100 years since the establishment of the city.Unfortunately, the names of the author and architect of the project have not been preserved.But it is known that its construction participated famous in those days, the architect IKMalgerb, who is the author of many magnificent temples.

Cathedral was built with elements of Byzantine architecture, which is characterized by the presence of a large number of domes.Its facade is lined with bricks, made by craftsmen.Above the main part of the building has five domes.A total of eleven.

Trinity Cathedral

Temples of Krasnodar amazing variety of architecture.Trinity Cathedral, which is the main attraction of the Kuban Cossack Army.The decision to build this amazing temple was made in 1899.However, preparations for its construction was delayed for several years.It was difficult to find a suitable location for the cathedral.The best seats are already occupied by other temples of Krasnodar.

Groundbreaking construction took place in October 1899.It was decided to build a cathedral on the site, which belonged to the widow of the police officer S. Shcherbina.Construction work continued until 1910.Author of the project - the architect IKMalgerb.

Trinity Cathedral was built in the traditional Russian architecture.It was consecrated in June 1910. In 1912, after the consecration of the cathedral was begun restoration of the lower church, which suffered when construction was suspended.Sanctify the lower house in November 1912

In Soviet times, the temple suffered the fate of all Russian temples - it was closed in 1934.It resumed service in 1942, but after the war it was closed again, now for many decades.Priceless icons, a unique church items were taken from the temple.In the postwar years, the temple was used as a utility and storage room.In 1972, there started a sculptural workshop of the city branch of art fund of the Soviet Union.

Since 1979, Trinity Church was a historic monument.And only in 1990 he returned to the Orthodox Church.The temple was in a deplorable state, but thanks to the efforts of the parishioners and priests changed in 4 years.Following the restoration of the bell tower there, a new roof, over the domes shone golden crosses.

All the churches of Krasnodar (photo you can see in this article), the road for the citizens, but the Cossacks this cathedral is important for another reason.On its territory in 2008, is buried academician, writer, poet, chronicler of Cossack history - F.Scherbin.

Holy Temple Ilyinsky

construction of this relatively modest size of the temple preceded the tragic events.In the Kuban in 1892 he was raging cholera epidemic that has claimed 15,045 lives.The parishioners and all the faithful of the Kuban have decided that it is a punishment for sin, so it was decided to hold a nationwide prayer to the Holy Prophet Elijah.Believers promised to build a temple if the disease leaves the city.

unknown Did prayer or work of physicians, but by the end of autumn the epidemic subsided.In 1901 it was decided to begin construction of the Church of St. Elias.

new church was consecrated on February 25, 1907 when large numbers of people.And then there was the first Divine Liturgy.In 1918 it received the status of a small parish church.In 1931 it was closed.Only during the German occupation (1941), the church was opened.It took another few more than twenty years - and it was closed again (1963), lifted the dome.For over 25 years the premises of the temple was used as a warehouse for storage of sports equipment.His condition worsened with each passing year.In 1990, work began on the church restoration.In early August 1990 the church was re-consecrated.In the same place back dome, which is a renovated building set with the help of a helicopter.

Since 2002 began domestic work - painting walls.This work took more than four years.Today it is a functioning temple, in which parishioners come with their joys and sorrows.