Train "Swallow": the scheme of the car, the location of the seats

speed train "Swallow" developed by the German company "Siemens".The total number of wagons 5 and the length of the entire staff of about 130 meters.This model can reach speeds of up to 160 km / h.In the train of conventional composition is two cars with an engine and three without.

speed train "Swallow" - a popular and very popular form of transport for many residents of the Russian Federation.It runs on many fronts, both between the small towns and the capital.Compared with other electric trains "Swallow" has a very attractive and modern exterior, comfortable interior, the comfortable seats, the cars are equipped with clean and modern toilets.In addition, it has special places for people with disabilities.

the train

Electric "Swallow" began to ply their routes in the winter of 2013-2014., And it is from the city, which is famous for its white nights - St. Petersburg.Train awarded also very interesting nickname - "Olympic."Why so?Yes, because the period when the beginning of its existence, "Swa

llow", fell to the Olympic Winter Games, taking place in Sochi.Then they decided that the train has to carry passengers traveling to cheer for their teams, as well as those people who came from other countries and cities.

In a period before the Olympics, "Swallow" in demand by those who participated in the Universiade, which was held in the city of Kazan in 2013.In addition, the train transports guests from the local airport to the city center and in the opposite direction - from the city to the airport.At the present time, the train is still moving along this route every day.


If passengers want to quickly and comfortably reach a certain village, in doing so, they help speed intercity train "Swallow", the circuit of the car which is shown in the photo below, and tickets can be purchased at the station.

Description wagons and operation

This train is operated in two versions:

  • 5 cars - with a small stream of people.
  • 10 cars (the 5 + 5 dual structure) - in the case where the number of people exceeds the norm, and you want to add another part.This may depend on the direction of "swallows" or on weekends or holidays.

If the composition does not double, the total number of seats is 409, 30 of which have a hinged back that allows you to be more comfortable to get to the desired item, and 4 of them are for disabled people with wheelchairs.

In the first six cars and there are about 56 places for ordinary passengers, and 2 seats are designed for people with disabilities, there wheelchairs safely fit without interfering in the aisle.In addition, there is an additional carriages 9 seats, which leans back, and it gives an opportunity to get to their destination even more comfortably.

second and seventh, third and eighth, and fourth and ninth cars seats is 103. 99 - a conventional chair, and 4 are reclining.The seats are arranged in two rows of three sections, each of which has 2 or 3 of the seat.The fifth and tenth cars recurring pattern of the first and sixth cars.

speed train № 732 "Swallow", the circuit of the car which is shown in the photo, is comfortable for traveling.As already mentioned, the cars are equipped with toilets, space for luggage, seating for passengers and conductors.Also, cars have hangers and outlet (not every seat), and lobbies with smoking areas.

"Swallow Premium"

There are high-speed train composition "Swallow", made in a more improved version, called "Swallow Premium" ".The difference between the first (former) version of the train and the second is that the composition has cars like economy class and business-class.In the second type of the car is slightly fewer seats that are placed on two chairs facing each other, and between them are arranged tables.Near each place has sockets, hangers and garbage containers, which are attached to the very table.In addition, each car has plenty of room for luggage."Swallow Premium" provides the convenience of passengers during the trip.

Wagons "Swallows Premium" are somewhat different from those in normal train "Swallow", the scheme wagons which shows a total of 423 seats.The "Premium" -poezde of 331. This gives even more comfort and convenience to passengers during the trip.Each car "Swallows Premium" are video monitors that show the temperature of the air in the car and on the street, number and date, schedule, how much time is left before arriving at a particular point.


daily high-speed train "Swallow" (the scheme of the car is in each of them) runs in different directions in the morning until late at night.A detailed schedule of trains each direction of their own, it is subject to some changes, but know the exact time of departure or arrival of a train can only buying a ticket or contact the information desk.

trip to Nizhny Novgorod

Train "Swallow" runs along the routes with the aim to bring comfort to the passengers as much as possible to their destination.Driving the train "Swallow" (Nizhny Novgorod - destination) shows in which cars have places for disabled people, toilets for them, which places reclining.Also in the timetable for the route you can see all the settlements that the train passes.

As you can see, high-speed train "Swallow" (the scheme of the car is available to everyone for viewing) rather spacious.Chairs arranged in 2 and 3, there are luggage racks, coat hooks and boards, where you can see how and where at the moment the train, as well as the date, time and other information.

Train tickets

At this point routes "Swallows" are carried out in the following areas:

  • from St. Petersburg to Novgorod the Great.
  • from St. Petersburg in Bologoye.
  • from St. Petersburg to Petrozavodsk.
  • from Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod.
  • from Moscow to Kursk.

speed train "Swallow", the circuit of the car which shows the location of passenger and baggage, are also in great demand on the south of the country.As part of the Sochi region of 5 cars runs from the airport to the Olympic Park and Krasnaya Polyana.In addition, there are a number of cities in which the "Swallow" to get help with convenience: Dagomys, Lazarevskoe and Tuapse.

buy train tickets at any station ticket office running, or book any free space on the Internet, in which case will operate 5% discount.If the ticket is purchased via the Internet, are checked when boarding the train, it is necessary to have passport and a printout of the ticket.

road to Kursk

Driving the train "Swallow" (Kursk) does not differ from the scheme "Swallows", plying in other directions.Schedule details the route from one end station to another.For example, leaving Moscow at 12 o'clock, the train "Premium" class passes 7 stations - Serpukhov, Tulua-1, Tula, Mtsensk, Oryol, Zmievka, Ponyri - and reaches the Kursk.Accordingly, in the opposite order for the next station on the route Moscow-Kursk."Swallow" (Scheme train inform passengers about the selected class car) - a fast and convenient way to get to the desired point.

approximately the average time between these stops takes 25 to 50 minutes, and the time itself is the path from one end station to another takes about 5 hours and 30 minutes.During the movement of trains shall stop time ranging from 2 to 6 minutes.The price of the ticket on this route from the start to the end station does not exceed 2600 rubles.

Special offers

Passengers who bought tickets for the high-speed train "Swallow" (layout places indicate where the even-numbered and odd-where), can benefit from a 15% discount, which is valid from Monday to Thursday.In the remaining days of the ticket price is slightly higher - this is due to the influx of people who hurry home to the country or to someone for a visit.

In addition, students who use this means of transportation, can get 30% discount from Monday to Friday.On weekends, the ticket will cost at full price.Seniors and people with disabilities are also entitled to certain benefits.

road to Smolensk

Driving the train "Swallow" (Smolensk) will also provide full information on the composition and help to choose the most comfortable place.Leaving from Moscow about 7 am, the train passes Mozhaisk, Gagarin, Vyazma, Safonovo and Yartsevo, then arrives in Smolensk, at about 11:30 am.The journey takes about 4 hours and 30 minutes, during stops at stations 2 to 17 minutes.

from Smolensk to Moscow train leaves at 7:30 and arrives at noon.